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Renee on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need To Know

Renee on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a new character who has some history with Valentin, so fans might be wondering who this mysterious woman really is. Well, we’re happy to help!

Renee Laveque is played by actress Maria Tornberg, who made her debut in the Jan. 18 episode of GH. Although she’s playing a French woman, the actress was actually born in Helsingborg, Sweden. She can also be seen in films like Super Troopers and Unfavorable Odds, primetime series like EVE, TWO AND A HALF MEN, IN THE SHADOWS, and the Swedish comedy series LINGONLIGAN. GH isn’t even her daytime debut, as she played Agent Reznik in a couple of episodes of DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

When Anna Devane opened her hotel room door, Renee introduced herself by sweeping past her to kiss Valentin Cassadine. He introduced Renee as an old acquaintance who will help them find a way through the catacombs into the Cassadine compound where Lucy Coe is being held. Renee assured them that she can help them navigate the underground tunnels to enter Victor’s lair.

GH Renee Valentin Anna
Renee led Valentin and Anna into a trap!ABC

Promising she would make the arrangements, Renee kissed Valentin goodbye and headed off. He assured Anna that there was nothing between him and Renee anymore, and explained that they worked together in the past on some smash-and-grab crimes. He was in it for the money and Renee was in it for the thrill. Anna didn’t trust her, but Valentin admitted they didn’t have any other options. Unfortunately, Anna’s suspicion was well-founded as Renee met with Victor’s man to arrange everything before returning to Valentin and Anna to tell them she has everything they need to rescue Lucy.

Renee joined Anna and Valentin in an old cathedral and immediately began flirting with Valentin and reminiscing about the good old days. Valentin urged her to focus on the task at hand, and she led the pair into the catacombs below. When Valentin suddenly realized that Anna was no longer with them, he wanted to go back and look for her, but Renee pulled him in close to enjoy their time alone, informing him that things could be like they were before if he played his cards right. But as she moved in for a kiss, the moment was interrupted when Anna caught up with them. And as they made their way further into the catacombs, they discovered Lucy gagged and chained up in a cell!

When Renee pulled out a gun and betrayed them, Anna set off a bomb that flooded the tunnels, and Valentin’s ex was left for dead.

Stay tuned to see if that’s the last we’ll see of her!

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