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Everything You Need to Know About Anna DiMera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

We don’t see Anna DiMera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES that often nowadays, so some newer fans might be wondering exactly who this woman is and what the details are of her past with Roman and Tony and the rest of Salem. Well, that’s where we come in! The role of Anna has been played on and off by Leann Hunley since the character was first introduced in 1982, and she has popped back into Salem occasionally to get wrapped up in some new drama!

Anna first arrived in Salem back in 1982, searching for Roman Brady, her husband, and father of her daughter, Carrie. Roman had believed her dead, but Anna claimed she had actually been sold into white slavery. (In reality, she had Multiple Sclerosis!) After divorcing Roman, Anna began working as Tony DiMera’s secretary but also worked secretly for Stefano DiMera to get Roman fired from the ISA.

Days of Our Lives Tony Anna wedding
Didn’t Tony and Anna look like a happy couple? Mostly?Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tony and Anna were married in Vegas after she drugged him, and she became pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, a jealous Renee caused a boating accident that nearly killed Anna and caused her to lose the baby. By this point, Anna had fallen in love with Tony for real, but he divorced her after discovering she’d drugged him.

While spying on Tony for Alex Marshall, Anna was shocked to discover him chained up in his home and realized that Andre DiMera had been impersonating his look-alike! After Roman rescued Anna and Tony, she moved on and opened up a fashion business. After a fling with a prince, Anna and Tony got married again. Unfortunately, he was abducted, and when Anna learned that he had divorced her, she left Salem to live in Europe in 1986.

Days of Our Lives Roman Anna
Anna attempted to give it another go with Roman.Paul Skipper/

Anna returned to Salem in 2007 to deliver Tony’s family letters to the Bradys and rekindled her romance with Roman while being caught up in the Brady/DiMera feud. Then it was revealed that Tony was alive, stranded on an island for 20 years while Andre had been impersonating him again! Anna was reunited with Tony and they remarried once more. But after a struggle with Phillip, Tony suffered a heart attack and died. Anna blamed Stefano and the DiMeras for his death because Tony had spent his entire life trying to impress him.

Anna left Salem again in 2009 but was later revealed as the kidnapper of Sydney DiMera, having been hired by EJ DiMera to keep the child away from Sami. After remembering Anna was the one who knocked her out and took Sydney, Nicole blackmailed her to get her out of jail.

In 2017, Anna reappeared in Prague when she attempted to shoot someone she thought was Stefano, still blaming him for Tony’s death. She told Marlena that Stefano had her imprisoned on an island but she escaped and was reunited with Tony — well, his ashes, anyway! Later, Anna sabotaged another attempt by the law to capture Stefano and even shot Steve in the shoulder! After Stefano was locked up, Anna told him off, but it was later revealed it wasn’t really him.

Days of Our Lives Roman Anna
Anna always knows how to make an entrance!XJJohnson/

In 2018, she reconnected with Roman, but her obsession with Tony’s ashes drove a wedge in between them. She also laid into Andre for still being alive while her beloved Tony was dead, so when Andre was murdered, Anna was arrested and one of the prime suspects. With Tony back from the dead again, Anna’s world is about to be turned upside down!

Stay tuned to see what happens, and for more DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine!

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