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Sloan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need To Know

Who is Sloan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES? Well, she’s a shady lady, no doubt about that! But seriously, the character first appeared in August 2022 and is played by actress Jessica Serfaty, who some viewers might recognize from season 14 of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. The social media influencer has also appeared in shows like THE PROFESSIONALS and THE HACK JOB as well as films like The Ride and Roe v. Wade.

Sloan Petersen was first seen half-naked after a one-night stand with Alex Kiriakis but later showed up in much more professional attire at the police station to act as Leo Stark’s attorney. She informed Leo she was only representing him for the publicity and possibly the book deal she could get out of his sordid little story, but he insisted he did not murder Abigail. When Gwen Risczech was later arrested, Leo asked Sloan to represent his friend, but she forced him to lie and claim Gwen did it so he could be set free. After Sonny Kiriakis was stabbed and Leo was the prime suspect, Rafe Hernandez forced Sloan to lead the cops to her client.

DAYS Sloan Paulina Chanel
“Just pay up and this all goes away… including me!”XJJohnson/

After it was finally revealed that Clyde Weston was Abigail’s killer, Sloan found herself another job working for a mysterious client to blackmail Paulina Price by threatening to reveal something about her daughter, Chanel Dupree, that could damage Paulina’s run for governor. In an attempt to help Paulina, Chad DiMera distracted Sloan while Stephanie Johnson searched her apartment. Looking for a file with the blackmail evidence in it, Stephanie instead found a half-naked Alex handcuffed to Sloan’s bed! Chad’s attempt to pay Sloan off with counterfeit cash backfired when Leo ran into them and instantly called out the fake bills.

After Sloan doubled the blackmail demands, Alex seduced her and while she was blindfolded and tied to the bed, secretly stole the file from her safe. Unfortunately, Sloan caught wise and managed to trick Leo by demanding he pay her what she’s owed and stealing the file back while he was counting the money from Paulina’s safe. And after that, Chanel was arrested for murder! Finally, Sloan revealed her motive for revenge by revealing that she was the daughter of Martha Bedford, and blamed Chanel for having an affair with her father and subsequently throwing her mother off of a roof to her death!

DAYS Eric Sloan bed
“I never knew priests could be so hot…”XJJohnson/

When Sloan went to the police station to taunt Paulina after her arrest for covering up her daughter’s crime, she encountered Eric Brady, who was in jail on assault charges. After getting to know each other a bit, Sloan offered to take his case and got the charges dropped. She accepted a dinner invitation as payment for her services, and after an encounter with Nicole, Eric rebounded right into Sloan’s bed! She was perfectly happy to keep things casual, but got a little annoyed when she found herself babysitting Rachel while Eric and Brady tried to make Kristen think her daughter had been kidnapped! Also, when the charges were dropped against Chanel and Paulina, Sloan vowed to get revenge another way.

Stay tuned to DAYS to see what other trouble Sloan stirs up in Salem!

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