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Bonnie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know


Seeing Bonnie Lockhart on DAYS OF OUR LIVES might be a little bit confusing, given that the character is played by Judi Evans who also played Adrienne on the NBC soap. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. The character was introduced on DAYS in 2000 and was played by Robin Riker and Kathy Connell before Evans took over in 2003.

Bonnie was introduced as a single mother who was willing to scheme and lie in order to get what she wants, just so long as she doesn’t have to put in too much effort. She was always jealous of the wealthier families in Salem, like the Bradys, Hortons, and DiMeras. So she was thrilled when she finally got Mickey Horton to propose to her!

Days of Our Lives Bonnie Mickey Wedding
Bonnie became Mrs. Horton in 2004.Paul Skipper/JPI

Fearing he’d never follow through, Bonnie rushed Mickey to the altar, but just after he put a ring on it, his late wife, Maggie Horton, showed up very much alive! As the current Mrs. Horton, Bonnie was confident in their marriage, but Mickey eventually dumped her for his true love, Maggie.

After her daughter, Mimi Lockhart, revealed she was pregnant, Bonnie urged her to get an abortion, fearing having a baby at that age would ruin her daughter’s young life as it had her own. But Bonnie was devastated when Mimi later suffered an infection that rendered her infertile.

Days of Our Lives Mimi Bonnie
“Do as I say, Mimi. Definitely not as I do.”Paul Skipper/

Having been dumped by Mickey, Bonnie pursued a newly-single Roman Brady. But her life took a shocking turn when a skeleton was discovered and she was frantic to keep the corpse’s identity a secret. It was later revealed that the body belonged to her first husband, David, whom Mimi had accidentally killed during a fight. Bonnie convinced Mimi to let her take the blame for the murder and went to prison in 2007, which was the last Salem saw of her until 2017.

As part of Anjelica Deveraux‘s revenge scheme, Hattie Adams and Bonnie both returned to Salem to take over Marlena and Adrienne Kiriakis‘ lives. While Marlena was able to escape the mental hospital and put an end to Hattie’s deception relatively quickly, Adrienne lingered in prison while Bonnie destroyed her life by breaking up with Lucas Horton, reuniting with Justin Kiriakis, and then throwing him aside to try and blackmail Victor Kiriakis into marriage!

DAYS Lucas and Bonnie
Bonnie had quite the surprise for Lucas!XJJohnson/

Bonnie’s big plans fell apart, naturally, and she disappeared for months before Steve Johnson tracked her down and brought her back to Salem to face justice. But the schemer had one more ace up her sleeve — she revealed to Lucas that when he got drunk and slept with her believing her to be Adrienne, she got pregnant and gave birth to his daughter! Using the baby as leverage, Bonnie got Lucas to help get her out of jail on early release. But the unfortunate truth was that the baby really belonged to her daughter, Mimi, and when the jig was up, Bonnie reluctantly turned herself in and returned to prison.

In July 2020, Bonnie stunned Justin when she showed up in the cemetery as he was visiting Adrienne’s grave and he thought she was his late wife. She apologized but revealed her makeover was her publicist’s idea and she was back in Salem hoping to make things right with Lucas. She also approached Justin to ask him to represent her in a contract dispute with her publisher.

When Justin secured a victory for her in court, Bonnie thanked him with a kiss, but he pushed her away. To try and make things right, Bonnie took the money she got in the settlement and invested it in Sonny’s new business instead. And it looks as though Bonnie’s attempts to prove she’s changed have been working as she and Justin have slowly been growing closer and at Christmastime, he kissed her!

DAYS Justin Bonnie
Justin saw a whole new side of Bonnie!XJJohnson/

Bonnie has continued trying to do the right thing, like when she spotted Lani and Eli’s twins in the park and was able to give a description of the woman who’d abducted them to the cops. Still, Maggie wasn’t impressed with the new leaf she was trying to turn over, and Steve also worried his pal was getting in over his head. Bonnie eventually decided to propose to Justin, but he turned her down… so he could pop the question himself!

Unfortunately, as she prepared for her nuptials, Bonnie found herself blackmailed by her sister-in-law, Calista Lockhart, who threatened to put her back in prison for murdering her husband if she didn’t cough up a million dollars! Bonnie managed to steal Xander Kiriakis‘ bag of cash but when she tried to pay her off, Calista turned a gun on her! As the two women struggled over the gun, it went off and Calista took the bullet! Bonnie attempted to cover up the crime but when Xander confronted her during the wedding ceremony about the theft, Calista’s body was discovered and Bonnie was arrested! After she came clean to Justin, he declared he still wanted to marry her, and once she was set free, they finally tied the knot. And as time passed, Bonnie continued to become part of the family, with even Victor starting to warm toward her!

DAYS Bonnie Xander clown
Bonnie was traumatized by her kidnapping at Xander’s hands.XJJohnson/

In the fall of 2022, Bonnie found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she discovered Susan Banks being held captive in a shed on the Kiriakis grounds. She found herself kidnapped alongside Susan by a man in a clown mask she had no idea was Xander. Justin found his wife and rescued her, and Bonnie told the police what she knew. Later, she suffered from PTSD from the kidnapping and came to suspect Xander was the evil clown. Though another attack led to Xander rescuing her from the clown, she remained suspicious and was eventually proven right. She also agreed to go to therapy for her PTSD.

When Bonnie paid Rex Brady a visit in Chicago to see her granddaughter, she was stunned to see that Sarah Horton was pregnant and immediately knew that Xander was the baby’s father. Sarah begged her to keep quiet, but upon her return to Salem, she simply had to tell Justin or she’d burst. Xander began to notice Bonnie’s twitchy behavior around him, but she managed to keep her mouth shut.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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