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What You Missed On Yesterday’s Y&R!

Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we’ll be offering daily recaps.

Monday, August 26

At the ranch, Paul went to see Nikki, who was in tears while rereading Katherine’s letter. Victoria interrupted, and she shared the news that she and Billy had reconciled and were also thinking about trying to have a baby again! At Crimson Lights, Chelsea revealed to Chloe that Adam had held Connor. Chloe wondered what she was thinking to let the real dad hold the babe! Chelsea explained that her ex had come over to ask her to be a character witness, but she insisted that he didn’t deserve to go to prison for a rape that he didn’t commit! Chloe argued that Chelsea was the one who deserved a happy life, and the only way she could get it was to make sure that Adam wasn’t in it! Chelsea defended Adam to Chloe, and later approached Melanie to stick up for her ex-hubby, saying that he might have done awful things, but he wasn’t the monster she was accusing him of being! Meanwhile, Billy and Delia began building a bookcase. When Chloe arrived to pick up Delia, Billy hit his thumb with a hammer. Delia suggested that Chloe kiss it and make it better. The fashionista obeyed, but just as she gave the kiss, Victoria arrived home to witness the touching scene! At the Chancellor mansion, Jill ordered Esther to give her the combination to the safe. But Esther wondered if Mrs. C. would have wanted her to give it to her, prompting the two to argue. Across town, Cane reread Katherine’s letter, which urged him to continue to be there for Jill. Taking that advice to heart, he went to see Jill. When she expressed bitterness that he was the Chancellor CEO, not her, Cane warned her not to push everyone away, or else she’d end up alone! After he left, Jill remembered the safe combination, and found a drawing of Katherine inside. At the GCAC, Adam told Jack that he wanted Leslie to cut Melanie a deal, but he would refuse to admit to rape for lighter charges. After telling Jack that both of his exes had turned down testifying on his behalf, he wondered if it was time to cut his losses and leave Genoa City. However, Jack said that running would only make things worse! When Paul overheard Adam order the Newman jet, the chief of police reminded him that he couldn’t leave town until after he was cleared from the rape charges! Luckily for Adam, that came soon, with Melanie dropping her charge against him. Aware that Chelsea was responsible for his reversal of fortune, Adam stopped by the loft to thank her. She told him that he could thank her by staying away from her family! Meanwhile, Melanie arrived at the police station to ask for Paul’s help.

Are you happy that Melanie dropped the rape charge against Adam? And do you think Chloe could threaten Billy and Victoria’s reconciliation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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