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What Happened to Susan Banks on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Susan Banks keeps popping up on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, which leaves some viewers slightly confused, wondering who this odd woman is and why she bears a striking resemblance to Kristen DiMera! Well, that’s because both characters are played by the same actress, although this time it’s Stacy Haiduk. Back in 1996, Eileen Davidson introduced Susan to viewers, along with some other characters — she also portrayed Susan’s siblings Sister Mary Moira Banks, Thomas Banks, and Penelope Kent! But these days it’s just Kristen and Susan who appear on DAYS.

Days of Our Lives Susan Mary Thomas Penelope
From left to right, Davidson played Susan, Mary Moira, Thomas, and Penelope!John Paschal/

Susan Banks first arrived in Salem in 1996 when Stefano DiMera brought the pregnant woman to town to impersonate Kristen, who had recently lost her baby. The plan was for Susan to give her baby to Kristen after it was born to be raised by her and John Black. Unfortunately, when John married Kristen in the hospital while in labor, he actually tied the knot with Susan! Although Susan handed over the infant, when she learned it had a heart defect, she wanted it back. Kristen argued that she and John could provide John Jr. with the medical care he needed, but Susan also still believed John was her husband.

Stefano built a secret room in the mansion where they were going to keep Susan, but when Marlena Evans realized they’d stolen Susan’s baby, she was locked up there herself! Wanting John for herself, a jealous Susan tricked Kristen and locked her up with Marlena so that she could impersonate her and take over her life! Susan planned an Elvis-themed wedding for her and John, but at the ceremony, her secret was exposed and Kristen and Marlena were rescued!

Days of Our Lives John Susan Wedding
Susan nearly got the wedding of her dreams!John Paschal/

After things calmed down, Susan moved into Marlena’s penthouse with her son, who she had re-named Little Elvis. When her sister, Mary Moira, demanded to know who the father of the child was, Susan insisted it was Elvis. Unfortunately, she was later shocked to discover that it had really been Stefano in disguise! 

Kristen continued to try and get the baby back, but everyone else sided with Susan, including Stefano. John arranged for Susan and Little Elvis to move to England, where she met Edmund P. Crumb and fell madly in love. Unfortunately, Kristen would not be stopped, and lured Susan back to Salem where she drugged her and sold her into white slavery, taking over Susan’s life to raise her son! Luckily, Susan managed to escape and exposed Kristen, reuniting her odd little family and tying the knot with Edmund.

Days of Our Lives Edmund Susan Elvis
Edmund with Susan and Little Elvis in 1998.John Paschal/

In 2014, Susan returned to Salem to visit her now-adult son, who was going by the name EJ DiMera She was worried because she didn’t believe Sami Brady was the right woman for him and she had also had a premonition that he was in terrible danger. She confessed that she’d allowed Stefano to raise EJ because she and Edmund couldn’t give him the same life. EJ insisted that everything was fine, but he was shot to death shortly thereafter!

Susan resurfaced in November of 2017 when Sami discovered that her son, Will Horton, was alive and living with Susan believing he was her son, EJ! Will’s loved ones were able to convince him of his true identity, though his memories remained MIA, and he returned to Salem, leaving Susan behind. Months later, she returned to Salem to make amends with Will and invited herself to John and Marlena’s wedding, offering the couple a doll in the bride’s likeness as a gift. She also confided to Marlena that she had been visited by Kristen, who was believed to be dead. Of course, she wasn’t, and the villainess switched places with Susan to attend the wedding undetected. After being rescued, Susan was shocked to learn that EJ was still alive, and reluctantly agreed to let Sami take him to a burn clinic for treatment.

DAYS Susan Ben
Susan’s psychic powers remained on point!XJJohnson/

In July 2019, Susan resurfaced when Kristen needed a disguise to stay hidden in Salem, but things got more complicated when the real Susan showed up in town! Kristen managed to cover by claiming to be Sister Mary Moira in disguise, and naturally, the naive Susan bought it. But at John and Marlena’s engagement party, Kate Roberts attacked Susan, believing her to be Kristen in disguise, and everyone was stunned when John revealed that Kristen was actually masquerading as Nicole by ripping off her mask!

Susan next returned to Salem in February 2021 when she warned Marlena she had a premonition that Brady Black would be shot! That had already happened, but she then used her powers to try and communicate with Ciara Brady on the other side for Ben Weston. But she quickly informed him that his wife was still alive!

However, the next time Ben tried to get Susan’s psychic help, it didn’t work because Kristen had convinced Susan to take her place so she could keep an eye on Brady and Chloe! But eventually, Susan slipped up and Brady realized she wasn’t Kristen and the switch was exposed. Then, in November 2021, Susan showed up at Ben and Ciara’s because her visions were telling her their baby was in grave danger. Ciara was skeptical, but Ben reminded her how Susan helped him find her, so she went along with it. Though she was shaken when Susan sensed great evil.

DAYS Susan Marlena devil
Susan couldn’t get rid of the devil on her own, though she gave it her best shot!XJJohnson/

Susan soon came to realize that Marlena was possessed by the devil again, and when she tried to help, was briefly possessed herself. After Marlena was exorcised, Susan sensed that the devil wasn’t gone and discovered that her grandson, Johnny DiMera, was evil’s new host! When the devil moved on to Allie Horton, Susan used Johnny and Allie’s sibling bond to help locate her and get rid of the evil once and for all. 

As things settled down, Susan returned to her usual offerings of advice and predictions, but then found herself kidnapped by Xander Kiriakis under orders from Ava Vitali, who wanted to use her to get revenge on EJ! Bonnie Lockhart stumbled upon her and wound up prisoner as well. When Xander took Susan to Ava, she ordered him to kill her but he refused. Ava dragged Susan into her car and when EJ gave chase, she drove the vehicle over a cliff! After the car exploded, EJ feared his mother couldn’t possibly have survived.

Stay tuned to see if this is truly the end of Susan’s story!

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