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What Happened to Ciara on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Ciara Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES is always getting into trouble. And sometimes it makes fans worry that she’s leaving the show! But if you take a look back at the young woman’s history, it’s clear that she’s a fighter! The role is currently being played by Victoria Konefal, who took over for Vivian Jovanni, who was last seen in May of 2017. Before that, Lauren Boles played Ciara growing up as a tween after Dakoda and Danica Hobbs were baby Ciara. Unfortunately, in July 2020, Konefal confirmed rumors that she was leaving DAYS but a month later it was announced that she’d be back to reprise the role again! However, in July 2022 the character left the canvas again, this time seemingly for good.

While grieving the loss of their young son, Zack, Bo Brady and Hope Brady found comfort in each others’ arms and conceived Ciara. Although her paternity was in question in the beginning because Patrick had tampered with the DNA tests to claim he was her father. Bo delivered Ciara in a warehouse and Patrick confessed the infant’s true paternity before he was arrested for kidnapping Hope.

As a child, Ciara was abducted from the Salem Carnival by a man she’d come to call her “birthday buddy.” But he was actually a registered sex offender named Kyle who was working with his sister and her boyfriend to hold Ciara for ransom. Dean, a corrupt cop with the Salem PD, realized the authorities were closing in on them and shot Kyle and Brenda dead while wounding himself. Ciara was rescued but traumatized by the experience. Especially when Dean later attempted to get the money from Hope after all. Thankfully, Bo saved the day and rescued his family!

Days of Our Lives Ciara Kyle
Ciara knew not to take candy from strangers… too bad she didn’t know not to get in a car with them!Paul Skipper/

Unfortunately, Hope and Bo’s marriage fell apart after that, and she began dating Aiden Jennings. Ciara approved of the match, but then Aidan tried to kill Hope and died in a struggle with Bo. Ciara was friends with Aiden’s son, Chase, and tried to support him during his grief. But things took a turn when she discovered that Chase was bullying Theo Carver. And even worse, Chase believed Ciara was in love with him and ended up raping her! After the traumatized young woman acted out for a while, she confided in Claire Brady, who joined forces with Theo and Joey Johnson to kidnap Chase so Ciara could confront him.

When Abigail was presumed dead in a plane crash, Ciara moved into the DiMera mansion to help Chad DiMera rise his and Abigail’s son, Thomas. She soon developed a crush on Chad, which made Theo jealous. But after Chad sent Ciara back home, Theo was already dating Claire. Ciara decided to try online dating, and began seeing a young man named Wyatt. She was surprised to find how much they had in common, but then Theo revealed that he had actually told Wyatt all about her so she might find happiness. Furious at having been lied to by Wyatt and Theo, Ciara decided to leave town and live with Shawn in Hong King for a while.

Ciara returned to Salem with a bad attitude in December of 2017, blaming Claire for Theo being shot and almost killed. When Theo awoke from his coma, she professed her love, but he admitted his feelings were for Claire. Ciara was heartbroken and confided in Tripp that she knew Rafe Hernandez had cheated on her mother with Sami Brady. After Rafe explained the situation, Tripp convinced Ciara not to hurt her mother by revealing the secret. Ciara and Tripp began getting closer, and he rescued her when she was kidnapped.

Days of Our Lives Ciara Ben
It’s hard to resist a former serial killer when they’re this hot!XJJohnson/

When Claire revealed Rafe’s infidelity during his and Hope’s wedding, Ciara sought revenge on her and exposed that she’d cheated in the Face of Bella contest. Ciara was reluctant to get physical with Tripp because of her rape, and this led to Tripp sleeping with Claire. Catching them together, a furious Claire stormed off and crashed her bike. She was found and nursed back to health in a deserted cabin by Ben Weston. She was terrified, because he was the Necktie Killer, but he insisted he was cured. Rafe and Hope found them and arrested Ben, but Ciara hired a lawyer to get him out of jail. Tripp didn’t approve of Ciara getting involved with Ben, but Claire was all for it because it meant she could have Tripp for herself.

Ciara defended Ben from all sides, even when he started working for Stefan DiMera. Claire’s jealousy got out of control and she attempted to kill Ciara, framing Ben for the crime. Hope immediately assumed Ben was guilty, but when the truth came out, she reluctantly seemed to accept Ben’s place in her daughter’s life. Jordan Ridgeway returned to Salem, having been given a clean bill of health from the mental hospital, but after Ciara was nearly run down, she wondered if Ben’s sister wasn’t completely sane again. However, after a year passed in the blink of an eye, Jordan was dead and Ben was in prison for her murder!

Ciara was desperate to prove Ben’s innocence and suspected Victor Kiriakis and Xander Kiriakis of framing him. But surprisingly, her investigation instead proved they’d set Will Horton up for the accidental death of Adrianne Kiriakis! Changing tactics, Ciara then tracked down the father of Jordan’s son, David, and helped hide Ben temporarily when he escaped from prison. Discovering that David’s father, Evan Frears, was Jordan’s murderer, Ciara dragged him at gunpoint to the prison to interrupt Ben’s execution so he could confess!

DAYS Ben Ciara Wedding
“Don’t say ’til death do us part’ because you’ll jinx it!”XJJohnson/

With Ben finally out of prison, he proposed and he and Ciara began planning their wedding. When Claire was released from Bayview, she insisted she was all better and while Ben didn’t trust her, Ciara asked her to be her maid of honor. However, as they had problems with a ruined wedding dress and a missing ring, Ben insisted Claire was behind all of it. But things got even worse when shortly after Ben and Ciara became man and wife, a bomb went off in the church!

The explosion was a cover for Ben’s kidnapping, and when Ciara got him back, he was acting very strangely. He had been brainwashed by Eve Donovan into killing Ciara, but was ultimately able to resist the drugs and hypnosis to spare her. Unfortunately, she was then abducted by Eve’s henchman, Vincent, who had his own reason for wanting revenge on Ben, who had killed the woman he loved. Believing her to be his late wife, Wendy, he drove Ciara to an airfield preparing to fly away with her. But as Ben, Shawn, and Hope raced to rescue her, Vincent took off as his car exploded!

Although Ciara’s rings were found with the charred remains of a body, Hope was convinced that her daughter was still alive out there somewhere and went off in search of her. Ben also remained hopeful, and it was later revealed that Ciara was being held prisoner by a man named Rhodes. Her escape attempts were unsuccessful and then Rhodes was killed by Evan, who didn’t approve of Orpheus‘ plan to ransom off their captive. After accidentally causing a gas leak, Ciara was nearly killed in the resulting explosion but Ben rescued her in time.

DAYS Ben Ciara
Ciara didn’t remember her love for Ben, only that he was a serial killer!XJJohnson/

When Ciara woke up in the hospital, she had no memories of recent years and still believed Ben to be the necktie killer! She underwent hypnosis with Marlena Evans, but all that did was make her remember the cabin fire that Claire set, ruining that friendship again. Ben attempted to inject Ciara with Dr. Rolf’s memory serum but Theo stopped him. Remembering only her feelings for Theo, Ciara decided to make a clean break and told Ben she was leaving Salem with Theo!

Eventually, Ciara came back to make Ben sign the divorce papers so she and Theo could be married, but on the day of the ceremony, Ben abducted her and brought her to the cabin which finally restored her memories of their love! Ciara and Ben were remarried and discussed having a child. She tried to soothe his worries that his mental illness could be passed on to their kid, but once she got pregnant the real problem was the devil returned to Salem and wanted their baby!

Ciara was horrified to believe that Ben was dead, but it was just a trick of the devil’s and once they were reunited, they joined forces to rescue their baby, who they named Bo after her father. When Hope gifted them a boat, Ciara and Ben decided to leave Salem with their son and sail around the world.

Stay tuned to see if that’s the last we see of her!

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