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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 9/8/21: Has Someone Else Found Sonny?

Things are really heating up in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers — both in Port Charles and Nixon Falls! Curtis, Portia, and Jordan join forces, Trina and Esme face off yet again, Ava distances herself from Nikolas, Jason calls in a favor, Jax has some uncomfortable questions for Nina, and “Mike” gets all riled up when his identity is questioned!  

Just because Curtis is now a bar owner, he hasn’t lost any of his investigative instincts. And he’s been putting those skills to good use as he looks into locating Drew. As the search for Drew overlaps with Jordan’s police department investigation into who murdered Naomi, Curtis begins to think that the shared similarities are no mere coincidence. “Could the cases be connected?” With any luck, they will all find the answer to that very soon, especially now that Portia has agreed to help. “When you put it that way,” she admits to Jordan, “it’s easier to get on board.”

Spencer has his hands full with the two ladies in his life when Trina and Esme cross paths at the Metro Court Pool — and the claws come out as the teens face off once again! “So let’s talk about that elephant in the room,” a smug Esme taunts Trina while an apprehensive Spencer looks on. Meanwhile, Spencer’s dad isn’t having any better of a time with the woman in his life, either. After receiving the restraining order that Ava’s filed against him, Nikolas seeks out his on-again, off-again love at her art gallery. “Who’s gonna keep me safe from you?” the art dealer angrily rails at Nikolas.

Ava is trying to protect her heart by distancing herself from Nikolas.ABC

Jason thought his wedding day was off to a bad start when he spent the night in jail. But arriving at the Corinthos compound to find his bride missing… yeah, that’s not a good sign! With a concerned Joss looking on, Jason picks up his phone and calls in a favor. “I need you to do something for me,” he asks.

In Nixon Falls, Nina finds the fantasy life she’s been building with “Mike” on the verge of collapsing now that Jax has arrived in town, demanding answers. Despite her best efforts to sway him otherwise, Jax is relentless in his quest to figure out why she’s been spending so much time in the Philadelphia suburb. “My business is you,” Jax tells a stunned Nina, “and whatever you’ve been up to here.” Will Nina be able to keep Jax outside of the Tan-O — and from running into Sonny? And if it’s not Jax who questions Mike’s identity, then who is it? “You got a problem with my name?” an angry “Mike” yells at the bar’s latest visitor.

Check out this tease for today’s exciting new episode of GH!

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