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What Happened to Kate on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

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Kate Roberts has been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for decades, so it’s understandable that some viewers might not be aware of every detail of her epic history in Salem. This schemer always seems to come out on top, even cheating death on occasion to do it! Kate first appeared in 1993 and was played by Deborah Adair until 1995 when she retired from acting. In 1996, the character was reintroduced with Lauren Koslow in the role that she continues to play to this day.

Kate Roberts arrived in Salem to work for Victor Kiriakis at Titan Publishing, but she had lived in town before and was a former patient of Marlena Evans. Her son, Lucas Roberts, joined her in Salem and asked about his father. Kate tried to keep her past hidden, but eventually confessed that she had married an abusive man and had two children before turning to Lucas’ father for comfort. She also admitted that those two children had died in a car accident.

After vying for Victor’s attention with Vivian Alamain, Kate emerged the winner and she became Mrs. Kiriakis. However, Curtis Reed began blackmailing Kate about her past, and it was revealed that this was Kate’s abusive husband. When he was found dead, the prime suspect was his daughter, Billie Reed, and during the trial, it came out that Billie and her brother, Austin Reed, were Kate’s presumed-dead children. In the end, it was revealed Curtis died during a struggle with Stefano DiMera.

Vivian, hoping to split up Kate and Victor, exposed the truth that Curtis had left Kate when she became pregnant with another man’s child and that Lucas was really Bill Horton’s son! Lucas was furious with his mother for keeping the truth from him, and Victor was upset to learn that their marriage was invalid as Kate was still legally married to Curtis when they tied the knot. Kate promised Victor a child so he would remarry her, but when she had trouble conceiving, they used in vitro fertilization. Vivian swapped out the embryos and gave birth to their son, Philip Kiriakis. After tricking Victor into marrying her, Vivian caused a plane crash that left Kate presumed dead.

Days of Our Lives Kate Sami
Screaming was just how Kate and Sami communicated with each other.Jesse Grant/JPI

Kate returned to Salem the following year very much alive, seeking revenge and custody of her son, Philip. She also fought bitterly with Sami Brady, who claimed her son, Will Horton, was  Austin’s when Lucas was really the babydaddy. Sami blackmailed Kate by threatening to reveal her past as a prostitute, and Kate framed Sami for murder. But as Sami was about to be sentenced to death, Kate arranged for a false confession to be made that set her free.

After a failed relationship with Nicholas Alamain, Kate tried to get back together with Victor, but that fell apart when she was caught with mob boss Vincent Moroni. She plotted to kill Victor but accidentally killed Vincent’s only child causing him to take his own life in grief. Kate set the Kiriakis mansion on fire but Victor escaped and didn’t tell Philip about his mother’s murder attempts. Kate began working at Basic Black and dating Roman Brady. They were stunned to learn that they were the parents of Rex Brady and Cassie Brady, who were created with their stolen sperm and embryos.

Days of Our Lives Kate Roman
Kate and Roman’s marriage was doomed from day oneJesse Grant/JPI

Kate married Roman, but he was murdered at the reception. Cassie was also found dead, but it turned out that the multiple murders committed in Salem were all faked as part of an evil scheme of Andre DiMera’s. Kate helped John Black deal with his drug addiction, and they began dating. After multiple attempts to keep Lucas from marrying Sami, including enlisting EJ DiMera‘s help, Kate was crushed when they tied the knot. At least the marriage didn’t last long!

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Kate’s life was saved with a bone marrow transplant from Chloe Lane, who also began dating Lucas. After learning Chloe cheated on Lucas with Daniel Jonas, Kate poisoned her, putting her in a coma! To avoid jail, Kate became Mrs. Stefano DiMera and he destroyed the evidence against her. Then Chloe’s one-night stand with Philip resulted in Kate’s grandson, Parker, being born. After Philip and Parker left town, Kate blamed Chloe for driving them away and hired a thug to force her into prostitution!

Kate relaunched Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics under Titan, but working closely with her ex, Ian McAllister, caused them to fall into bed together. Furious, Stefano exposed her affair and took the company away from her and giving it to Sami to run. When Stefano was murdered, Kate was a prime suspect, but he wasn’t really dead, and instead being held captive by Ian. In the end, Kate begged for another chance, but Stefano kicked her to the curb.

Days of Our Lives Kate Stefano
She tried, but Kate was no match for Stefano in the end.Paul Skipper/

While taking Chad DiMera under her wing after his mother died, Kate also supported grandson Will when he came out as gay. She started a secret relationship with Rafe Hernandez, but broke it off fearing Stefano might go after him. She then had a string of bad luck with men that included drug lord Clyde Weston, the villainous Deimos Kiriakis, Eduardo Hernandez, and Andre DiMera. She actually married the evil Andre and ran DiMera Enterprises until he sold her out to her old rival, Vivian. After Andre’s murder, Kate learned Vivian was framing Sonny for sexual harassment, and while confronting her, a gun went off, leaving Vivian dead!

Stefan DiMera plotted against Kate to get revenge for his mother’s death, and Kate decided to continue Vivian’s scheme against Sonny in the hopes of taking over Titan, sleeping with attorney Ted Laurent in the process. But when she found out Ted was blackmailing Will and Sonny, she held a gun on him to force him out of town. After he came back, things heated back up between them when they were kidnapped by Nicole (really Kristen DiMera) but Ted was then murdered. In the battle to control DiMera Enterprises, Kate found herself being given the job, but Vivian was back from the dead and out for revenge, shooting Kate and burying her alive! Thankfully, Kate clawed her way out and to the hospital where she eventually recovered.

After a year passed in the blink of an eye, Kate was working as a waitress in the Brady Pub and even helped the heroes rescue Marlena and John from Stefano and Princess Gina, who had taken over Steve and Hope’s bodies! Then Kate was nearly killed by Chad, who was being hypnotized by Stefano. She also began working as a publicist for Abe Carver and played hero again rescuing Allie Horton’s baby from Clyde!

DAYS Kate Jake
Kate and Jake couldn’t resist each other!XJJohnson/

Sparks flew between Jake DiMera and Kate, and they began having an affair on the down low. Things also got complicated when it turned out Jack Deveraux had slept with Kate while Jennifer was in a coma the previous year! When Jake and Kate’s relationship was revealed, the pair quickly split up, but despite her worries about the age difference, they soon found their way back together and made things official… and public! Kate even quit working for Abe to help work with Jake at DiMera Enterprises. However, the return of Gabi Hernandez stirred up some jealousy as Kate worried Jake would dump her to go back to his old flame.

But what ended up happening was Kristen abducted Kate so she could disguise herself and take her place to break up with Jake! Kate attempted to escape, but in doing so, caused a car crash that landed Brady in the hospital! Kate managed to escape into the woods, but the injection Kristen had given her eventually caused her to pass out alone! Thankfully, Kate was found and rushed to the hospital where she ultimately recovered, though Jake and Gabi were shocked when she finally awoke and announced she was blind! However, when Dr. Snyder later examined her and found no evidence of blindness, Kate confessed that she was faking the blindness and memory loss to keep Jake from dumping her for Gabi.

After voting to remove Jake as CEO of DiMera, Kate gleefully told him the truth. Months later, Roman tried to rekindle things with her, but she was wary of dating again. Eventually, they began dating, but things got a little complicated when she helped Philip fake his death. She also worried about Lucas after he confessed that he’d kidnapped Sami and framed EJ for it. Unfortunately, the truth came out at Lucas and Sami’s wedding and Roman dumped Kate for keeping that secret. Hoping to right some wrongs, Kate pleaded guilty to being an accessory to kidnapping and Roman gave her another chance.

DAYS Kate Roman
Fearing time was running out, Roman quickly made Kate his wife.XJJohnson/

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla were kidnapped by Orpheus, and Roman, John, and Steve raced to their rescue. But the villain had infected the women with a deadly virus and they all fell ill. Roman remarried Kate in the hospital, and thankfully, an antidote was found in time. Unfortunately, a second dose was required and when their conditions worsened again, the orchid used to make it was nowhere to be found! Roman and Chad were crushed when Kate flatlined and Rex told Lucas the sad news.

However, when Kate found herself on the other side, she had a chilling encounter with Jordan before reuniting with Marlena and Kayla. The three women found themselves trying to avoid being tricked by the devil, who wanted their souls, only to find out that they weren’t actually dead at all! They awoke from cryogenic suspension to learn they were being held captive by Megan Hathaway! She informed them that she required them for experiments and selected Kate to be the first test subject. When Kate attempted to escape, Megan ordered Bo Brady to kill her! Stunned to see that Bo was really alive after all these years, she pled for her life, but he was under Megan’s brainwashing and reported back that he’d taken her out.

However, later it was revealed that Bo had actually fired his gun into the air and let Kate go, and she was actually on a fishing boat! She was being held prisoner by Dimitri von Leuschner, but Chad, Steve, and Harris soon rescued her, and she was happily reunited with Roman. Back in Salem, a vengeful Kate wanted to hire Harris to kill Megan, but the villainess gave them the slip. After Victor passed away, Roman urged Kate to give Philip the sad news. Kate also got involved in other people’s lives, urging Sarah to divorce Rex, warning Harris to avoid Ava, and counseling Chad on his love life.

DAYS Lucas Kate Roman
Kate knew her son wasn’t cut out to live as a monk.XJJohnson/

As 2024 began, Lucas was attacked in prison, so Kate was relieved when Harris managed to smuggle him out to act as an informant to bring down Clyde. When an assassin infiltrated the pub, Kate shot at them to protect her son. After relocating Lucas to a safer safe house, Kate and Roman celebrated Valentine’s Day. The couple later visited Lucas in the monastery where he was hiding and promised they’d welcome him home with open arms once everything was settled.

Stay tuned to DAYS to see how Kate’s story continues!

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