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DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Konstantin Activates The Pawn!

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All hell is breaking loose this week on DAYS OF OUR LIVES! Ava and Stefan face the consequences of their actions, Chad taunts Clyde, EJ gloats, Harris is shot, and Konstantin activates The Pawn! What madness does he have in store?

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and Ava and Stefan just crossed it! After the two give in to passion, they lay in bed together realizing what they’ve done. “Well, that happened,” he remarks. But Ava insists that this indiscretion remains between them. “No one can ever know the truth,” she declares. Well, Stefan certainly wouldn’t want word to get back to Gabi!

Chad pays Clyde a visit in prison to taunt the criminal. “There was a very big raid this morning at a warehouse,” he informs the prisoner. “Oh, that’s gotta hurt, huh, Clyde?” But it looks like Clyde gets in some digs of his own because Everett has to stop Chad from lunging across the table and attacking the guy!

DAYS Ava Stefan Bed
How long can Ava and Stefan keep this secret?Peacock

EJ laughs confidently after he warns Stefan, “You’re going to end up behind bars.” And the police cracking down on the drug trade could have some very serious consequences. “Once Clyde finds out about this,” Harris tells Rafe, “All hell is gonna break loose.” And as Harris takes a look around the loading dock of a warehouse, a shadowy figure pulls out a gun and shoots him point blank! 

When Konstantin recognized John as The Pawn, it became clear that the two men share a past connection. “In Greece, you came to deliver a message of death,” Konstantin declares. But if he was the target before, this time, Konstantin holds all the cards… or more specifically, the one that can activate The Pawn! “John?” he asks as he looks into his eyes. “Who’s John?” The Pawn replies. Delighted, Konstantin hands him a gun and orders: “Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.” Is he really in control of John’s mind? And does Konstantin want The Pawn dead… or does he want to use him to kill someone else?

Check out this tease for the thrilling week of DAYS coming up!

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