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Who Is Jack’s Real Father on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS?

The Abbot family was shaken to its core when Dina’s shocking revelation left fans wondering who is Jack’s real father on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! And as the mystery unfolds, the answers Jack gets will change his life forever!

Abbott matriarch Dina Mergeron is suffering from Alzheimer’s so Abby thought it would be nice to have her share the memories she still has about the family, but was stunned when she casually revealed that John Abbott is not Jack’s biological father! And when the final video was screened for family and friends, Victor Newman made sure that clip was edited back in to turn Jack’s world upside-down!

The Young and the Restless Dina Movie Jack Ashley

Dina’s family movie took an unexpected turn in the final reel! (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Reeling from the news, Jack began drinking heavily and nearly died in a car accident before finally regaining his composure and seeking help from Neil Winters. Unfortunately, Dina couldn’t remember the name of the man she’d loved all those years ago, leaving Jack scrambling for whatever clues he could get his hands on.

Neil presented Jack with a box of Dina’s old diaries he’d found in storage at Hamilton-Winters. Leafing through them, he found passages talking about meeting this wonderful man and having a secret affair at the Stardust Inn, but the page where she actually named the mystery man was torn out! When Jack later went through Dina’s personal belongings at the Abbott home, she caught him and put a stop to it, but not before he found the key to a safety deposit box.

The Young and The Restless Kyle Jack

Jack is piecing together the puzzle of his past. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Accompanied by his son, Kyle Abbott, Jack went to see what the key opened, and inside the box they discovered only one single photograph from the ‘50s showing Dina with Phillip Chancellor and a group of others. Checking the date, Jack realized it was taken about nine months before he was born, and suspected that Phillip could possibly be his father. Since Phillip III and his son, Chance, were out of the country, Jack wanted to dig up Phillip’s remains to run a DNA test, but Jill flatly refused to let him. So he showed the photograph to Dina and she identified Phillip Chancellor as the man she had the affair with and Jack’s father.

Unable to trust his mother’s memories anymore, Jack needed proof of whether or not he is a Chancellor. Kyle took it upon himself to dig up Phillip’s grave himself, and although the cops arrested him, he did managed to snag a bone fragment to test. Unfortunately, when the results came back, they were negative, and Dina later admitted she and Phillip had only ever talked.

The Young and The Restless Jack Victor

Neither Jack nor Victor were thrilled at the idea they might be related! (Photo Credit: Jill Johnson/

Convinced that one of the men in the photo is his biological father, Jack showed it to Lauren Fenmore, who recognized her own dad, Neil Fenmore, in the group! While Jack intially feared he’d slept with his half-sister, they quickly realized their blood types meant they couldn’t be related. Lauren recognized one of the other men as Stuart Brooks, but since Jack also dated his daughter, Peggy, he hopes they can rule him out as well. However, there is another man in the snapshot who they didn’t recognize, and was later revealed to be Victor Miller. Jack had to force Victor to agree to a DNA test to find out if they were brothers, and both men were relieved to discover they are not!

With no new leads, Jack feared he was never going to learn the truth only to have Ashley stun him with the news that she’d actually arranged for the entire charade as part of an elaborate revenge plan! She’d paid Andrew to tamper with the DNA test results and make Jack believe he wasn’t really an Abbott. But the twist turned out to be that he was always John’s son!

How will Jack react to Ashley’s shocking betrayal? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out as the story continues to unfold! And for more Y&R news, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

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