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The Important DAYS OF OUR LIVES Scenes You Didn’t See: Stefano’s Final Fate!

There’s so much happening on DAYS OF OUR LIVES right now that every episode is jam-packed with drama. So much so, that headwriter Ron Carlivati revealed on Twitter that they had to cut some crucial scenes out of the April 13 episode. “Monday’s air show was several minutes long,” he posted. “Sadly, we had to cut all the Tony and Chad scenes in the DiMera study.” And because those scenes involved the final fate of Stefano DiMera, the scribe felt it was helpful to let the audience know what they didn’t get to see on TV.

In the first scene: “Chad ends a phone call with his lawyers, tells Tony that the police agreed that since Rolf developed the microchip with DiMera money, technically it belongs to them,” Carlivati transcribed. “Tony holds up the chip in a plastic bag, cannot believe this was actually inside Steve Johnson’s brain. Tony continues: Could this chip really be all that is left of Father… and if so, what should we do with it?”

Next, Chad believes they have no choice but to destroy it and moves to smash it, but Tony stops him, arguing that this isn’t just a bunch of metal and wire but the essence of Stefano so they would be destroying a life. “Chad considers Tony’s question,” Carlivati continued, “has no problem talking about this… though his mind is made up. no one can really argue that Stefano had any respect for the sanctity of life, so any consideration they are giving him on that front is generous. No man can live forever. Father’s body is obviously gone and whatever may or may not be left of him on that chip had already made his peace with death.”

DAYS Tony Chad
The Phoenix went up in flames… or did he?XJJohnson/

Tony suggests that they should consider Kristen’s feelings in this matter and they should store the chip in a safe place until they can consult her. But Chad argues that’s “just courting trouble,” fearing someone could steal it or they might change their minds about destroying it. “Whether Stefano is on this chip or not, they shouldn’t underestimate the power even the idea of him has over his family,” Chad declared. “Yes, we are DiMeras, but we have other people to consider, the people we love… and who love us. Anna, Abigail, and Brady. For their sake, and ours, we need to let go of Father once and for all and move on with our lives.”

In the final scenes, Chad places the chip into a paper-lined ashtray and Tony says a few final words. “This man did some terrible things,” he admits, “but I do believe he felt that he did them for love.” After Chad sets the paper alight and the men watch the chip burn, Chad declares it finally over. But Tony reminds him, “you know what they say about the Phoenix” as the camera pans up from the smoldering ashes to Stefano’s portrait.

Is this really the last Salem will see of the infamous Stefano DiMera? Stay tuned to find out and for more DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine.

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