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What Happened to Eve on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


The character of Eve Donovan has come and gone from DAYS OF OUR LIVES many times over the years, so some newer viewers might not be up to snuff about her history in Salem. Well, let us tell you — it’s plenty scandalous! Eve was first introduced to the soap in 1987 and was played by Charlotte Ross until she left in 1991. The role was taken over in 2014 by ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Kassie DePaiva (she played Blair on the ABC sudser). Unfortunately, Eve had to be written off of DAYS when the actress was diagnosed with cancer, but once she went into remission, DePaiva brought Eve back with a vengeance! But every time Eve leaves Salem, folks end up looking over their shoulders because she’s never gone long!

Eve is the daughter of Shane Donovan and Gabrielle Pascal, and when the young woman first arrived in Salem, she tried to ruin her father’s marriage to Kimberly Brady. After she accidentally hit Sarah Horton with her car, she confessed to Shane that she was his daughter, and he took her in. Eve also had a crush on Frankie Brady, but when she tried to break up him and Jennifer Horton, Frankie ended up leaving town!

Things got worse for Eve when her former pimp, Nick Corelli, forced her back into a life of prostitution. The teen was scarred on her face when she was attacked by the Riverfront Killer, and Nick got her on a magazine cover to restore her confidence. Eve enjoyed the attention of her male classmates until she found out they knew she was a hooker and tried to commit suicide. When she survived, she decided to take revenge on the boys, but the plan backfired and Nick was killed when his car went over a cliff!

Days of Our Lives Eve Charlotte Ross
Eve got into quite a bit of trouble in her younger years!Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Unfortunately, because Nick had left everything to her, Eve became a prime suspect in his murder. A man named Eddie kidnapped Eve hoping to get his hands on Nick’s money, but it turns out the guy hadn’t died and worked with Shane to rescue her. Nick gave Eve a job at a nightclub he’d bought, and her attempt to steal Scotty Banning away from Faith failed when the couple left Salem together!

Nick was murdered, and Eve couldn’t claim the money he’d left her unless she was married. Eager to find enough cash to save his newspaper, Jack Deveraux agreed to tie the knot with her, but the union didn’t last long. Ultimately, Eve left Salem with Frankie when he was called to do charity work in Africa.

Days of Our Lives Jennifer Eve
“No, you’re the problem!”Howard Wise/

Eve returned to Salem in 2014 and fell for Dr. Daniel Jonas, who was to perform surgery on her throat. She also informed Jennifer that her annulment papers entitled her to half of Jack’s money. Eve had hoped to use the movie based on Jack’s book as a cash cow, but Jennifer fought her every step of the way.

Eve did not approve of her daughter Paige, being involved with Jack and Jen’s son, JJ Deveraux. After paying a woman to split up the couple failed, Eve took it upon herself to do it, repeatedly sleeping with her daughter’s beau! Tragically, Paige was murdered by the Necktie Killer, and Eve was wracked with guilt about how she’d failed her daughter.

Eve became friends with Justin Kiriakis and wanted to help Claire Brady find success in the music industry, but it was clear she was using Claire as a surrogate daughter. After a trip to New York City for an audition, Claire returned alone, and Eve showed up later for her sister Theresa’s wedding to Brady Black. When the nuptials never occurred, Eve went back to Manhattan and only came back briefly to help Brady with Tate after Theresa left Salem.

Days of Our Lives Victor Brady Eve
Eve had quite a shock for Victor!XJJohnson/

Just before Halloween, Eve made a grand return to Salem revealing that she was actually Deimos Kiriakis’ widow, having married the villain months before he was murdered! Using her position in the family as leverage with Victor Kiriakis, Eve took charge of Basic Black and ingratiating herself into the family by romancing Brady. But although Victor and Brady were plotting to take her down by having Brady seduce her, the pair ended up genuinely falling for each other! Oops! 

Unfortunately, the truth that Eve knew Nicole Walker had killed Deimos was a hard pill for Brady to swallow, and then there was the psychotic Kristen DiMera trying to sink her claws back into the guy. Brady explained he led Kristen on to find out what she was up to, but Eve was disgusted with his actions. She gave him back his engagement ring and decided to leave for New York City. 

She returned on New Year’s Eve with another bombshell — she was on the arm of a back-from-the-dead Jack! Unfortunately, Jack had no memory of his life, so Eve had him wrapped around her little finger. Together, they schemed his way into the mayor’s office at which point he appointed her chief of police for a while! Still wanting revenge on Ben Weston for killing Paige, Eve manipulated Claire into torturing him and Ciara Brady, even using her new job to help keep her out of trouble. Unfortunately, those schemes were revealed and Eve was crushed when Jack wanted to regain his memories and tried to keep Dr. Rolf from mixing more of his serum. Unfortunately, Jack’s memories of Jennifer returned on his own, and Eve was furious to have lost to Jen once again.

DAYS Abigail Eve
“I swear to you. This time, I’m innocent!”XJJohnson/

After Jen was pushed from a balcony and fell into a coma, she awoke one year later to find that Eve had been imprisoned for her attempted murder. Behind bars, Even continued to insist she was innocent, and even convinced Abigail to help prove it. Although Hope Brady (acting as Princess Gina) was the guilty party, Stefano DiMera tampered with the security footage to make it appear that Dr. Rolf had pushed Jennifer. Either way, Eve was released at Christmas and immediately bid farewell to all the awful people in Salem who never believed her.

In July 2020, Eve made another shocking return to Salem as she was revealed to be the mastermind behind bombing Ben and Ciara’s wedding so she could abduct the man who’d killed her daughter and wreak horrible revenge! With the help of her assistant, Vincent, she attempted to brainwash Ben into killing Ciara so he’d know how it felt to lose someone you loved. But their plan failed, and Eve once again found herself under arrest.

Stay tuned to see if she ever comes back to wreak more havoc!

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