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Megan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need To Know

Megan Hathaway DiMera was on DAYS OF OUR LIVES back in the ‘80s so it’s totally understandable if newer viewers might need a little bit of a refresher on her history in Salem. The character first appeared back in 1984 and was played by actress Miranda Wilson until her exit a year later. However, like many in Salem, Megan returned from the dead in 2022 when Wilson reprised the role in the second season of BEYOND SALEM. And then she returned to DAYS proper in February 2023!

Megan Hathaway arrived in Salem in 1984 with her adopted father, Maxwell Hathaway, though she was actually the daughter of notorious supervillain Stefano DiMera. She was Bo Brady’s high school sweetheart and was furious to discover that their romance had soured because her mother had interfered and kept them apart. Megan became determined to win him back and informed Bo that she had been pregnant when he left town and had given the child up for adoption. She also became involved in Stefano’s search for the three prisms, the only way to cure his inoperable brain tumor.

The search for their child led Bo and Megan to New Orleans, where she had arranged to kill a woman to steal her child and set up fake adoptive parents they could take the boy from. Bo managed to save Megan’s prospective murder victim but went along with the sham regarding “their son” in order to stick close to the DiMeras. Bitterly jealous of Bo’s continued love for Hope Williams, Megan plotted to kill her rival by electrocuting her in a hot tub. However, while arranging to rewire the hot tub, Megan overheard Larry Welch talking about the three prisms and confronted him. During the struggle, Larry killed Megan and covered it up by dumping her body in the hot tub and electrocuting it, making Hope the prime suspect in her murder!

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Megan’s apple didn’t fall far from Stefano’s tree!XJJohnson/

In July 2022, it was revealed that Stefano had cryogenically frozen Megan to keep her on ice until she could be brought back to life. When she was finally revived, Megan hired Harris Michaels to kidnap Steve Johnson and John Black. She was still after the prisms, believed to be able to cure all kinds of diseases, hoping to use them to bring Stefano back to life. She brainwashed Steve and John into helping get the prisms for her and once she had all three, Megan got her wish. But it wasn’t Stefano in the cryogenic tube but Bo!

Then, when Marlena Evans, Kate Roberts, and Kayla Brady were all killed, Salem mourned but in February 2023 it was revealed that the women were all very much alive being kept in cryogenic suspension by Megan! She revealed that she had staged their deaths and was keeping them captive so she could test a special serum derived from the orchid. When Bo thwarted Kate’s escape attempt, Megan ordered him to kill her. Frustrated that Bo still didn’t love her despite Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing, Megan was ultimately captured when John and Steve discovered her hideout. Locked up with Kristen DiMera, Megan confided in her and Kristen forced her to include her in Dimitri Von Leuschner’s deal to get her out of prison. Megan revealed that Dimitri was her son and moved into the DiMera mansion with Kristen to take over. But while EJ DiMera sided with Megan, Stefan DiMera allied with Kristen.

In order for Dimitri to secure his trust fund fortune, he had to get married, but he resisted Megan’s plan he get hitched to Kristen. So she pushed him towards Gwen Rizczech and urged him to woo and marry her so they could get the money. When EJ found out Megan planned to kill Stefan, she had to knock him out and hide him in the wine cellar to keep him from interfering. Kristen found EJ, so Megan tied her up, too! Then she asked Li Shin to bring Rolf to Salem to brainwash Harris again. Harris confronted Megan planning to make her disappear, but Shawn Brady interrupted, intent on getting revenge for himself. Megan turned the tables on the guys and after they left, continued plotting.

Stay tuned to DAYS to see what Megan gets up to next!

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