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What Happened to Hope on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Hope Williams Brady has been a major part of DAYS OF OUR LIVES for decades. Although the character was introduced back in 1974, she was played by a series of child actresses before 1983 when she was aged into a young woman and Kristian Alfonso took over. Oh, and Mila Kunis portrayed a young Hope in a 1994 flashback! Unfortunately, DAYS fans were saddened when Alfonso announced that she was leaving the soap in the spring of 2020, though she popped back for the second chapter of the spinoff BEYOND SALEM and returned for a brief stint in March 2023. So who knows what the future might hold?

Hope was born to Doug Williams and Addie Horton and after her mother was killed in a hit-and-run, the baby girl was raised by Tom and Alice Horton until Doug was able to take over. After attending boarding school, Hope ran away and returned to Salem in 1983. After developing a crush on Roman Brady, she attempted to seduce him, but then ended up falling in love with his younger brother, Bo Brady. When Doug suffered a heart attack trying to stop Hope from sleeping with Bo, she agreed never to see him again. She dated Larry Welch and agreed to marry him, but Bo interrupted the ceremony by riding his motorcycle into the church and running off with the bride! Hope was later forced to marry Larry, but Bo learned it was part of a scheme to expose him as the mastermind behind a drug ring! 

Bo and Hope were finally married in 1985, and learning he was Victor Kiriakis‘ son, they moved into the mansion where she wasn’t crazy about how Bo had changed to please his father. After miscarrying their first child, Bo and Hope welcomed their son, Shawn-Douglas, in 1987. The family left Salem to sail around the world on their boat, Fancy Face.

Days of Our Lives Bo Hope wedding
Don’t let the “blue steel” fool you — this was a very happy day!NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Returning in 1990, Hope was kidnapped by villain Ernesto Toscano, and presumed dead when the cave in which she was being held exploded. Years later, Bo had moved on with Billie Reed, but John Black discovered a woman in Stefano DiMera‘s Maison Blanche home calling herself Gina — and she was a dead ringer for Hope! And when Gina opened a puzzle box only Hope could open, Bo realized his true love had returned to him. He dumped Billie for her, but when Hope found him in a compromising position with his ex, she dumped him!

Things got even more complicated when Stefano turned Hope back into Princess Gina Von Amberg, an accomplished art thief, and she ended up sleeping with John and Stefano before finding herself pregnant. The real Princess Gina took the place of Hope and very nearly married Bo before the deception was discovered. Gina was killed when she tried to shoot Shawn and Marlena, and Bo didn’t realize it wasn’t Hope in the casket until after the cremation! Bo rushed to Hope’s rescue and discovered that she was pregnant. The baby turned out to be Bo’s, but little Zack was switched at birth by Stefano. After getting their son back, Hope was kidnapped again by Billie and a returned Larry. 

When the town was devastated by the Salem Stalker, Hope pursued the prime suspect, Patrick Lockhart, to Melaswen Island where she discovered all the missing victims were still alive and being held there as part of an elaborate plot! Bo tracked Hope to the island, but Billie was one of the returned victims, which complicated things. Hope was crushed when young Zack was killed in a hit-and-run, and when she found out that Bo had kept secret the fact that his daughter, Chelsea, was behind the wheel, she threw him out.

Days of Our Lives Bo Hope Zack
Bo and Hope were devastated by their son’s death.Brian Lowe/

Hope started a relationship with Patrick, but when she got pregnant again, it turned out that Bo was the father of her daughter, Ciara, and they reconciled. Bo’s old flame, Carly Manning, returned to Salem and drove another wedge between the Bradys, causing Hope to begin taking sleeping pills. But these had a bizarre side effect that caused her to start mugging men in the street that landed her in prison! Inside, she uncovered an illegal organ ring before Bo rescued her and they reunited once more. 

Bo left town to work for the ISA, promising to return, but he never did and Hope filed for divorce. She began a relationship with Aiden Jennings and eventually, they tied the knot. But on their wedding night, Aiden attempted to strangle Hope under orders from Stefano! Bo suddenly appeared to rescue her, and she was thrilled to have him back. But it turned out that Bo was dying of an inoperable brain tumor and he passed away in Hope’s arms.

Days of Our Lives Hope Bo
Bo returned to Hope only to leave her forever.Howard Wise/

Honoring Bo’s dying wish to look after Hope, Rafe Hernandez did so from a distance, but when she confronted Stefano about Bo’s death and shot him, he helped her cover up the crime. Rafe was developing feelings for Hope, but she was focused on supporting Ciara, who had just been raped. When Rafe finally kissed her, Hope wasn’t sure she was ready for another relationship, but eventually gave in. Things got tricky when Aiden resurfaced and it turned out he’d been replaced with a doppelganger shortly before the wedding. Hope decided to leave Rafe for Aiden, but learning that he’d actually agreed to kill her for Stefano before backing out and being replaced by the look-alike, she dumped Aiden to go back to Rafe.

Hope was arrested for Stefano’s murder and spent months in jail before it was discovered Stefano was really alive and living in Greece. However, it was then revealed that “Stefano” was really Shane Donovan in a mask and it was his plan with Steve Johnson to get Hope released. She got her job at the police department back and resumed dating Rafe, but he got upset when she didn’t want to get married. He took back his ring and slept with Sami Brady that night. The next day, Hope told him she’d changed her mind, and they married in a lovely private ceremony. But at the public reception to celebrate the union, Claire revealed his night with Sami, and Hope was crushed.

Days of Our Live Hope Rafe wedding
Rafe and Hope weren’t thrilled with Claire’s wedding present!XJJohnson/

Hope agreed to hold off on the annulment and ultimately worked things out with Rafe, but he got jealous when she began spending time with shady lawyer Ted Laurent. She was only doing so in the hopes of bringing down Ben Weston, the supposedly-reformed serial killer who was dating Ciara. Hope went into full-blown Mama Bear mode trying to protect her daughter, and when it was revealed Ben had been set up, reluctantly began to accept Ciara’s new beau.

When stepmother Julie Williams needed a heart transplant, Hope was hopeful Dr. Rolf could do something to help, but the mad scientist instead resurrected his mind control experiment and turned her back into Princess Gina! After she threw Jennifer Horton off of a hotel balcony, Gina masqueraded as Hope but after a year, some Salemites grew suspicious of her odd behavior. Steve had been acting as Stefano due to a chip in his brain, and doctors were also able to remove a similar chip from Hope to restore her personality.

Hope eventually came around to give Ben and Ciara her blessing and even helped bring Ben home after he’d been abducted from their wedding and tortured by Eve Donovan into being a killer again. She agreed to return to work for the Salem P.D. but the rekindled feelings she felt for Rafe were cut short when he had to suddenly leave town with his family. Eve’s henchman, Vincent, abducted Ciara, and Hope was horrified when his car exploded and her daughter was presumed dead. But still believing Ciara was alive out there somewhere, Hope decided to leave Salem and go in search of her girl.

DAYS BS Bo Hope dance heaven
Hope reunited with Bo in heaven and then later, on Earth!XJJohnson/

In 2022, Hope got to meet her new grandson when Ciara and Ben visited her in Montreal where she had settled down. But the pair were stunned when Hope introduced them to her new beau, Harris Michaels… especially when he proposed right in front of them! Later, Hope confided to them that she thinks Harris is after the prism she found. When Harris rushed the wedding to that afternoon in the park, Ciara tried to stop the ceremony but Hope insisted it continue. And shortly after exchanging vows, Hope was shot dead by Thomas Banks, who was working for Megan Hathaway! On the other side, Hope was reunited with Bo, and they danced and shared memories of their lives together. Inspired, an angel chose to rewind time, and this time around, Sister Mary Moira interrupted Thomas and caused him to shoot Harris instead! Megan demanded the prism and ordered Harris to shoot Hope, but he collapsed and Megan escaped in the confusion. Once Harris was in the custody of the ISA and their marriage was annulled, he insisted he had genuine feelings for her and Hope promised to see if the shrinks could help him.

In March 2023, Steve and John ran into Hope in Greece while searching for Megan’s hideout. She was there with Harris, and after acting twitchy for a bit, he finally sent her to Victor’s cottage so she could see for herself what he didn’t want to tell her. Arriving there, Hope was stunned to come face-to-face with Bo, very much alive! Brainwashed by Megan, Bo took Hope to the top of a cliff and threatened to kill her but she was able to talk him down. Unfortunately, Shawn arrived and didn’t realize Bo wasn’t a danger anymore and shot his father to save his mother! When Bo fell back into a coma, Hope chose to remain by his side until he woke up again.

Stay tuned to see if Hope ever comes home again!

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