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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Recaps — Billy Self-Destructed!

A lot can happen in a day in Genoa City, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

Billy quizzed Ashley about payments she made to a consulting firm, prompting her to lie. As he sank deeper into gambling, Billy tried to smooth things over with Ashley, who accepted… until he cancelled her payments! Later, she met with her contact, Andrew, to make her payments personally. Meanwhile, Kyle stepped up his plan to bring down Billy, convincing a gambling syndicate to lure in his uncle. The scheme worked, with Billy embezzling to buy into the syndicate! Kyle pressured Gloria to help him obtain evidence of Billy’s thievery, but was stunned and frustrated when Ash refused to expose her brother. Instead, she called Traci, hoping she’d take over the CEO spot. Traci refused, but staged an intervention. Alas, Billy believed it was another tactic for Ashley and Kyle to take over the company and stormed off. After getting drunk, Billy crashed Sharon’s bachelorette party, prompting Jack to toss him out when he got physical with Phyllis. On a downward spiral, Billy was arrested after getting into a bar fight. When Phyllis came to bail him out, he admitted that he’d embezzled from Jabot to support his gambling habit.

The Young and The Restless Tessa Sharon

“I can’t go to the cops, Sharon. I’m… allergic!” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Jack Learned the Truth!

Jack was stunned to learn that the man in Dina’s picture was Victor’s father, Albert! When he discovered from Nick what a monster his grandfather had been, Jack considered dropping his investigation… until, that is, Victor ordered him to do so! Jack invited Victor’s brother, Matt, to town so he could get a DNA sample. When The Mustache spotted the men together, he pressured Matt to refuse Jack’s request! Eventually, Matt persuaded Victor that they couldn’t hide from the truth. Understandably, Jack was relieved when the DNA test proved he wasn’t Victor’s brother. However, this left him frustrated that he’d hit yet another paternity dead end!

In Other News…

Sharon remained suspicious of Tessa when she refused to go to the hospital after being attacked by the smugglers. To help pay off Tessa’s debt, Mariah got her girlfriend a job at Dark Horse. Meanwhile, Rey hired Sharon as a victim liaison at the GCPD, hoping to discover the truth about what happened to J.T. Ironically, Sharon accepted the gig to keep tabs on Rey’s investigation! During their bachelor/bachelorette parties, Sharon and Nick decided to confess their secrets. To prevent it, Phyllis pulled the fire alarm and used the reprieve to convince Nick to stay quiet about their night of passion. At the same time, Nikki and Victoria pressured Sharon to keep mum bout J.T.! As Sharon and Rey continued to bond, she offered to rent him the apartment above Crimson Lights. Across town, Devon honored Hilary’s promise to pay for Shauna’s college tuition. Mattie was arrested after chaining herself outside the prison in her “Free Lily” campaign. Kyle found his interest piqued by Lola — which upset Summer! On the positive side, Summer and Phyllis began to mend their relationship. Mariah was shocked to learn about Nick and Phyllis’ one-night stand!

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