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Clyde on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know

Clyde is always popping up on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and every time he does, nothing good ever seems to come of it! The troublesome character first appeared back in June 2014 and actor James Read has continued to play the role throughout all of his subsequent stints on the soap. Because like the proverbial bad penny, this guy keeps popping up!

Clyde Weston was first introduced to DAYS when Kate Roberts was investigating Jordan Ridgeway’s past. She connected her to Ben Weston and the trail led her to their father, Clyde. He claimed they ran away and was eager to reunite with them but when Jordan and Ben came face to face with Clyde, they were furious and reminded him how his drinking caused him to abuse them and their mother. Clyde began working for EJ DiMera’s drug ring in Salem, then when bodyguard Miguel shot and killed his boss, helped cover up EJ’s death.

Days of Our Lives Ben Jordan Clyde
Ben and Jordan wanted nothing to do with their deadbeat dad.Howard Wise/

Clyde warned Jordan not to interfere in his trying to reconcile with Ben, threatening to reveal that she was responsible for the car crash that killed their mother. Clyde began dating Kate and moved his trucking business to Salem as a cover for the drug-running, which caused conflict with Victor Kiriakis. When Clyde was shot by Victor’s henchman, he took revenge by stabbing Sonny Kiriakis and the two men finally reached a tentative truce.

After Jordan left town, Clyde became more involved in Ben’s life, but also found himself battling against Stefano DiMera. Kate dumped Clyde because his confidence had become arrogance, and he continued to spread drugs around Salem. After killing his employee, Kyle Southern, Clyde hired addict JJ Deveraux to work for him, but that turned out to be part of a sting to bring the drug kingpin down. Clyde was accused of murdering Paige Larson but just before he was extradited to Florida, he was stunned when Ben confessed to being the “necktie killer.”

In 2016, Clyde encountered supervillain Orpheus in prison and the two engineered an escape along with Xander Kiriakis. Clyde made his way to Kate’s home and held her at gunpoint but Chad DiMera arrived and rescued her. The three fugitives regrouped at the piers and plotted revenge on the citizens of Salem. During their reign of terror, Clyde accidentally shot Abe Carver and was horrified to have shot an innocent man. Clyde began drinking and opened up to Orpheus about his troubled childhood and the abuse he’d suffered at the hands of his own father.

DAYS Orpheus Xander Clyde
This trio of villains caused three times as much trouble in Salem!XJJohnson/

With Andre DiMera’s help, Clyde attempted to kill Chad and kidnap his son, Thomas. But that turned out to be a trap and he found himself under arrest yet again. The following year, Clyde was on the loose, helping Ben break out of Bayview Sanitarium and telling him that one of his victims, Will Horton, was still alive. After he was re-imprisoned, Clyde was surprised to learn that Ben was apparently reformed and had been released.

After a year passed in the blink of an eye, Clyde was in prison alongside Ben, who had been arrested for Jordan’s murder. He planned to force Xander to confess to the killing and when fellow inmate Will found out about the scheme Clyde tried to shank him. Ben stopped his father, who was sent back to solitary confinement. Eventually, Clyde convinced Ben to go along with a prison break but both of them ended up behind bars soon enough. Clyde had a close moment with his son just before Ben was sent to be executed, and was happy to learn that Ben had been cleared when the real killer had been found. 

Clyde resurfaced again in the spring of 2020 when he learned that Ben and Ciara Brady were to be married. But Ciara later visited the inmate in prison after a bomb went off at the wedding and Ben disappeared. Clyde was genuinely surprised by the news and was in the dark about who could have abducted his son. In October, Orpheus arranged a blackout and a prison break, so Clyde immediately escaped and went to visit Ben before Orpheus enlisted him to kidnap Allie Horton‘s baby boy, Henry. But Kate tricked him into handing over the kid and shot him before calling the police to have him arrested.

DAYS Ben Ciara Clyde
Ben just can’t seem to get away from his dad.XJJohnson/

When Ciara was kidnapped, Clyde tried to do the right thing by finding out where she was, but that involved stabbing Orpheus to steal his phone for the info, so it’s one step forward, two steps back, really. Then, when EJ found himself in prison, he was irritated to discover Clyde was his cellmate. Things took a turn when EJ finally remembered that Clyde was responsible for having him shot, but then the villain was granted parole and he wound up on Ben and Ciara’s doorstep looking for a place to live!

Clyde then convinced Roman Brady to give him a job at the pub and matched with Nancy Wesley on a dating app. Despite everyone’s warnings, Nancy agreed to go out with him and was pleased when he gifted her with a beautiful bracelet, not realizing it was stolen and he’d got it from Leo Stark! When the truth came out, Clyde was arrested, and eventually admitted he’d gotten the jewelry from Leo. He also popped the question to Nancy, and pressed her to marry ASAP. Because even though Leo was the prime suspect in Abigail DiMera‘s murder, it was then revealed that Clyde had killed her!

Chad DiMera confronted Clyde outside the church with a gun and took him away from his wedding to demand answers. At gunpoint, Clyde admitted he’d gone to the mansion to silence Belle Black, who E.J. had told about Clyde having shot him. But when Abigail got in the way, he stabbed her! Clyde struggled with Chad, and E.J. arrived to grab the gun and shoot the villain in the back! Unfortunately for Chad and E.J., Clyde was rushed to the hospital and survived.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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