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Brock Kelley Reveals What Evan Is Really After on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (EXCLUSIVE)


Actor Brock Kelly knows more than the average guy about making it in a town as crazy as Salem — he grew up in New Orleans (and in fact was headed there for Mardi Gras at the time of this interview). “When we were little, my buddy, Nemo, and I would go around the French Quarter performing magic tricks,” said the actor, who plays DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Evan. “We weren’t cutting anybody in half or anything. It was card tricks and lighting things on fire — tricks that required a little sleight of hand.”

If only Evan’s antics were so innocent. Though he brought romance back into Sonny’s life and made himself indispensable to Rafe as baby David’s caregiver, he also… um, strangled Jordan to death. And the literal lady killer’s only getting away with it because his confession was obtained at gunpoint!

DAYS Jordan Evan
Of filming Jordan’s dramatic demise, Kelly shared, “I don’t think I’ve ever strangled somebody on camera before.”XJJohnson/

What gives? Is Evan as nefarious as he appears? Why on earth would he have gone so far as to throttle his babymama? “I think they had one of those hot-and-cold type relationships where, when it’s good, it’s really good,” Kelly suggested, “and when it’s bad, it’s [awful]!” In fact, the actor continued, Evan is likely a good guy who was merely pushed over the edge by a volatile situation. “He just wanted to be a father to his son,” Kelly maintained, “and she was irrational in not letting him be there for David.”

Removing Jordan from the picture and instead slipping into baby David’s life as his manny was one way to accomplish his goal. But why not just claim paternity and fight guardian Rafe for custody? “I think it’s because of the murder. It would have been too obvious if he just popped up and was like, ‘Oh, this is my kid’ after Jordan had been found dead,” Kelly suggested. And, frankly, it’s a good point.

Discounting the “He killed the boy’s mom” of it all, is that maybe a sign that Evan’s unfit to parent? “He is a little off,” Kelly conceded with a laugh. “I’m sure that a lot has to do with how he was raised, or the lack [of guidance] by his own dad… He’s a good guy with good intentions, but he’s also highly compulsive and dangerous.”

DAYS Evan Sonny
“Evan’s feelings for Sonny were genuine,” Kelly maintained. “I think he had an infatuation.”XJJohnson/

Whatever the reasons that Evan is the way he is, it’s a relief to viewers that Sonny learned the truth about his new beau before suffering the same fate as Jordan. Were Evan’s feelings for Sonny even real? Kelly thinks that the schemer “did genuinely fall” for the Kiriakis heir. “Evan was really at a place in his life where he was at rock bottom because of what he had done and was feeling very lonely and isolated.”

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— Additional reporting by Michelle Moro Parkerton

This story originally appeared in our print magazine

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