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What Happened to Mimi Lockhart on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Since actress Farah Fath reprised her role for such a brief stint, some viewers may find themselves wondering who is Mimi Lockhart on DAYS OF OUR LIVES? Well, that’s where we come in — join us for a quick trip down Memory Lane to refresh your memories! The character was originally played by Doren Fein for just a few episodes in August of 1999 before Fath took over the role in September, staying until March of 2007. In October of 2018, Fath reprised the role for a couple weeks to add a new twist to the drama in Salem!

Mimi grew up in an abusive household where her father, David, attacked her, brothers Patrick and Connor, as well as their mother, Bonnie Lockhart. Mimi was Belle Black’s best friend since childhood, and in high school, grew jealous of Belle’s friendship with Chloe Lane. Jan Spears used Mimi to torment Chloe, even taking nude pictures of her in the shower. Mimi had a crush on Shawn-Douglas Brady, but he was more interested in Belle. When Mimi begged him to take her to the school dance, Shawn-Douglas agreed to take both her and Belle together. At the dance, Jan slipped Chloe’s nude pics into the slide projector to publicly humiliate her and the prank nearly landed Mimi in jail.

Days of Our Lives Mimi Chloe Belle

The kids were definitely not all right in Salem! (Photo Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI)

Chloe began noticing Mimi’s strange behavior and discovered that her family was homeless, so everyone rallied together to build a Habitat for Humanity house for the Lockharts. Mimi began turning her life around, making friends with Chloe and joining forces to help Belle and Shawn get back together. She dated geeky Kevin Lambert, but they split up so he could go away to college.

At Salem University, Mimi was drawn to Rex Brady, but when she got pregnant, she feared a baby would ruin their relationship. Unfortunately, after she secretly had an abortion behind Rex’s back, Mimi got an infection that rendered her unable to have any more children. Jan returned and threatened to expose the abortion, and when she fell and hit her head on a rock, Mimi was arrested for the accident. Rex and Patrick found evidence to clear her name, and Mimi wanted to tell Rex the truth, but Bonnie urged her daughter to keep quiet.

When Rex overheard Belle arguing with Mimi, he learned about the abortion and left Mimi… and Salem. But Mimi rebounded by rekindling things with Shawn and the pair even got married in 2006. Fearing Shawn would go back to Belle one day, Mimi went through in vitro fertilization in order to have his baby. Tragically, she miscarried, but Shawn stayed with her. The couple attempted to use a surrogate, but due to a mix-up in the lab, Mimi had Phillip Kiriakis’ baby and Belle had Shawn’s. When the truth came out, Shawn divorced Mimi, and she and Phillip signed away their rights to their baby to the surrogate.

Days of Our Lives Mimi Bonnie

Bonnie had shocking news for Mimi! (Photo Credit: evans ward/

Mimi moved back in with her family and ended up working with Max Brady at his garage. They began to date, and while being held hostage by Victor Kiriakis’ goons in a church basement, discovered a skeleton that was later revealed to be her father’s! Bonnie finally confessed to her daughter that Mimi had killed her father but suppressed the memories. Taking the blame for the crime, Bonnie went to prison and Mimi left Salem to live with her younger brother, Connor, in Arizona.

When Mimi returned to Salem in 2018, she came after her daughter, Emily, who Bonnie was trying to pass off as her own child she’d supposedly had with Lucas Horton. It turns out that the reason Lucas was indicated as the father in the DNA test that was run was because the baby girl’s father is actually his half-brother, Rex! After the secret was publicly revealed by Chloe at Rex and Sarah Horton‘s engagement party, Mimi introduced Rex to Emily, and then mother and child left Salem again.

This was just a brief visit, but perhaps Mimi and Emily will return for another visit? Stay tuned to see, and for more DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine.

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