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What Happened to Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Brady Black on DAYS OF OUR LIVES often makes a complete mess of his life. However, while some fans might suspect this means the end of the character, one look at the guy’s history and you’ll see that he’s survived worse than this and come out stronger in the end! Born on-screen to John Black and his wife, Isabella Toscano, in 1992, Brady was played by a series of child actors until he was SORASed into an adult in 2000, portrayed by Kyle Lowder. The character was written off of DAYS in 2005 but returned in 2008 in the form of Eric Martsolf, who continues to portray Brady to this day.

Raised by John and Marlena Evans after the death of his mother shortly after his birth, Brady resented Marlena because he felt his father married her too soon after his mother died. After Brady was shot and temporarily paralyzed, he and Marlena were finally able to straighten out their issues. He found love with Chloe Lane, but when she went to Europe to pursue her singing career, Brady found himself drawn to Nicole Walker. Thankfully, Chloe returned and he realized where his true feelings lay. Brady and Chloe were finally married and they left Salem to live happily ever after.

Days of Our Lives Chloe Brady wedding
Sadly, the honeymoon didn’t last long for Chloe and Brady.Paul Skipper/

However, that happiness didn’t last, and Brady became addicted to drugs. After Victor Kiriakis kidnapped his grandson and put him in rehab, Brady returned home in 2008 clean and sober. Although divorced, Chloe and Brady agreed to remain friends. He also made peace with Nicole and started a relationship with Arianna Hernandez. But after they split and Nicole started making moves on him again, Brady started hitting the bottle once more. His downward spiral intensified when Arianna was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Brady and Nicole gave their relationship another go, but eventually they fizzled out and decided to be friends.

Brady’s next relationship was with Mad World Cosmetics CEO Madison James. He left Titan to go back into business with his father at Basic Black and proposed to Madison, but on the day of their wedding, a series of explosions rocked Salem and she was killed. Brady next began dating Kristen DiMera and got wrapped up in her mad scheme to take revenge on John and Marlena. They were about to tie the knot but at the wedding ceremony, a horrified Brady called it off when he found out she’d drugged and slept with his stepbrother, Eric Brady.

DAYS Theresa and Brady - JPI
Theresa was definitely not a good influence on Brady!Howard Wise/

Overwhelmed, Brady began drinking again and then took up with Theresa Donovan, having sex and getting high with her. During a trip to Las Vegas, Brady got drunk and married Theresa, and upon their return, John angrily confronted her about using his son. Theresa hit John with a poker, sending him into a coma, and then placed the blame on Brady, who couldn’t remember anything. Brady sobered up and dumped Theresa, and Kristen returned, offering a drug that brought John out of his coma. John revealed what had really happened, but when Brady tried to dump Theresa, she claimed she was pregnant!

After a test proved Theresa wasn’t pregnant, Brady moved on to a relationship with Melanie Jonas. However, it turned out that Theresa really had been pregnant with Brady’s child, but Kristen had stolen the embryo to carry it herself! Kristen gave birth to a son, Christopher, but when Brady and Theresa got the child back, they renamed him Tate. The new parents grew closer than ever and got engaged but on New Year’s Eve 2015, Eric was driving drunk and caused a car accident that left Daniel Jonas dead and Brady in need of a heart transplant. After Brady received Daniel’s heart, Eric was sent to prison. But when Nicole was later abducted by Xander Kiriakis, Brady was shot and as his condition worsened, his body began rejecting the transplant. Thankfully, Kayla was able to save his life again.

Days of Our Lives Nicole Brady
“And don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”XJJohnson/

When Deimos Kiriakis was found murdered, everyone seemed to be a suspect, but Brady discovered that it had been Nicole who had done the deed. He kept the secret until he found out that she had shared a kiss with Eric, and this knocked Brady off the wagon again. Learning that Nicole had tracked down Eric and confessed her love, a jealous Brady blackmailed her into breaking up with Eric and leaving town with her daughter, Holly. 

Teaming with Victor, Brady pretended to be in love with Eve Donovan in order to dupe her but ended up actually falling for her in the process. However, their relationship hit a major snag when he learned that not only had she told Jennifer the truth about how he’d run Nicole out of town, but Eve had also conspired with Victor to help him keep custody of Tate but ended up causing him to lose his son to Theresa.

Kristen returned to Salem disguised as Nicole hoping to rekindle things with Brady and while he was stunned when her true identity was revealed, it was even more shocking when she tried to steal Sarah Horton‘s embryo to pass off her baby as Brady’s only to learn she was already pregnant! He decided to make a go of a relationship with a seemingly-reformed Kristen, but after a year went by in the blink of an eye, their baby had died at birth and he was working at Basic Black with Nicole while Kristen had gone off to become a nun.

DAYS Kristen Brady Rachel
Kristen and Brady’s time as a family with Rachel was unfortunately brief.XJJohnson/

Eventually, Kristen returned to Salem to make things right with Brady and Nicole learned the shocking truth that Victor and Xander had switched Sarah and Kristen’s baby at birth! A vengeful Kristen stabbed Victor and took her daughter back, after which Brady allowed them to leave the country together so Kristen wouldn’t go to jail. After attempting to destroy Titan and help Sarah hurt Xander, Brady left to join his family.

When Brady returned to Salem to support John as he recovered from an aneurysm, Kristen followed and ended up being arrested for stabbing Victor. Brady had tried to take the blame for the attack, but she agreed to face the music. However, stuck behind bars, Kristen found herself jealous of Brady’s growing closeness with Chloe as they began working together at Basic Black. When Brady tried to help Philip Kiriakis deal with the Mob, he ended up getting shot for his troubles!

Brady was taken aback when Kristen told him to stop visiting her in prison and Susan Banks seemed weirdly invested in him and Chloe. But it all made sense when he found out that the imprisoned Kristen was really Susan in disguise! Unfortunately, as he raced home, his car was run off the road by Kristen (who was struggling with a kidnapped Kate) and he landed in the hospital again! After he survived, Brady naturally dumped Kate and finally admitted his feelings for Chloe, but she had agreed to date Philip!

DAYS Brady Chloe Kristen
Kristen made sure Brady and Chloe’s happiness was short-lived!XJJohnson/

Brady made an effort to try and keep things in the friend zone with Chloe, but Philip’s jealousy grew and grew to the point where he flew into a rage and knocked his rival out and framed him for his murder! Eventually, it was revealed Philip had skipped town and Brady once again found himself growing closer to Chloe. They eventually made it official and public but their happiness was short-lived as Kristen sued for shared custody of their daughter, Rachel. As the battle got ugly, Kristen went for full custody, but after mud was slung in court, the judge ruled in Brady’s favor. But Kristen wasn’t done, and offered Brady the cure to the poison that Orpheus had given Marlena, Kate, and Kayla in exchange for dumping Chloe and letting her move in with him and Rachel!

When Brady confided to Eric about Kristen’s blackmail, he suggested they stage Rachel’s kidnapping to exchange her for the orchid, but it backfired. Brady finally confessed to Chloe the real reason for their breakup, and then kidnapped Stefan DiMera to deprogram him so he would love Gabi, not Chloe! As Brady worried about Chloe’s growing closeness with Xander, his ongoing custody battle with Kristen led to him pulling a gun on her! 

Stay tuned to see how Brady’s story unfolds!

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