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What You Missed On Yesterday’s Y&R!

Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we’ll be offering daily recaps.

Thursday, August 15

At Crimson Lights, Dylan revealed to Adam that he’d be bringing his family home tomorrow. Adam wondered how they could bring the preemie home so soon. The war vet dismissed Adam’s speculation and again reminded the Harvard grad that Chelsea wouldn’t be a character witness for him against Melanie. At the ranch, Nick asked Victoria to help get their dad off Jack’s back. Victoria said that the only thing Victor wanted to hear from her was that she was divorcing Billy, especially after her estranged hubby tried to strong-arm The Mustache into ousting Adam and rehiring Victoria at Newman! Meanwhile Nikki encouraged Jack to continue to have a relationship with Summer despite any roadblocks that Victor put up. Jack confessed to her that he’d been close to taking pills to deal with Phyllis’ condition, but he realized he needed to be there for Summer. Billy arrived, and told Nikki that Victor issued a public statement that he was supporting Adam against the rape charges. When he lamented that Victor hadn’t ousted Adam in favor of putting Victoria back at Newman, Jack argued, saying that he didn’t believe Adam had raped anyone! Nikki warned Billy not to try to save his marriage by getting Victoria back into Newman Enterprises and all the drama that entailed! Later, Sharon told Victor that she was considering helping Adam by being his character witness against Melanie. However, when Adam arrived, she reminded him on how he’d jilted her at the altar when she went to prison, and announced that she wouldn’t be a character witness for him! After she left, Victor suggested that Adam go out of town for business until the scandal died down. Afterwards, Adam went to Jack, and shared his belief that Victor would eventually disown him. Jack offered to be Adam’s character witness. Sharon returned to the ranch, where she told Nick that she’d turned Adam’s request to be a character witness down. Not surprisingly, the news delighted Nick, who poured wine to celebrate. Sharon was thrilled to spend the time with her ex… until Avery called to tell Nick that she’d be home the next day! At the hospital, Anita visited Chelsea, and warned her daughter that she needed to stay on her toes because she’d spun so many lies that it would be too easy for it all to come crashing down! Chelsea lashed out at her mom, saying she’d never been a good mom, and vowed to fight for Dylan and Connor! Then she ordered her mom out of her life forever! Victoria then visited Chelsea, telling her that she’d keep her paternity secret forever. Later, Billy asked Victoria to give him time while he prepared the house with a surprise for her!

Do you think Chelsea is wrong to banish Anita from her life forever? And do you think it’s karma that Sharon refused to help Adam? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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