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Lois on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need To Know


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Lois Cerullo hasn’t been on GENERAL HOSPITAL for years, so it’s understandable if newer viewers might need a little history lesson. But that’s what we’re here for! Lois first appeared in December 1993 and was played by Rena Sofer until her departure in September 1996 (winning the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1995!). The actress did reprise her role for a couple of brief stints in 2017, but when Lois returned to the canvas from 2004-05, she was played by Lesli Kay. However, when the character resurfaced in October 2023 for another visit, Sofer was back in the role!

A band manager in NYC, Lois Cerullo was impressed by the talent of Eddie Maine, not realizing that he was actually Ned Ashton Quartermaine. They even fell in love and got married without her ever knowing the truth. Moving to Port Charles, Lois reconnected with Sonny Corinthos, an old friend from Bensonhurst, and through him, met Brenda Barrett. The two women opened a recording company called L&B Records.

GH Miguel Lois Brenda
Lois could tell Miguel would be a big star one day!Cathy Blaivas/ABC

When Lois found out that Eddie was really Ned, she was furious, especially as while she was married to Eddie, Ned had been blackmailed into marrying Katherine Bell! She confronted the pair by popping out of a cake at Katherine’s birthday party to introduce herself as the other Mrs. Ned Ashton! Naturally, she kicked him to the curb, but Ned worked desperately to win her back. Lois eventually relented, agreeing to remarry him as long as there were no more lies.

Although they went through some ups and downs, it was Ned’s family that really drove a wedge in between the couple. Lois wanted Ned to distance himself from the Quartermaines, but when she asked him to choose between her and his unborn daughter and his job at ELQ, he chose his family and she was crushed. Returning home to Bensonhurst, Lois later gave birth to Brook Lynn Ashton but felt guilty about keeping Ned away from his daughter and returned to Port Charles. However, when she found out Ned was blackmailing his cousin, Justus Ward, and planning to take sole custody of his daughter, Lois once again returned to Brooklyn.

GH Ned Lois Cyclone
Ned and Lois were much happier away from Port Charles.Donna Svennevik/ABC

Lois made a brief visit to Port Charles to comfort Brenda after Sonny left her at the altar, but it wasn’t until 2004 that she came back again for good, looking for Brook Lynn, who had run away from home. Although she comforted Ned after his grandmother, Lila, passed away, Lois didn’t get back together with him, dating mobster Lorenzo Alcazar instead. Brook Lynn wasn’t thrilled about her mom’s new beau, but happily agreed to start a girl band for her record label. That didn’t work out and Lois’ romance with Lorenzo fell apart as he was still in love with Carly Corinthos

After a failed attempt to rekindle their romance, Ned and Lois agreed they were better off as friends. They left Port Charles together with Brook Lynn to live in New York City and continue working in the music industry. Years later, Olivia Falconeri, another Bensonhurst pal of Lois’, reported that the trio was living in Los Angeles and enjoying much success. Since then, both Ned and Brook Lynn have returned to Port Charles, but not Lois, who in 2010 was said to be living in London and managing bands all over Europe.

In October 2023, Lois read about Brook Lynn being fired from Deception and flew back to Port Charles to check on her daughter. She was also concerned to see that Ned still believed himself to be “Eddie Maine” though he admitted he recognized her from somewhere. Lois tried to spark Ned’s memories, but he got angry and stormed off. Gloria Cerullo arrived for Thanksgiving for a surprise visit and brought a little trouble with the Russian mob with her that was quickly smoothed over with Yuri’s help. Lois enjoyed spending time with Olivia, but when she came to learn that Nina Reeves was the one who turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC, she urged her pal to come clean. When Olivia refused, Lois took matters into her own hands and told Sonny his family was lying to him, opening the door so he could confront them and discover the whole truth about Nina’s actions.

GH Lois Tracy Brook Lynn
Lois wasn’t thrilled with how Tracy was treating Brook Lynn.Christine Bartolucci/Disney

Olivia was furious at Lois for breaking her confidence, but after a while, Lois apologized and the two made up, even teaming up to give Nina a little bit of a reality check. 

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next!

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