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Hattie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know


If you see Marlena Evans not acting like herself on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, it’s probably Hattie Adams! If you’re a newer viewer of the soap, you may be wondering who this look-alike is, which is where we come in! The character was first introduced back in 2000 and was initially played by Andrea Hall, the real-life twin sister of DAYS star Deidre Hall. However, when the character made a subsequent appearance in 2004, the role was played by Deidre, and she has continued to play Hattie ever since.

Hattie Adams was a waitress who was surprised to discover that not only was Marlena her new psychiatrist, but that they looked so very similar. Also taking note of the resemblance, the evil Stefano DiMera had his henchman approach Hattie to persuade her to visit Dr. Rolf and undergo plastic surgery to look even more like Marlena. After being fired from her job at the diner, Hattie tried to take her own life and Roman Brady rescued her. Growing more jealous of the successful Dr. Evans, Hattie underwent the surgery and Rolf tutored her to be a proper lady so she could fool Roman into thinking she was Marlena. However, the plan never actually went into action, and Stefano ordered Rolf not to hurt Hattie when he wanted to silence her just to be on the safe side.

Days of Our Lives Hattie Hope

Hope was grateful to have Hattie in her corner in prison. (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

In 2016, Hope Brady encountered Hattie in prison when she saved the cop from being beaten up by fellow inmates. Hattie was also grateful to hear that Hope had killed Stefano, since he was supposed to send her money to restore her original face and never did. Hattie explained that she had taken the fall for a man named Alfi who had embezzled money, and Hope realized the guy was really Andre DiMera. Hattie helped Hope escape prison and the cop returned the favor by uncovering evidence to clear Hattie’s name.

Later, however, Hattie resurfaced, working with Anjelica Deveraux, who had Marlena locked up in a mental institution so Hattie could take over the shrink’s life. She broke up with John and tried to start a relationship with Roman, which made both men suspicious. John followed Hattie to the mental hospital and discovered Marlena, so Hattie locked them both up together. When Anjelica died unexpectedly, Hattie dressed her up in Bonnie Lockhart’s robe and put her in bed next to a passed-out drunk Lucas.

Hattie continued trying to pursue Roman, but he insisted she belonged with John. When Andre asked “Marlena” to verify his sanity, Hattie took advantage of the situation to publicly humiliate him for revenge. She had orderlies to take him to Bayview, but her scheme fell apart when she tried to leave town and Hope stopped her, having realized who she really was. Hattie resurfaced again briefly in February of 2018 when she was one of the suspects when Andre was found dead. 

Days of Our Lives Hattie Marlena Wakes up

Marlena wasn’t feeling quite herself when she came out of the coma! (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

Hattie resurfaced once more in 2019 to play Marlena when John and Kayla used her to impersonate the doc while they waited for Marlena to come out of her coma for real. But Hattie blackmailed John into marrying her, and he scrambled to get out of it, even trying to convince Roman to seduce her away. Hattie didn’t fall for that, but after the guilt got to her, she agreed to divorce John and even convinced Bonnie to turn herself in and return to prison with her.

After the time jump, Hattie was still in prison and taunting Eve Donovan about being locked up alongside her. But when Christmas rolled around, both women found themselves finally being released. Hattie got Marlena to put her up in exchange for saving her life, then managed to convince Roman to give her a job as a waitress at the Brady Pub. Of course, this threw her smack dab into the middle of all the drama surrounding Stefano and Marlena!

Stay tuned to find out how Hattie’s story continues, and for more DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine!

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