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What You Missed on DAYS OF OUR LIVES During the Preemptions

Due to the extensive news coverage of the presidential impeachment trial, the daytime soaps were heavily impacted. however, while many of the shows were preempted and didn’t air, NBC aired DAYS OF OUR LIVES every single day during the two weeks, broadcasting the soap on alternative cable channels like COZI and uploading episodes to the DAYS website. However, if you weren’t able to watch those episodes, don’t worry — we’ll catch you up. And there’s a lot to catch up on!

The first week was an epic flashback to a pivotal week during the one-year time jump where numerous secrets were revealed. Sarah went into labor and Adrienne drove her to the hospital where they were run off the road by another car. Will thought that he was responsible after looking at his phone while driving, but it was actually Maggie, who was driving drunk after an emotional visit from Summer, who informed her mother she was dying of advanced cirrhosis. Xander arrived at the accident site and found Maggie passed out in her car before rushing to Sarah and Adrienne. JJ and the paramedics arrived just after Adrienne passed out, and rushed her to the hospital leaving Sarah behind where Xander helped deliver her baby on the side of the road!

DAYS Sarah Xander baby birth
Xander would do anything for Sarah. Anything!XJJohnson/

At the hospital, Kristen also had gone into labor and despite some complications, delivered a healthy baby girl. Unfortunately, once they got Sarah and her infant to the hospital, Baby Horton died. Xander was distraught and realizing Maggie killed her own granddaughter, Victor decided to swap Sarah and Kristen’s baby. As Xander happily handed Sarah a beautiful baby girl, Kristen was so upset when Haley informed her that her child didn’t make it she pushed the young woman down the hospital stairs to her death! Kayla sadly informed Sonny and Justin there was nothing they could do and Adrienne had died from her injuries. Overwhelmed with guilt, Will confessed to being responsible for the crash, leaving Sonny devastated.

In the present day, Ciara filled Will in on the truth behind the accident, but he was hesitant to expose Maggie’s role in it even if it got him out of prison. She also urged Will to fight for his marriage as Sonny was filing divorce papers and moving on into a relationship with Evan. Gabi worried Eli would discover her phone’s link to Julie’s pacemaker as JJ and Lani tried to figure out a way to bring her down before she and Eli could tie the knot.

Victor and Xander were determined to keep Maggie in the dark about Adrienne’s death and the baby swap, but little Mickey required a bone marrow transplant, and Sarah was desperate to find a match. Knowing they were testing the wrong parents, Xander wanted to help but Victor urged him to keep quiet. Brady and Nicole were happy to be tested, but Brady balked when Xander asked Tate to be tested as well. 

Shawn returned to Salem and immediately twigged to his mother’s strange behavior, telling Rafe he believed Hope had been brainwashed into believing she’s Princess Gina again. “Steve” brought John to Prague to search for Stefano, but with Dr. Rolf’s help, turned the tables and imprisoned him in a warehouse. “Steve” then returned to Salem to tell Marlena that John had died but before he passed, asked him to take care of her. Meanwhile, “Gina” went to Prague to tell John that Stefano had killed Marlena, offering him comfort in his grief. However, neither John nor Marlena were quite sure they believed what they were being told. Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail came upon a Stefano-esque portrait of Steve at the DiMera gatehouse and were immediately suspicious.

Now that you’re all caught up you can continue to enjoy watching the drama unfold as all-new episodes continue to air. And for more DAYS recaps, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine.

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