What Happened to EJ DiMera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Everyone thought that EJ DiMera had died on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Might Sami’s long-lost husband actually be alive? If you’re a newer viewer who isn’t quite sure who this guy is, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! EJ DiMera was introduced in 1997 and was played by a set of triplets as a baby before returning to DAYS as an adult in 2006 in the form of actor James Scott. Although the character was killed off in 2014, now Kristen DiMera claimed EJ is alive and the mysterious patient being played by Trey Baxter seems to be EJ back from the dead!

Born Elvis Aaron Banks to Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera, EJ was thought to have been brought up by Susan and her new husband, Edmund Crumb, but he was actually taken by Stefano. Sami Brady encountered the handsome EJ as an adult and was smitten, but then everyone found out about his connection to Stefano. After shooting John Black, EJ used Sami to help escape Salem, and agreed to help save Lucas’ life if she agreed to sleep with him.

Days of Our Lives Sami EJ

Sami didn’t mind her new neighbor’s allergy to shirts. (Photo Credit: Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com)

Sami wound up pregnant with twins, and it turned out EJ had fathered Johnny, and Lucas had fathered Allie. Blackmailed by Stefano, Sami agreed to marry EJ and the groom was shot at the altar by her son, Will! (Although Lucas took the fall and the truth didn’t come out for a long time.) EJ tried to turn over a new leaf and agreed to help bring down his father, starting by rescuing a kidnapped John Black from Stefano’s clutches. EJ also tried to keep Sami from annulling their marriage, but she saw through his schemes and they split.

EJ got trapped in an elevator with Nicole Walker and they had sex. She didn’t tell anyone when she miscarried and when she learned Sami was also having EJ’s baby, stole another infant to swap with Sami’s. After marrying Nicole EJ was furious to learn Sami had kept him from his own child when Grace died. He grew cold and ruthless, but in the end, saved Rafe Hernandez’s life. Rafe returned the favor by revealing that Nicole had swapped the babies and EJ and Sami were reunited with Sydney. Learning that Stefano had been behind Nicole’s schemes, EJ severed ties with his father.

Sami and EJ grew closer when Syndey was kidnapped, but it turned out that EJ had teamed up with Anna DiMera to fake the abduction so he could be the big hero when he brought the girl home safe. So as Sami and EJ prepared to remarry, Rafe interrupted the ceremony with proof of his crimes. Fearing that EJ might kidnap her children, Sami went to confront him, but finding him passed out drunk and holding a gun she just shot him in the head!

Days of Our Lives Nicole EJ Wedding

Neither of Nicole and E.J.’s marriages lasted very long. (Photo Credit: Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com)

After EJ recovered, he was determined to find out who had tried to kill him. Arianna Hernandez had proof, but died in a hit-and-run before she could give it to him. Nicole found it and she and EJ got married so they could take custody of the kids away from Sami. Unfortunately, EJ fell hard for Nicole’s sister, Taylor, and they began an affair shortly after the wedding. Nicole found them together and took her revenge by helping expose that EJ and the DiMeras were behind replacing Rafe with an evil look-alike.

EJ decided to change his ways again, giving Sami back custody of the twins and running for Mayor of Salem with Nicole managing his campaign. But he used underhanded methods to try and win, framing John for corporate embezzlement. When Sami and EJ feared Johnny had died, they grieved by falling into bed together, but thankfully the boy was fine. Eventually, EJ was elected mayor, but his celebration was short-lived as Rafe revealed he’d slept with Sami and a furious Nicole left him again. 

Nicole wound up pregnant, and had to claim that Rafe was the father, something EJ did not believe. When Stefano was shot, EJ was the prime suspect, but was actually innocent. Sami helped him escape the police and they went on the run where he was nearly killed by the real shooter, Ian McAlister. Although the charges were dropped, EJ was forced to resign as mayor. On the plus side, he and Sami grew closer than ever and began planning a future together.

Days of Our Lives EJ Sami

E.J. and Sami’s relationship was… complicated, to put it mildly! (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/jpistudios.com)

Things got complicated when Sami shot a guy trying to kill Rafe who turned out to be a (dirty) cop, and EJ had to return the family company to Stefano in order to get the evidence to clear her name. Also when EJ knew about Kristen drugging and having sex with Sami’s brother, Eric. He wanted to make things right with Sami, but instead started an affair with Abigail Deveraux! However, it ended when they both realized he would always love only Sami. But Sami learned of the affair and secretly plotted to humiliate EJ on the day of their wedding.

Sami took over his business, and EJ struggled to win her back. But since she controlled his fortune, EJ was forced to turn to crime to make money and that led him to drug dealer Clyde Weston. While meeting him in the park, EJ was shot by one of his goons and he died in Sami’s arms. However, Kristen visited EJ’s body in the morgue and injected him with an unknown substance, and the ashes in the urn that Sami received were not EJ’s. Now, Kristen returned claiming that EJ is still alive, and Sami was determined to find the man she loves. Brady stumbled upon a man in a wheelchair being held by Kristen and Xander Cook who whispers the name “Samantha.” But after he was badly burned in the explosion, the mystery patient was brought back to Salem where Sami ran a DNA test and was stunned to learn it was EJ!

With his identity confirmed, Sami left Salem with EJ in the hopes of restoring him to health once more. Might he one day return to Salem? Stay tuned to see how the story unfolds, and for more DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine!

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