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What You Missed on GENERAL HOSPITAL During the Preemptions

Due to the extensive ABC News coverage of the presidential impeachment trial, daytime soaps were heavily impacted by preemptions beginning on Jan. 21. And while GENERAL HOSPITAL didn’t air for a week, the show did return on Jan. 29 with brand-new episodes airing in some markets where the news didn’t interrupt. This forced some fans to seek out those episodes online or on demand, so if you missed any of those shows, don’t worry — we’ll get you caught up in no time!

Gunfire broke out in three separate locations, but all targeting Sonny. In Brooklyn hoping to bring Mike to an Alzheimer’s facility, Sonny and Jason were attacked in a restaurant. After Jason took out the guard, the police questioned everyone and Sonny learned that missing the appointment meant his father couldn’t be enrolled in the treatment program. On the docks, Michael, Sasha, Laura, and Josslyn found themselves under fire and Laura was hit! Carly and Gladys arrived at the Corinthos Coffee warehouse where gunmen opened fire and although Carly assumed the man who took a bullet saving her was one of Sonny’s employees, Gladys immediately recognized him as her son, Brando!

GH Sonny Gladys Carly
Gladys had some explaining to do!XJJohnson/

Sasha was concerned by how well Michael was taking almost being killed, but when he tried to split up with her to protect her, Sasha refused and the two admitted they loved each other. Dev was concerned to learn that his supposed father, Brando, was actually alive and feared he’d be sent back to Turkey. Gladys explained to Carly that after her son came back from the war, he went down a bad path and eventually disappeared so it was easier to tell everyone he’d died. Brando told Sonny the same, admitting he’d seen his mother’s posts on social media and came to find out about her new grandson. Sonny warned Gladys to watch her step and adjust their lie to include Brando, telling him a woman dropped off Dev claiming he was Brando’s son.

Sonny tried to interrogate one of the gunmen to find out who was targeting him and his family but came up empty and had to return home. Jax was concerned about Josslyn’s safety, but Carly refused to take her children and run. Jax urged Sonny to turn himself in and enter witness protection to protect his family but he refused. After another shootout, Jason managed to get a name out of one of the gunmen: Cyrus.

GH Nelle Brook Lynn
The Quartermaines had a new houseguest!ABC

Carly confronted Nelle about her games and warned she’d be back behind bars before too long. Willow worried Brad wouldn’t be able to take care of Wiley on his own if Lucas didn’t wake up. Brad lashed out at her hovering and concern and fired Willow as Wiley’s nanny. Although many of the charges against Valentin were dropped, Lulu warned him she was going to file a restraining order to keep him away from Charlotte. Martin assured Valentin that Nelle had no idea he was working for him and not her. Nelle moved into the Quartermaine mansion at Michael’s invitation and immediately clashed with Brook Lynn. Tracy also wasn’t thrilled with their new houseguest, but when Ned vowed he would have her gone in no time, she decided she could return to Amsterdam knowing ELQ was in her son’s capable hands.

As they returned to Port Charles, Ava urged Nikolas to continue trying to repair his relationship with Spencer. He agreed to sign her post-nuptial agreement in return for the codicil as long as she appeared to be his doting wife so Ava agreed to a sexless but faithful marriage. Back in town, Nikolas tried to repair other relationships, but Finn blasted him for taking Hayden away from her daughter and Liz slapped him for what he did to her sister. Nikolas sat with Laura after she had emergency surgery following the shooting and promised to be better. Laura awoke and promised she would always be there for him.

Jax made a move on Nina!ABC

Jax surprised Nina with champagne and cheese from Switzerland. They toasted to moving forward with their lives then shared a dance and a romantic kiss! Jax apologized, remembering he’s her boss, and then they were interrupted by Ava. After Nina accepted Ava’s olive branch, she threw Valentin out of her office when he tried to tell her he was almost a free man and wanted their life together back. Then Nikolas rubbed salt in the wound by serving him with a restraining order to keep him away from Wyndemere and revealing he was having a DNA test done to confirm Valentin’s place in the Cassadine hierarchy.

Sam filled Finn in on her investigation into Peter’s involvement in the memory mapping project with Drew and Franco, and he became concerned that Anna was protecting her son. And in fact, while playing with Violet, Anna assured Peter that she hid the incriminating documents linking him to the guy who tried to kill Andre and Franco. When Finn returned home, he was concerned to find Peter playing with Violet alone.

Now that you’re all caught up, you can enjoy the continuing drama as it unfolds in all-new episodes! And for more GH recaps, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

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