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Freddie Smith Previews What’s Next for Sonny on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (EXCLUSIVE)


There’s so much that DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Sonny Kiriakis has endured over the past few years, but Will nearly dying (a second time!) had the potential to wreck him. “To lose someone and to have the miracle of them coming back into your life… [followed by] the fear of ‘How could this happen again?’” Freddie Smith (Sonny) admitted to Soaps In Depth, “is more than devastating! Sonny definitely went through the wringer with that.”

Demonstrating the depth of his love for his partner, Sonny managed to stay strong as Will’s brain tumor grew, and they even remarried. Fortunately, the miracle cure that the patient received means that they can have a real future. “How many people get second chances? And they have a third chance! So they’re very grateful that Will’s healthy,” Smith acknowledged. Of course, they live in Salem where the road never stays smooth long, but “at least they can be together to deal with anything that comes their way.”

days sonny will marlena - jpi

Sonny granting Will’s wish for a wedding was “absolutely the perfect move,” Smith said. “And it was awesome, even though it was [during] a sad time.” (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

As he finds his footing both with his reunited family and his flailing career, the Kiriakis heir is unwilling to return to Titan and is looking for something new. But, Smith previewed, “I think he would find that, but sometimes drama or tragedy will strike, and your career needs to be put on the back burner.”

While additional struggles might be bad for Sonny, for Smith, it’s merely another welcome opportunity to utilize his talents. “What we shot [just recently] was the thing that I’ve felt most proud of,” he confided, “and the best work I’ve done in eight years.”

Recently, Smith passed the 750-episode mark of his DAYS tenure. Reflecting on the experience, he admitted, “I was just a 23-year-old kid when I booked the role… I didn’t know if it was gonna last two months or two days!” But not only is he still in Salem, he’s also still making an impact and being challenged. Plus, Smith added, “Everyone treats me so good over there, so I would love to just [remain] part of the family.”

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“Sonny is the nicest guy,” Smith maintained. “Just don’t back him into a corner or he’ll attack you.” (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

But with Sonny already having endured being blackmailed, fired, stabbed, widowed and even stranded on an island, what more could be left? If Smith had his druthers, the character might develop “a drug or alcohol problem or be hit in the head… something to change him from the amazing, positive, successful, loving guy into someone who makes bad decisions.”

Of course, the best part would be redeeming him from rock-bottom and “watching him climb back out to be the person everyone loved,” Smith suggested. “I think that would be a really cool storyline.”

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Additional reporting by Michelle Moro Parkerton

This story originally appeared in our print magazine

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