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Sonny’s Criminal Past on GENERAL HOSPITAL Exposed


Sonny Corinthos may have a heart of gold on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but he’s still a don with a business to run and a family to protect. Here’s a look at just a few of the crimes that Port Charles’ most beloved “coffee importer” has committed.

1. Before we met Sonny, he’d called the hit that ended the life of Dante Falconeri’s mentor, Lt. Poletti — a crime which would years later lead the mobster to shoot his own son!

GH Dante Sonny
“Trust me, son. One day we’ll look back at this and laugh.”ABC/Michael Yarish

2. When Joe Scully showed up to cause trouble in Port Charles, Sonny took out his own mentor in order to save Mike Corbin, the father who’d abandoned him.

3. Sonny wanted romantic rival Jagger Cates taken out for giving him a beating but decided to call off the hit when he realized he could instead cash in on the boxer’s winnings.

4. Sonny was shot helping boss man Frank Smith break out of jail… but he was never charged.

GH Sonny Lily Wedding
“I now pronounce you free man and wife.”Jim Ober/ABC

5. Staring down racketeering charges, Sonny promised himself to Lily Rivera if her mobster father would make the problem go away.

6. When blackmail didn’t keep A.J. Quartermaine away from Carly, Sonny flat out attacked Michael’s father.

GH Alcazar Sonny
“It’s not like it’s hard drugs, Sonny. It’s regular-strength Advil.”ABC/Carol Kaelson

7. Sonny allowed Lorenzo Alcazar to run drugs through Port Charles… at least until he was able to rescue Carly from the smuggler. Then Sonny ordered a hit on Lorenzo, shot the baddie himself and went on the run. And when the Teflon don came back to face the music in Port Charles? He was found innocent.

8. Believing the Zaccharas had kidnapped Michael and shot Kate Howard, Sonny took aim at Johnny.

GH Sonny Johnny
“Wanna take a guess which one of my fingers is itchy?”sean smith/

9. Thanks to Anthony Zacchara’s machinations, Sonny killed Andre Karpov for a transgression that he hadn’t actually committed.

10. Always thinking big, Sonny ordered a hit on the entire Sandoval crime family — which led to a massacre at the Metro Court that almost got his sister killed. (Wonder if there was a Groupon for that?)

11. It was practically a death sentence for Ethan Lovett when he was accused of beating Sonny’s daughter, Kristina. Thankfully, her real abuser was revealed before Jason Morgan was able to execute the hit that his boss had ordered.

GH Kristina
“If only Mom had stuck with Ned…”Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television

12. Planting a bomb in Johnny’s car seemed like a good idea… until it almost took out Kristina! But not only did she forgive her daddy, the evidence against him was thrown out for being illegally acquired.

13. In an effort to help Carly win her ugly custody dispute, Sonny convinced the court mediator to drug her estranged husband, Jasper “Jax” Jacks, and cry sexual assault. Then he tampered with the Aussie’s private jet!

14. In what would become a familiar move, Sonny had mobster Joe Scully Jr. kidnapped and held hostage.

GH Sonny Joe
“See, this is what happens when you give my restaurant a bad Yelp review.”Howard Wise/

15. As his feud with the Jerome family was heating up, Sonny ordered a hit, took enforcer Carlos Rivera hostage and got into a gunfight with Julian… and his own son, Morgan!

16. A.J. was left breathing for Michael’s sake… until Sonny found him strangling Ava Jerome and took him out. The don went to Pentonville for the crime but escaped and got the charges dropped by playing hero.

GH Sonny Julian

17. Before escaping from Pentonville, Sonny fought with his nemeses, beat up guards and even killed a thug.

18. When Sonny targeted Jake Doe (aka Drew Cain), Hayden Barnes went down instead. His hitman, Shawn Butler, is actually still in prison for the crime — but he wasn’t even the shooter!

GH Shawn Sonny
“Is it too late for me to get transferred to the, uh, coffee side of your business, boss?”Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television

19. Sonny didn’t hesitate to cover up ex-lover Sam McCall’s guilt after she shot him while suffering from toxoplasmosis.

20. Sonny kept his gun on Jason until his “late” enforcer finally snarled that he’d never have turned his back on him to start a silly media company — you know, like his twin had!

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