Allie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know

Allie Horton was a kid the last time she was on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, so it’s perfectly understandable if viewers are a bit confused to see her again as an adult. The character first appeared with her birth in 2007 and was played by a series of child actors until 2014. But as of June 2020, Allie’s back on DAYS as a young woman played by actress Lindsay Arnold.

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When Alice “Allie” Caroline Horton was born, there was naturally some paternity confusion, as is common in Salem. Her mother, Sami Brady, had slept with both Lucas Horton and EJ DiMera and while a DNA test initially showed EJ was the babydaddy, it was later revealed that Lucas was her real father. Allie was born alongside her twin brother, Johnny, and was raised by Lucas when Sami had to go into Witness Protection. Later, Allie spent time with both of her parents and was even raised by EJ for a while. After EJ’s death, Allie left town with her mother and siblings, and at one point, Lucas also moved away from Salem to be closer to them.

DAYS Nicole Eric Allie
“Know anyone who wants a baby?”XJJohnson/

Lucas has made comments about Allie being a bit of a wild child, and he was upset when Kate Roberts sent her granddaughter money. Then Allie appeared on uncle Eric Brady’s doorstep to reveal that she had to get away from her controlling mother. Nicole Walker suspected there was more to the story, but she and Eric agreed to let Allie stay with her. They warned her there would be no partying, but Allie revealed there definitely wouldn’t be because she’s pregnant!

Since Will Horton was looking to adopt another child with his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, he was interested in taking custody of his sister’s baby when it was born. But Allie was also considering allowing Rafe Hernandez to adopt her child. Things got extra complicated as Sami butted in and sabotaged the adoption plans intending to take her grandson for herself, and she and Nicole wound up in court fighting over custody of the newborn.

DAYS Tripp Allie
Allie believes Tripp is her babydaddy… but is she right?XJJohnson/

In the end, Sami allowed her daughter to move in with Nicole to help raise little Henry, and Allie was stunned to see Tripp Dalton in Salem. Confiding in Nicole, Allie admitted that the night her child was conceived, she was so drunk she doesn’t remember much aside from Tripp taking her home. At Nicole’s urging, Allie spoke to the police to charge him with rape!

Stay tuned to see how her story continues!

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