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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 11/16/22: Will Esme Lose the Baby?

These new GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers are full of heartbreak, suspicion, warnings, and manipulations! Drew checks in on Willow, Liz prepares for a breakup, Nina sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, Carly cautions Josslyn, Sonny confronts Brick, and Esme has a pregnancy scare!

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Drew pays Willow a visit, and she seems a bit caught off guard by what he wants to talk with her about. “I know exactly why you’re in such a hurry,” he admits. Might Drew offer Willow and Michael assistance from Aurora Media in their search for her birth parents?

Rather than giving her some sense of peace and understanding, uncovering what went down between her and Reiko all those years ago has created even more problems for Elizabeth. Especially since her father showed up in town and got into a fight with Finn! While the doctor struggles with the fact that his wife had an affair with Jeff, Liz worries that the situation has caused too much damage to her relationship with Finn. “You can’t be with me anymore,” a heartbroken Liz asks her boyfriend. “Can you?”

When did Nina become such a busybody? You’d think with how busy she is running the Metro Court hotel and Crimson that she wouldn’t have time to be such a gossip but spreading other people’s business — like telling Michael how she suspected Willow and T.J. were having an affair — seems to be Nina’s favorite new pastime! This time around, Carly is her target after Nina spies Sonny’s ex going into Brick’s hotel room. “I wonder what Drew would think of this, Carly,” Nina says. Will Nina use what she thinks she saw to blackmail her enemy? Will she go tattle to Drew… or Sonny?

Carly gives Josslyn a word of warning.ABC

After getting antibiotics from Brick, Carly returns to Josslyn’s dorm room at PCU to deliver the drugs for Dex. But Carly also has some motherly advice for her daughter. “This is not a time for you to let your guard down,” she reminds Josslyn. Is Carly warning Joss to be careful about The Hook still being on the loose, Esme’s return to town, or the teen’s connection with Sonny’s muscle?

Up at the Metro Court restaurant, Brick suddenly finds himself on Sonny’s bad side. Could that be because Nina jumped to the wrong conclusion about why Carly was in Brick’s hotel room and then stirred the pot by telling Sonny what she saw? Well, whatever Brick did has Sonny’s feathers all ruffled up — and Sonny doesn’t quite buy the explanation. “I accept your word,” he tells his longtime associate. But Brick can tell that Sonny isn’t thrilled with the explanation given. “But you don’t like it,” Brick states.

Over at Wyndemere, Esme is still trying to escape from the tower Nikolas has locked her in. How far is she willing to go? She’s done some pretty despicable things in the past, but would Esme purposely endanger her unborn baby just to manipulate Nikolas into letting her go? Or is this just another one of her manipulations? Doubled over in pain and clutching her bump, Esme shouts, “It’s the baby! Quick, get help!” But will anyone come to Ms. Prince’s rescue?

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