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What Happened to Chloe on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Chloe Lane has come and gone from DAYS OF OUR LIVES more than a few times over the years, so it’s understandable if viewers have trouble remembering her entire dramatic history. Which is exactly where we come in! Chloe made her first appearance in November 1999 and has always been played by Nadia Bjorlin. After leaving in 2003, she made a brief return before coming back on a recurring basis from 2004-05. In 2007, Bjorlin brought Chloe back to DAYS, leaving again in 2011, but popping back in for a couple of brief stints in 2013. She also made an appearance for the soap’s 50th anniversary in 2015. After another brief stint in January 2016, Bjorlin returned on contract in June 2016. But in January of 2019, the actress once again announced her departure. However, by August 2020, Chloe was back on the canvas again, remaining until October 2023, when she once again left Salem behind.

After growing up in an orphanage, Chloe moved in with Nancy Wesley, who was later revealed to be her biological mother. A social outcast, Chloe hid her beauty behind frumpy clothes and glasses and was referred to as “Ghoul Girl.” After befriending Shawn-Douglas Brady and Belle Black, Chloe went to a dance with Philip Kiriakis and revealed her true appearance. Their relationship faltered when Chloe grew closer to Brady Black. When Philip tried to make Brady look like a thief, Chloe dumped him and began dating Brady instead. When she was diagnosed with leukemia, Chloe searched for her birth father and discovered it was Nancy’s husband, Dr. Craig Wesley. But it was the birth of her sister, Joy, who provided the life-saving bone marrow transplant. After recovering, Chloe pursued her dreams of being an opera singer, leaving Brady behind. Disfigured from a car accident, Chloe let Brady believe she’d died. After he learned the truth, she underwent reconstructive surgery and they were married. Following the wedding, the newlyweds moved to Vienna so Chloe could pursue her singing career.

Days of Our Lives Nancy Chloe Craig
They weren’t always a happy family, but they took a nice picture!Jeff Katz/Getty Images

When Chloe returned to Salem in 2007, it was without Brady because he had become addicted to drugs. She tried dating Lucas Horton, but ruined it by cheating on him with Dr. Daniel Jonas. Chloe became engaged to the doctor but grew jealous of his ex, Carly Manning. Told by Vivian Alamain that Daniel and Carly were having an affair, Chloe slept with Philip Kiriakis and wound up pregnant. A paternity test indicated Daniel was the babydaddy, so Chloe kept quiet, but after Parker’s birth, Caroline Brady revealed she’d switched the test and Philip was really the boy’s father. Daniel dumped her, and Chloe slipped so deep into depression she attempted suicide. Philip was granted custody of Parker, but he moved Chloe into the Kiriakis mansion so they could raise their son together. But when a drunken Chloe ranted about taking Parker, Philip moved to Chicago with the child. Chloe tried to start a new life, but Kate Roberts hired Quinn Hudson to seduce her and blackmail her into prostitution. After being assaulted, Chloe fell into a coma, and when she awoke, she moved to Chicago to pursue her singing and hopefully reunite with Parker.

In 2013, Chloe came back to tell Daniel that he was really Parker’s father, hoping they could be a family. But he had moved on with Jennifer Horton, and a jealous Chloe blackmailed Jennifer into rejecting him, threatening that Daniel would never see Parker again. But Daniel figured out Chloe’s scheme and exposed her, forcing her to run back to Chicago with her tail between her legs. She popped back to Salem to protest Daniel’s engagement to Nicole Walker and then the following year to comfort Nicole after Daniel was killed in a car accident.

Days of Our Lives Chloe Nicole
Chloe and Nicole’s relationship is… complicated, to say the least!Jill Johnson/

Chloe had an ill-fated affair with Deimos Kiriakis, and they revealed that he was still alive to clear Nicole of his murder. She also partnered with Philip in the music business, signing Claire Brady to a record deal. When Chloe felt ill, she feared she was pregnant with Deimos’ baby, but it turned out that the unborn child actually belonged to Nicole and Daniel, the result of an in vitro fertilization she hadn’t realized had worked. Although she had agreed to act as a surrogate for Nicole and Daniel, Chloe didn’t want the baby being raised by Nicole and Deimos. After Holly’s birth, Nicole learned the truth and Chloe tried to explain her reasons. After a bitter custody battle, Chloe was awarded custody of Holly, so Nicole assaulted her and kidnapped the infant! Ultimately, however, Chloe agreed Holly should be with her mother and gave her to Nicole.

Although she intended to open Club Chloe, a partnership with Julie found her co-owning Doug’s Place instead. She also was kidnapped by a syndicate and after teaming up with Theresa Donovan, freed herself by stabbing their leader, Mateo, to death. She began a tentative relationship with Lucas but then found herself drawn to Stefan DiMera and was grateful for his protection when the syndicate came after her again. But with Stefan smitten with Gabi and Lucas no longer in Salem, Chloe opted to go to New York for a singing gig and said her goodbyes.

In August 2020, Chloe resurfaced in New York City where she helped Hope, Ciara, Shawn, and Claire track down leads on where Eve Donovan had gone. And by November of that year, she was back in Salem working at Basic Black and growing closer to Brady and Philip. When Philip’s mob connections got Brady shot, Chloe helped nurse him back to health, which made Kristen DiMera (disguised as Susan) jealous. Meanwhile, Lucas told Chloe he had a brain tumor, but it was soon revealed that it was a lie to help get her away from Brady.

DAYS Philip Chloe Brady
Chloe was torn between two handsome, wealthy gentlemen… how terrible!XJJohnson/

Ultimately, Kristen abducted her rival and when Jan Spears stole the car and discovered Chloe in the trunk, Jan tried to force her to kill Claire, but in the ensuing chaos, Chloe was the one who got shot! No longer feeling any kind of loyalty to Kristen, Brady apologized to Chloe and wanted to pursue a relationship. However, she declared her intention to date Philip instead! Unfortunately, Philip’s jealousy became a problem despite her reassurances and the two men continued to fight over her. So when Chloe found Brady covered in blood and Philip missing, everyone feared the worst! Thankfully, it was eventually revealed to be an elaborate scheme of Philip’s, which only cemented Chloe’s decision to be with Brady.

Chloe also grew concerned when her mother returned to Salem suspecting Craig of cheating on her. However, there was more to the story, and Craig confessed that he was gay. Chloe was further stunned to meet her father’s new boyfriend who turned out to be the scheming Leo Stark! Chloe and Brady tried telling Craig about Leo’s shady past, but he remained committed and even popped the question! Thankfully, at the wedding, it was revealed that Leo was already married which put the kibosh on that whole mess!

When Nancy then began dating Clyde Weston, Chloe worried about her mother, given his criminal past. But things got worse when Kristen was also pardoned and she and Chloe declared war on each other! Kristen used Chloe’s past against Brady during their custody battle, so she countered by showing the judge footage of Kristen attacking her, which led to Brady getting full custody of Rachel. Stefan returned from the dead and began pursuing Chloe, but she wanted to keep him in the friend zone. However, after Brady dumped her, Stefan was there to cheer her up and they started dating again. Then, Gabi revealed that Stefan had been brainwashed into loving Chloe and Brady admitted that Kristen had forced him to break up with her, so everything was turned upside-down. Stefan got his brain back to normal and reunited with Gabi, but Chloe resisted going back to Brady and upsetting Rachel.

DAYS Chloe Brady Xander
Brady didn’t appreciate being the man in the middle.XJJohnson/

Chloe found herself crying on Xander Kiriakis’ shoulder as they both shared how disastrous their lives had become. Brady wasn’t happy about the possible pairing, especially when they decided to get an apartment together! After officially finishing things with Brady, Chloe found herself growing closer to Xander, and he offered her a job at the paper. After sharing a kiss, the two began dating officially but agreed to take things slow as they were both kind of still hung up on their exes. They began sleeping together, which caused a little trouble at work when Gwen Rizczech caught them getting frisky in the office!

Chloe was taken aback when Xander popped the question but ultimately accepted his proposal and rebuffed Brady’s attempt to beg for a second chance. She was surprised when Philip appeared on her doorstep but listened to and accepted his confession and apology. Xander convinced Chloe to elope, but then she overheard Rex telling Philip that Xander was the father of Sarah Horton’s baby! Wasting no time, Chloe informed Xander that Sarah had lied about Rex being her babydaddy, and they both agreed that they should not get married given they still had feelings for other people. As Xander confronted Sarah, Chloe admitted to Philip she still had feelings for him and they agreed to go to New York City together to see what the future might hold.

Stay tuned to see if she ever comes back to Salem again!

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