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What Happened to Tate on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

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Tate Donovan Black on DAYS OF OUR LIVES has had a dramatic life from even before he was born! And now that he’s a teenager, so there’s more drama ahead! The character first appeared back in 2015 and was played by a series of twins until 2018. Then, in October 2023, Tate returned from boarding school all grown up and with young actor Jamie Martin Mann in the role. But just five months later, in March 2024, the role was recast with Leo Howard. Here’s what you need to know:

In late 2014, Theresa Donovan discovered she was pregnant with Brady Black’s baby, but before she could tell him, Kristen DiMera caught wind of the news and abducted her to steal the embryo! After the successful transplant, Kristen teased Brady that she was leaving town with a piece of him and he was skeptical when Theresa claimed that she had been pregnant.

Hiding away in Italy, Kristen gave birth in 2015 and named the baby Christopher, but the infant was suffering from an immune disorder and required a bone marrow transplant. Kristen abducted Theresa to be the donor, but Brady came to the rescue, and the family was reunited at last. After the successful transplant, Brady and Theresa renamed their son Tate.

DAYS Theresa Brady Baby Tate
A rare happy family moment.JJohnson/

After Theresa was forced to leave Salem in 2016 to protect her family, Brady raised Tate on his own. And when she returned from Mexico in 2018, Brady rebuffed her attempts to reconcile so she sued for custody of their son. Ultimately, Theresa won custody and left Salem with Tate to raise him in California to be closer to her parents.

In October 2023, Theresa and Brady brought Tate back home after he was expelled from boarding school and the teen began adjusting to life in Salem again. He quickly became smitten with Holly Jonas, but she was obsessed with Johnny DiMera. He kept trying with Holly, though, even agreeing to help try and split up Johnny and Chanel. But he soon reached his limit and refused to help her anymore. When Holly tried to apologize and asked him out on New Year’s Eve, he accepted but was horrified when she wanted him to do drugs with her. Tate later found Holly unconscious having overdosed, and was arrested for giving her the drugs!

DAYS Tate Holly drugs
Holly just wanted to have a good time but she OD’d and got Tate arrested!XJJohnson/

EJ DiMera was determined to make Tate pay for what happened to Holly and insisted on charging him as an adult and sending him to prison! Thankfully, Justin Kiriakis was able to get Tate transferred to a juvenile rehab facility after the teen was beaten up in jail, but it was in southern Illinois and he wasn’t allowed visitors for a month! Brady and Theresa eventually were able to visit their son but it did not go well. Later, Tate was transferred to a halfway house in Salem and was hopeful when Holly awoke from her coma. He sneaked out of the halfway house to visit Holly and urged her to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t and EJ had him arrested again (but didn’t press charges this time). He then changed his tune and told Holly not to come clean because it would hurt her mother too much. 

Finally, Holly came clean and admitted the drugs were hers, so the charges against Tate were dropped. However, despite Brady and Nicole agreeing that the teens should be forbidden to see each other, that just made Holly and Tate more excited to sneak off and spend time together!

Stay tuned to DAYS to see what happens next!

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