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Nelle Is Nina’s Daughter on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Despite all the evidence, there are still some viewers who don’t believe that Nelle is Nina’s daughter on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Their argument is that it makes no sense to reveal this now when Nelle is no longer on the soap, and with Nelle being such a troublemaker, they’re still convinced she manipulated the situation somehow. But that is not the case, and Nelle is in fact, Nina’s long-lost child, a fact confirmed by the show’s headwriters.

When the character of Nina Reeves was introduced, she had been in a coma caused by her mother who was trying to make her miscarry. And while Nina was told that her baby had died, it was later revealed that the infant girl had simply been given away to new parents and was still out there somewhere. Although Valentin attempted to play hero by finding her daughter, Sasha turned out to just be part of the Cassadine’s elaborate scheme to win Nina’s heart back.

GH Nina necklace
The broken heart necklace led to a real broken heart for Nina.ABC

The clue to the identity of Nina’s long-lost daughter was a heart pendant that had been broken into two separate pieces. With Jax’s help, Nina spoke to the jeweler who created the necklace which led her to Phyllis, the nurse who had taken care of her in the coma. Phyllis admitted that she’d helped deliver the baby girl to a family in Florida and gave the child the other half of Nina’s necklace to have in case she one day wanted to reunite with her mother.

A young Nelle was seen in flashback scenes wearing this necklace when Nelle told Carly all about how she grew up with Frank Benson, the adoptive father they both shared. The adult Nelle still had the necklace and was wearing it when she ran away, losing it just before falling over a cliff to her death. Little Avery picked up the necklace which made its way around Port Charles until the truth was finally revealed that the necklace belonged to Nelle and Nina finally realized the true identity of her daughter.

GH Frank Carly Nelle
Young Nelle was wearing her half of the heart necklace when teenaged Carly visited Frank in Florida.XJJohnson/

Still, some GH fans don’t believe it and even argue that Willow could still be Nina’s child, citing a scene where she visibly reacted to the necklace Nina was holding and arguing wild theories like Nelle stealing the necklace from Willow as children. However, in an interview with Michael Fairman, GH headwriter Dan O’Connor revealed not only is it the truth but it was planned that way from the beginning. “The truth is, the idea that Nelle was Nina’s daughter has been part of the conception of that character,” he said, “and over the last few years, the story evolved, and we ultimately got to reveal the truth to the audience.”

While it is certainly unusual to hold off on the reveal until Nelle was already off the canvas, leaving Nina to mourn the loss of a daughter she never really got to know, this clearly isn’t the end of the story. Nelle has proven full of surprises in the past, so perhaps she’s not quite as dead as everyone believes and Nina might get that reunion after all? You’re definitely going to want to stay tuned to GH to see how this storyline continues to unfold!

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