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Scott Clifton Opens up About His B&B Leading Ladies (EXCLUSIVE)


When you work with someone day in and day out for years, you begin to get a sense of what makes them tick. That holds true for THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Scott Clifton (Liam) and his two beautiful leading ladies, Annika Noelle (Hope) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). We put the actor’s knowledge of his screen “spouses” to the test and walked away with a little more insight about what the women in Liam’s life are really like!

Who’s more likely to make a fool of themselves solely for the amusement of others?

“I think Jacqui. It’s impossible to humiliate her — she has no ego about anything. If it’s embarrassing, somehow she ninja-judos it into ‘cute.’ Even on set, if she completely biffs it and falls on her face in the middle of a scene, it’s adorable. It’s not fair.”

Who’s more likely to tell you what she really thinks?

“Annika. She’s more outspoken and doesn’t mind having a difference of opinion.”

Who’s more likely to have spent some time in the principal’s office?

“Honestly, that’s a tie. For different reasons, I could see both of them having spent some time in the principal’s office as a kid.”

Who’s more likely to eat tofu?

“I think Jacqui. She eats some weirdo health stuff.”

Who’s more likely to star in a reality show about her life?

“Jacqui. She has been the host of reality-type things before. Annika is more private, I think, and wouldn’t want her life documented, but Jacqui wouldn’t mind.”

Who’s more likely to stay later at a cast party?

“Annika, because Jacqui has a baby.”

Who’s more likely to tell a dirty joke?

“Jacqui. Jacqui, by far. Enough said. She’s raunchy as hell.”

Who’s more likely to cry watching a greeting card commercial?

“Jacqui. I only know this because she tells me. She’ll say, ‘I’m hormonal, and last night I cried at a Hallmark commercial.’ I’ve never actually seen it, but she tells me she is like that.”

B&B Hope
Noelle could practically write Hope’s biography.Howard Wise/

Who’s more likely to remember the intricacies of their character’s B&B history?

“The answer is Annika. She’s like the kid in front of the class who’s always raising her hand. When she first joined the show, Annika spent weeks and weeks watching every single YouTube clip she could of Hope’s history. She’s very studious, and she really wanted to come in with as robust and full an arsenal about the character as she could. You could tell Jacqui something about Steffy’s history, and she’d be like, ‘Oh, really? Huh. Cool.’”

Who’s more likely to try something dare-devilish?

“I’ve seen Jacqui do some seriously dare-devilish stuff. I’ve not seen Annika be a daredevil, but from what she tells me, she’s also very physical and athletic. So I think that’s a tie.”

Who’s more likely to attend a monster truck rally?

“Well, if her attendance at Burning Man is any indication, then probably Jacqui. She’d somehow turn used-car parts into a beautiful outfit to wear there.”

Who’s more likely to want to chat with you in advance about an upcoming scene?

“Annika. Not even close. Kid in front of the class raising her hand… that’s her.”

Who’s more of a hopeless romantic in real life?

“Jacqui, I’m guessing, because of all the anecdotes she tells me.”

Who’s more likely to go off-script?

“Annika, because she’s more protective of her character. Every scene really, really matters to her, so if a line is written a certain way and she thinks it will work better differently, she’ll tweak it.”

Who’s more likely to win at JEOPARDY?

“Probably Annika. I don’t think Jacqui cares about trivia or politics or current events. That’s not her area of interest.”

B&B Hope Steffy
“You go first!”Howard Wise/

Who’s clumsier on set?

“Both of them. I’ve seen both of them take some gnarly hits.”

Who’s more likely to do an impersonation of a celebrity?

“Jacqui has her characters and her voices, but they’re not impersonations of anybody, unless she’s making fun of me, then she’ll do the stupidest, most insulting voice possible. That doesn’t count, though, so I’m going to say Annika for this one.”

Who’s more likely to visit some far-flung spot on the globe?

“Both of them. In the time that I’ve known them, they both have taken what seem to be some amazing vacations. Annika went and saw the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, and Jacqui is all over the globe all the time.”

Who’s more likely to nurse an injured bird back to health?

“Probably Annika. Jacqui just doesn’t have time for that, honestly.”

Who’s more likely to have a bottle of champagne in her fridge

“Ehhh, I’ll say Jacqui for that one.”

Who’s more likely to attend a heavy-metal rock concert?

“I think Annika. She comes in sometimes wearing Metallica shirts, and she seems like an old soul in that respect.”

Who’s more likely to be freezing on set?

“Annika. She takes after her TV mom, because Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) is infamously cold on set.”

Who’s more likely to be able to calculate the tip for a restaurant bill for a party of 12?

“I’m going to guess Annika. But that’s just a guess. I have no data on which to base that.”

Who’s more likely to worry they’ll somehow contract the rare avian flu?

“Annika. Jacqui’s more like, ‘Give me the flu; I don’t care!’”

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