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Katherine Kelly Lang Teases What’s Next for Brooke on B&B (EXCLUSIVE)


Brooke saw the trouble with Thomas coming from a mile away on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, and while the blonde isn’t exactly the leading expert on how to avoid bad marriages, in this case, her instincts were spot on! “I think she’s been through so much, she must have learned something in terms of what not to do,” laughed Katherine Kelly Lang, who acknowledges that her alter ego was beside herself that Hope refused to heed her warnings about the predatory cad and got hitched to him instead. “She’s had a funny feeling about Thomas, and she was just trying to protect her daughter. Frankly, she was surprised that not everybody had the same funny feeling about him.”

By “everybody,” Lang specifically was referring to Brooke’s main squeeze, Ridge, who for months has refused to acknowledge that his son is basically a dirtbag. To say that their differences of opinion on the matter have put a strain on their marriage would be an understatement, but Lang appreciates the complexity of their conundrum. “This is a family issue, and that makes it different,” said the actress. “With a big blended family, you have to try to make everybody happy, but it doesn’t always work that way.”

The Bold and The Beautiful Brooke Ridge
Howard Wise/

Lang is optimistic that Brooke and Ridge can overcome any obstacle. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Will Brooke and Ridge weather this storm swirling around Hope and Thomas? Lang thinks so. “They love each other so much that they usually come back together and everything’s fine,” she said. “They have the freedom to fight because they know how much they mean to each other.”

For as polite as Brooke has managed to keep things in her marriage, however, Lang yearns for more outrage and antipathy — not less. “I’m bored with Brooke being ‘civil,’” she admitted. “I want some excitement! Brooke has lately been a good wife and mom, and though she and Ridge have had their little spats here and there, I would love to see a little bit more craziness in her life!”

The Bold and The Beautiful Brooke Taylor

“It’s fun to work with Hunter [Tylo],” Lang said, “because our characters have so much history.” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Lang would also welcome the return of Hunter Tylo, whose Taylor riled Brooke earlier this year by planting a kiss on Ridge! “Everyone always mentions to me how much they wish there were more scenes like that between Hunter and me, so who knows?” she said.

While some fans have criticized Brooke’s failure to get her troubled daughter into some much-needed therapy in recent months, Lang jokes that maybe her own iffy history with Taylor is to blame. “Brooke’s probably thinking, ‘Well, if all therapists are like Taylor, then we’re in trouble!’”

These days, Brooke much prefers to dispense her own sage advice to those she holds dear, which, given her prior history of impulsive behavior, is quite the change of pace! “I feel like she’s kind of getting back to who she originally was when she was young, before she got so stuck on Ridge and corrupted!” Lang laughs. “She’s getting back on track when it comes to doing what’s right. But I also miss the troublemaker Brooke. I do! So I’m torn!”

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