Evan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know

Evan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, also known as Christian, is played by actor Brock Kelly, who actually played a character named Josh who worked at the coffee shop and dated Abby on DAYS back in 2005-06. You might also recognize the actor from his appearances on primetime series like THE O.C., SUPERNATURAL, and RAVENSWOOD. He debuted as Evan in November 2019 and soon exited the soap in May 2020, but popped up again in October of that year!

Evan Frears was introduced when the male nanny, who was hired by Rafe Hernandez to take care of Danny, gave Arianna a pep talk and offered Sonny Kiriakis some help with the little girl before asking him out to dinner. Sonny declined the invitation, but when he later ran into the manny in the park again, agreed to share his meal. The two got to know each other and Sonny admitted he was still struggling with the fact that his husband, Will Horton, took his mother away from him. They finished their food and made plans to get together again.

Days of Our Lives Sonny Evan
Evan was just what Sonny needed to take his mind off Will.XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Evan attended Thanksgiving at the Kiriakis mansion and was in awe of the family’s estate. After some initial awkwardness, the two parted at the end of the evening and shared a close moment as they reflected on how well things went. The next day, Sonny returned Evan’s scarf to him at Rafe’s and they talked about Thanksgiving until Rafe came home with Danny. Evan walked Sonny out and impulsively kissed him. When Sonny backed off, Evan apologized and regretted his rash action. After Sonny left, Rafe asked if they were dating and Evan admitted they weren’t, though he was into him. Rafe warned his nanny that Sonny is a nice guy, but comes with a lot of baggage.

As they grew closer, Evan was happy to hear Sonny was divorcing Will and would soon be single again. However, the manny was also intercepting letters to Rafe regarding some issues in the background check he’d run on Evan! But Rafe eventually contacted child welfare about the adoption and learned that Evan had changed his name from Christian Maddox and then Ciara revealed that the DNA they found at Jordan Ridgeway‘s murder scene belonged to David’s father, whose name is Christian Maddox!

DAYS Jordan Evan
Evan’s shocking past was finally revealed!XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Rafe was horrified to find that Evan had taken off with David, and took off after him. Evan showed up at Sonny’s and after hearing he’d gotten back together with Will, pulled a gun on him! After a chaotic struggle, Ciara held Evan at gunpoint and forced him to drive her to the prison where Ben was about to be executed for the murder he’d committed. Evan finally confessed that when he confronted Jordan about the son they’d had, their argument ended with him strangling her with her own scarf!

Evan’s confession was thrown out and Rafe hoped he would lead them to David’s location. And it turned out that Evan was working with his father, the notorious villain Orpheus! Then, his sister, Zoey Burge, arrived on the scene acting as his attorney to keep Evan out of prison and file for custody of David as his aunt. She also pressed him to confess the painful secret he was keeping, and Evan told her that he and their father had returned to Salem a year earlier and abducted Maggie. Orpheus was the one who caused the crash that killed Sarah Horton’s baby and Adrienne Kiriakis. Unfortunately, Zoey wasn’t able to keep Evan from being locked up for his crimes.

However, after Orpheus broke out of prison in October, he forced Marlena Evans to go to Bayview and get his son out of there. Having made progress, Evan wanted nothing to do with his father, but Marlena warned an innocent baby was in danger and urged him to do the right thing.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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