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Alex Marick on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know


In 2017, GENERAL HOSPITAL fans were stunned by the revelation that Anna Devane had been replaced in Port Charles by her twin sister Alex! The news caught many by surprise because they weren’t even aware that Anna even had a look-alike! It’s not surprising, seeing as how Alex Devane made her debut on ALL MY CHILDREN, not GH! The dual roles have been played on both soaps by the talented Finola Hughes, and we’ll fill you in on Alex’s entire life story!

Alex made her first appearance on AMC in 1999 when the neurosurgeon was traveling to Pine Valley with her husband, Dimitri Marick. However, Dimitri died, and Alex acted suspiciously, not wanting anyone to perform an autopsy and insisting on a closed casket at the funeral. But Edmund opened his brother’s coffin and found it empty, forcing Alex to admit that Dimitri was still clinging to life, but close to death and not wanting his loved ones to see him in that condition so they staged his death. Edmund urged Alex to try a radical treatment to save Dimitri’s life, and it seemed as though it was working but Dimitri was presumed dead when he went missing by the ocean.

All My Children Edmund and Alex
Edmund fell in love with Alex and helped her uncover her secret past.Andrew Eccles/ABC

Alex and Edmund soon fell in love, and he helped her investigate her past when she began having strange memory flashes. It turned out that Charlotte, the woman Alex believed was her mother, had brainwashed her into thinking she was Anna in the hopes of assassinating the secret agent. Alex was shocked to discover her life was a lie and that she had a twin sister she never knew about.

After Alex and Edmund got their lives back on track, things were turned upside down when Dimitri appeared very much alive, and she quickly reunited with her love. But when Alex disappeared off to Canada, both men joined forces to track her down. They were shocked to discover that she’d gone to help nurse her twin sister, Anna, back to health!

Despite the danger from assassins, Anna was transported and kept in a private wing of Pine Valley Hospital where she was treated and finally released. Alex and Anna were surprised when one of Charlotte’s hired killers couldn’t go through with the hit and they discovered he was Gabriel, their half brother! But when an assassin killed Gillian believing it was Anna, Alex was overwhelmed with guilt for the pain she’d brought to everyone since coming to Pine Valley. Alex left town with Dimitri in 2001 to settle down in Hungary, and many years later it was revealed that they’d gotten divorced.

General Hospital Alex Anna
In this case, the good twin was wearing black!ChrisD/

In 2017, it was revealed that Anna’s unusual behavior in Port Charles was due to her having been kidnapped and replaced with Alex! Alex revealed that it was her who had seduced Valentin Cassadine to steal the Chimera Project, not Anna. Thankfully, Alex was taken into custody by the WSB, but she later escaped and tried to strike a deal with Valentin to help him out of his own legal difficulties.

Anna was happy to be rid of her twin, but once she found out that they were one of the pairs of twins experimented on by Dr. Cabot, she began to question which of her memories were her own and which belonged to Alex, implanted by the mad scientist. So she once again had to seek out Alex in the hopes of getting some answers. Although Anna feared Alex could be Robin Scorpio‘s mother, she found proof that she wasn’t. However, Robert Scorpio suggested that Alex could actually be Peter August‘s mom, not Anna! After Alex escaped from custody, Anna left Port Charles to track her down but returned having failed.

GH Alex Anna Valentin

In September 2020, Anna was stunned to get a phone call from her twin but opted out of going after her in Berlin because it was potentially too dangerous. However, in October, just in time for Halloween, Alex surprised her sister by knocking her out and imprisoning her in the basement so she could take over her life and play mom with Peter! Valentin’s attempt to rescue Anna simply made him another of Alex’s prisoners as she transferred them to a warehouse where she planned to kill them and take over her sister’s life. Anna and Valentin managed to escape before the bomb went off and she alerted Finn so he knew who he was dealing with when he saw Alex. But Alex shot Finn and took Maxie hostage as they raced to the docks. During a shootout on The Haunted Star, Anna wounded Alex, who was then presumed dead after she fell into open waters. 

Stay tuned to see if that’s really the last we’ll see of Alex!

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