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Sonny thought he knew who Leo Stark was on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, but he had no idea! And for viewers who thought Leo looked familiar, it’s probably because Greg Rikaart starred on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Kevin Fisher for years! The actor made the move to DAYS and first appeared as Leo in March of 2018. He appeared to be killed off in July, but it turned out appearances can be deceiving and he was back by the end of the year to stir up even more trouble than before. And with Leo’s mother showing up, who knows what will happen next?

After finding himself alone when Will Horton and Paul Narita ended up together, Sonny Kiriakis decided to check out a dating app on his phone and began exchanging messages with a guy named Leo. And while things were going great, it turned out that it was really Vivian Alamain on the other end of the phone! But eventually, Leo showed up in the flesh to meet Sonny face to face. The only problem was that he was actually working for Vivian to help her steal Titan Industries. (And later Kate, when she found out about the scheme and disposed of Vivian to take over!)

Days of Our Lives Vivian Leo

Leo was originally on Vivian’s payroll until Kate took over for a while! (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

After getting close to Sonny, Leo slapped him with a sexual harassment lawsuit threatening to destroy him and the company if he didn’t pay up. Although urged to settle out of court, Sonny insisted on fighting back against the charges, and enlisted Will and Paul to dig up some dirt on the guy. With John’s help they discovered Leo’s real name was Matthew Cooper, and that he was a prostitute with a criminal record. Insisting that he really did love him, Leo urged Sonny to marry him in order to keep him quiet and save the company. But when Will interrupted and exposed his true identity, Leo attacked him. Pulling Leo off, Sonny sent him falling into the fireplace where he hit his head and fell down dead! Sonny and Will scrambled to cover up their crime, but things began going wrong right from the start and they later found themselves blackmailed by Ted Laurent after the body went missing.

Days of Our Lives Will Leo Sonny

Will and Sonny thought they’d killed Leo in self-defense! (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

However, in November, Sonny and Will were absolutely stunned when Leo showed up on their doorstep very much alive! Threatening to expose that they tried to kill him and dispose of the body, Leo blackmailed Sonny into marrying him so he could enjoy a life of luxury with the Kiriakis fortune. Seeing no other alternative, Sonny agreed to the wedding, but wanted nothing to do with his new husband. While Leo was distracted trying to get hunky Xander Kiriakis into bed, Sonny and Will plotted to locate his mother in the hopes it would get the con man out of their lives for good.

Leo was horrified when his mother, Diana Cooper, showed up on his doorstep, and surprised to find out that she had a history with John Black from back when she was going by the name Diana Colville. She treated him like dirt, and accused him of being a sociopathic killer, but he countered that he did the world a favor getting rid of her husband because he was an abusive pig!

Days of Our Lives Leo Diana

Leo and his mom don’t quite see eye to eye! (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

Back on Y&R, Rikaart played Kevin, who was a pretty awful character when first introduced, but was quickly redeemed by the writers so he could stick around for over a decade. (Earning Rikaart five Daytime Emmy Award nominations and one win in the process!) While it’s unlikely that kind of redemption will happen for Leo, his mother is being played by Judith Chapman, who also played Rikaart’s mother on Y&R!

Fans might also recognize Rikaart from his guest-starring roles in primetime series like CSI: MIAMI, BONES, and THE CLOSER. In 2015, he had a recurring role for some episodes of MAJOR CRIMES. In real life, Rikaart has been happily married to writer Robert Sudduth since May 9, 2015. The couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Montgomery Argo on June 12, 2016, via a surrogate.

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