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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Mark Grossman Opens up About Being the New Adam (EXCLUSIVE)


Looking back, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESSMark Grossman (Adam) can now see that he was always interested in being in the entertainment industry. “I’d go to movies over and over again. I did two plays in grade school, but then I got into sports, and extreme sports [such as] motocross,” the hunk recounted to Soaps In Depth. “But we’d make these funny motocross movies that included a storyline and plot.”

At the time, Grossman regarded acting as a pipe dream. “It wasn’t until after college when I was working in corporate America and got scouted to do modeling that I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is something you can actually do?’ Modeling and acting kind of go hand in hand, because a lot of agencies represent both [professions], and that opened the door to acting. I got exposed to this new world that I knew nothing about, and I just dove right in!”

That fearless attitude has served Grossman well since being cast as Victor’s notoriously complicated son, Adam. Ever since Justin Hartley vacated the role three years ago and began starring in primetime juggernaut THIS IS US, fans have been clamoring for the character to return from the dead. “There is definitely a lot more pressure being a recast”, conceded Grossman. “Obviously, given the nature of soaps, it’s not uncommon to have recasts. But it’s a little nerve-wracking! I checked out all the other actors who played Adam and thought they were so great. I know that I have big shoes to fill! But I’m trying to focus on the work and, at the end of the day, put my own stamp on the character.”

The Young and The Restless Adam Victoria Nick

“Whenever I have questions about Adam’s past with Victoria and Nick,” said the Y&R newcomer, Amelia Heinle and Joshua Morrow “are always willing to tell me their interpretation of it!” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

To that end, the Arizona transplant believes Adam’s “a good guy at heart but very wounded. He suffers from abandonment issues… and trust issues, which you can see played out in the whole dynamic with Victor, Nick and Victoria. Adam didn’t grow up in this world. He doesn’t feel like he belongs, [whereas] Victoria and Nick grew up with silver spoons in their mouths.”

While Adam may harbor some hard feelings over The Mustache’s absence during his childhood, Grossman pointed out that Victoria and Nick are the ones who seem to resent their half brother. “Victoria really wants to be the heir apparent to Newman Enterprises, so she and Adam are always clashing. And Victor seems to favor Adam when it comes to business, because he sees [his younger son] as being most like himself. The [family] dynamics are pretty intense! I don’t know if Adam, Victoria and Nick will ever be able to find a common ground. But conflict is what makes good drama!”

The Young and The Restless Jack Adam

Grossman sees both Eric Braeden (Victor) and Peter Bergman (Jack) “as mentors. They’ve been doing this a long time and are so good!” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Well, if there is one thing Grossman doesn’t have to worry about with his alter ego, it’s having a shortage of good drama! In addition to Newman family difficulties, Adam has had to deal with Kevin and Chloe, who continue to blame him for the death of daughter Delia. “It was a tragic accident”, he reflected before offering cautious hope for fans who want to either see Adam finally forgiven or some sort of closure. “There’s some stuff coming up, and things will be addressed a little more.”

Viewers have also been eager to watch Adam’s love story with Chelsea, especially now that Melissa Claire Egan is reprising her role. “I feel like Adam and Chelsea have something special”, said Grossman. “I’m excited about where this story is going to go! I hope fans enjoy the drama!”

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