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Alex Kiriakis on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need To Know


Alexander Kiriakis was on DAYS OF OUR LIVES back in the ‘90s but he was just a kid so it’s perfectly understandable if even longtime fans need a bit of a refresher on the rarely-seen relative. The character first appeared back in February 1989 and was played as a child by Jonathan Thornton. But when Alex returned to Salem in July 2022, actor Robert Scott Wilson, who had played Ben Weston for years, had stepped into the role.

Alexander Kiriakis was born from an affair that Justin Kiriakis had with Anjelica Deveraux while his marriage to Adrienne Johnson was on the rocks. Alex was originally thought to be Harper Deveraux’s son until Anjelica discovered he was sterile. When Victor Kiriakis discovered the truth, he tried to marry Anjelica to make the child his heir, but she married her friend Neil Curtis, who planned to adopt the boy as his own. However, that didn’t happen because Anjelica thought she had a chance with Justin, and told him Alex was his son.

DAYS Justin Anjelica baby Alex
Anjelica thought Alexander was the key to getting Justin… but she was wrong!NBC

But when Justin decided to remain with Adrienne, Anjelica went ahead with the plan to marry Victor, knowing Justin would never let that happen. She was right, and Justin set her and his son up in a penthouse with a nanny to live comfortably. Anjelica continued trying to come between Justin and Adrienne, and after a plot to have Adrienne killed backfired, she skipped town with Alexander and they were presumed dead in a plane crash.

However, mother and son had actually changed flights, and were alive when Johnny Corelli found them. Anjelica had a change of heart and allowed Johnny to take Alexander back to Salem where he was reunited with his father. Justin and Adrienne took Alexander to live in Dallas with his adopted twin brothers Joseph and Victor. Soon after arriving in Texas, Adrienne gave birth to his younger brother, Jackson (better known today as Sonny Kiriakis). Alex returned to Salem in 2007, and although never shown on screen, attended Salem High school. But by 2008 the entire family had moved to Dubai.

In spring 2022, Alexander returned to Salem to reunite with his family once more. Sonny was surprised to see his brother, and Bonnie Lockhart was nervous because he reminded her that she’d killed his mother, Anjelica. But then he admitted he knew she made Justin happy, so he wasn’t going to hold a grudge. When Justin asked his son how long he’d be in Salem, Alex admitted he was interested in working at Titan. When Victor confronted him, Alex admitted that he had stolen a company that Sonny was trying to acquire, but insisted he wasn’t after Sonny’s job. Victor then informed Alex that since no one in the family would trust him if that secret got out, he would work for Sonny at Titan as a fixer, but report back to him.

DAYS Alex Sonny Chad
Sonny tried to hire Chad but found Alex had already been given the job!XJJohnson/

Soon after arriving in Salem, Maggie Horton found Alex in bed with a woman whose name he didn’t even remember. Then he flirted with Chanel Dupree and upon finding she was in a relationship with Allie Horton, invited them both out for dinner and drinks. But when he made an indecent proposal, the ladies shut him down. He continued womanizing, sleeping with Sloan, who he was later surprised to learn was an attorney. But when Alex ran into Stephanie Johnson in the square, he literally fell head over heels for her! She wanted nothing to do with this aggressive tool, but he was determined to win her over!

Forced to work alongside Stephanie, Alex tried to get ignore his feelings and clashed with Sonny over Titan. Alex proposed a threesome between Allie and Chanel, and while they initially turned him down, they decided to give it a try. After Sloan left Alex handcuffed to her bed while she ran out to take care of something, Stephanie found him when she broke in looking for the attorney’s blackmail evidence. Alex reluctantly agreed to help Stephanie and while he had Sloan blindfolded, stole the file from her. 

Stephanie then asked Alex to dinner and they shared a kiss. But he grew jealous of her growing closeness to Chad DiMera. When Alex shut off Stephanie’s phone so Chad couldn’t interrupt their night together, she was furious to learn the next morning that her mother had died and she’d missed the call. On the rebound from Stephanie, Alex slept with Allie, and then later fell into bed with Gwen Rizczech. He eventually began therapy with Marlena to try and change his womanizing ways. Maggie let Alex run Titan while she was in Greece, but when he blew a big deal, she fired him.

DAYS Justin Alex
Victor’s death turned Justin and Alex’s worlds upside down!XJJohnson/

When Alex constantly interrupted Stephanie and Chad’s time together, she called him out on it. Alex apologized, but Chad still kept an eye on him. When Victor died in a plane crash, Theresa Donovan returned to Salem and immediately began flirting with Alex after Brady pushed her away. When Alex went to Greece with Brady to find the truth about Victor’s will, Theresa tagged along and she and Alex slept together. When Victor’s papers were brought home to Salem, Justin was stunned to read a confession from Anjelica that Alex was really Victor’s son!

Alex was crushed to learn Justin was not his father, and lashed out by taking over Titan and firing Maggie. He declined Justin’s offer to move back into the mansion and even invited Theresa to move into his apartment with him. 

Stay tuned to DAYS to see how Alex’s story continues!

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