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Paulina on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need To Know

Yes, that’s Jackée Harry on DAYS OF OUR LIVES playing Paulina Price! The sitcom star made her daytime debut as the brand-new character in the March 1, 2020, episode of the soap. The actress is well-known for her many film and television roles but is probably best remembered for playing Sandra Clark on the classic sitcom 227.

Lani Price was overjoyed to have her twin sons back safe and sound after their abduction and was spending some quality time with the boys, her husband Eli Grant, and her father, Abe Carver when they had a surprise visitor. Lani was thrilled to open the door and see her Aunt Paulina standing there looking fabulous in her fur coat and jewels.

DAYS Lani Paulina
Paulina knows how to make an entrance!XJJohnson/

Paulina is a real estate mogul from Miami who is enjoying the heck out of her newfound wealth and was looking forward to spoiling Lani’s twins. She got her wires crossed and jumped at the chance to be godmother to one of the children, not realizing Lani was planning to ask Julie Williams. But in the end, Lani confessed the truth and though disappointed, Paulina graciously backed down.

Paulina also expressed an interest in making Horton Square more integrated and take over the Basic Black storefront, so Abe offered to introduce her to the zoning board. Things got complicated when her daughter, Chanel, blew into town looking to live the good life on her mother’s money. But Paulina told her she was cut off and ordered her to get a job!

When Chanel married Xander Kiriakis hoping for a rich husband, Paulina was appalled. And when the money-grubbing pair came looking for a payout from her so they would split up, Paulina refused their outrageous demands. After leaving town for a bit, Paulina returned to Salem where she caught up with Marlena Evans and struck up a relationship with Abe. She was concerned about Chanel’s new business venture, but it turned out it was because her secret plans for Horton Square turned out to be razing it to the ground and building a big box store called Price Mart!

DAYS Chanel Abe Eli Paulina
Paulina’s plan wasn’t popular!XJJohnson/

Naturally, everyone in Salem was horrified by her plans and rushed to halt the demolition. Paulina was taken aback and also hurt that her daughter was so upset with her for destroying her dream to open her own bakery. Ultimately, Paulina conceded and gave up on her plans, but Abe had already dumped her. Things got worse when her mother, Olivia, came for a visit, and warned Paulina never to tell Lani that she was really her daughter, not her niece!

Lani eventually forgave Paulina and Abe took her back as well, eventually popping the question! Paulina happily accepted his marriage proposal but worried about the truth coming out. She confided in Marlena, who promised the secret was protected by doctor/patient confidentiality, but then the shrink got possessed by the devil again, and urged Paulina to tell the truth! However, Eli interrupted before Paulina could tell Lani she was really her mom. And then Chanel was put out when Paulina asked Lani to be her matron of honor at the wedding. So during the ceremony, Chanel revealed the truth and both Lani and Abe turned their backs on Paulina!

The devil continued meddling by possessing Johnny DiMera and dumping Chanel at their wedding reception. Paulina was then shocked to catch Chanel in bed with Allie Horton! When TR Coates arrived in Salem, Paulina tried to hide the fact that he was Lani’s father. He claimed he wanted to make amends for his past mistakes, and Paulina nearly took him back, but Abe stopped her. When TR grew violent and attacked Paulina, Lani shot him. Paulina tried to protect her daughter by taking the blame, but the truth came out eventually. Abe and Paulina reconnected and tied the knot on Juneteenth in 2022. 

DAYS Abe Paulina wedding
The second time was the charm for Abe and Paulina!XJJohnson/

Paulina urged Abe to run for governor, but was then persuaded to run for office herself while he ran for mayor. However, the arrival of Sloan Petersen turned their lives upside down as she blackmailed Paulina over Chanel’s involvement in the death of her mother years ago. Paulina and Abe won their elections, but when the truth about her covering up Chanel’s crime, she decided not to take office. When the charges against Paulina and Chanel were dropped, Sloan vowed revenge. Paulina began suffering panic attacks as Sloan continued her attacks on her family.

Then, Colin Bedford arrived in Salem and used Talia Hunter to help him destroy Chanel. He was soon revealed to be Sloan’s brother and more desperate for revenge than she was! He knocked out Abe and held Paulina at gunpoint to force her to jump off the roof to her death as Chanel watched her die the same way his mother had. Talia intervened and stopped him, but Abe’s injuries were severe and when he awoke from surgery, he had amnesia. Paulina was horrified when Abe disappeared from the hospital and heartbroken when he was later presumed dead. However, it was a nurse named Whitley who had abducted Abe and pretended to be his wife! Paulina was grateful when Abe was finally rescued, but frustrated as he still had no memory of her or anyone else.

Abe appointed Paulina as mayor as he recovered, and she gave Rafe Hernandez back his job as the rule about dating co-workers was changed. She also made EJ DiMera the district attorney. Both Paulina and Abe were encouraged to try and create new memories with each other, and the couple shared a kiss. Paulina was upset when Lani’s release from prison was postponed, but Chanel could tell something else was bothering her and urged her mother to see a doctor. After running some tests, Kayla worried Paulina could have cancer and ordered some more tests to be run.

Stay tuned to DAYS as Paulina’s story continues to unfold!

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