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What Happened to Roman on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

The history of Roman Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES can be a little confusing, so we’re here to tray and straighten things out for you if you need it! The character first appeared in December 1981 and was played by Wayne Northrop until his exit in 1984. Roman returned to the canvas in January 1986, played by Drake Hogestyn, although in 1991, Northrop returned to reclaim his role. (We’ll get to that in a bit!) After his departure in 1994, Roman remained off-camera until the character was recast with Josh Taylor in July 1997. (This surprised some DAYS fans as Taylor had previously played Chris Kositchek on the soap!)

Roman Brady arrived in Salem and the police detective was assigned to protect Marlena Evans from the Salem Strangler, which naturally led them to fall in love with each other. They eventually got engaged, although before they could tie the knot, his supposedly dead wife, Anna, showed up with their daughter, Carrie Brady. Roman also ran afoul of notorious supervillain Stefano DiMera, who framed the detective for crimes committed by Andre DiMera. He escaped the authorities and went on the run to prove his innocence.

Later, Roman tracked Stefano to an island where he was trying to collect three mysterious prisms to cure his cancer. When Roman confronted him, Stefano shot him and he seemingly fell to his death. Bo Brady cradled his brother’s body on the beach, and after leaving him briefly, returned to believe it had been washed away by the tide. However, Stefano had absconded with Roman’s body and had big plans.

DAYS Roman Marlena gallery
Roman and Marlena had a rocky relationship to say the least!NBC

In 1986, a man known only as “The Pawn” came to Salem and took the name John Black after seeing it on a war memorial. He was eventually revealed to be Roman Brady after undergoing extensive plastic surgery, brainwashing, and other training by Stefano to be used as an assassin. Marlena, who had been raising her and Roman’s twins, Sami and Eric, along with Carrie, was no longer a widow. Roman awkwardly reunited with his family and tried to resume his life in Salem. 

However, in 1991, the real Roman Brady was discovered being held prisoner on an island in Mexico and he was shocked to come home and find another man living his life. To be fair, John Black was also pretty upset at finding out he wasn’t really Roman and had just been brainwashed into thinking he was! Roman and Marlena reunited and tried to resume their marriage, but she found herself drawn to her lingering feelings for John. They had an affair that resulted in a daughter, Isabella, who Roman believed to be his own child. (Sami tampered with the paternity results…)So he was crushed to discover not only the affair, but that Belle wasn’t his daughter. Heartbroken, Roman left Salem and was later said to have been killed on a mission for the ISA.

In 1997, it was revealed that Roman was really alive, but dying from an infection he’d contracted while on a mission. Stefano used the cure to force John to break him out of prison. Kristen DiMera brought Roman back on John and Marlena’s wedding day, planning to drive them apart, but they couldn’t resist each other and while once again heartbroken, Roman ultimately decided they belonged together for the sake of the kids.

DAYS Roman John
“Wait, which one are you, again?”Jesse Grant/JPI

Roman had a fling with Billie Reed but never quite fell out of love with Marlena. But knowing she’d never leave John, he moved on with his life and found love with Kate Roberts. Unfortunately, after they tied the knot, Roman was killed by the Salem Stalker at the wedding reception! Thankfully, like all of the killer’s other “victims,” Roman wasn’t dead, but being held captive with everyone on an island called Melasawen. During the escape attempt, Andre DiMera caused a natural disaster and managed to recapture Roman, Marlena, Jack, and Cassie. 

In a remote European castle, Andre tormented Roman and Marlena with video of John and Kate growing closer back in Salem. Believing that the pair had made love, Roman and Marlena also did the same. After escaping, Roman convinced Marlena not to tell John what had happened between them. Even after discovering John and Kate had fallen in love and were engaged, they still kept quiet! However, when Marlena found out she was pregnant, the truth came out and John was furious. During a fight between the two men, Marlena fell down the stairs and lost the baby.

With Marlena not wanting anything to do with either of them, Roman tried to move on and eventually found his way back to Kate for a little while. He also became police commissioner and wound up having to arrest quite a few family members while keeping the peace in Salem. Although he also helped cover for some of them, like when Hope Brady shot and killed Stefano. Eventually, Roman retired and took up running the Brady Pub. 

DAYS Roman Kate
“To second chances… and third… and fourth…”XJJohnson/

Roman rekindled things with Kate, but dumped her when she confessed she’d helped cover up Lucas’ involvement in Sami’s kidnapping. However, after she came clean with the cops and accepted her punishment of community service, Roman softened and agreed to give her another chance.

Stay tuned to see how Roman’s story continues!

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