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Alyssa on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

That’s actress María DiDomenico playing Alyssa Montalvo on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. She made her debut in the March 16 episode and has continued to recur since then. She had a regular role on the Spanish-language series THE BODEGA as well as guest roles on shows like LAW & ORDER: SVU, MISTRESSES, and THOSE WHO CAN’T. Her IMDb page lists the role of Fran in one episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES so Y&R isn’t technically DiDomenico’s daytime debut!

Alyssa is a childhood friend of Adam Newman, who he encountered again while on a trip to Kansas with Chelsea Lawson. Introducing herself, Alyssa revealed that she is a crime reporter and recalled how their lives were turned upside down years ago by the death of Adam’s stepfather, Cliff. She also explained how Adam’s mother, Hope Adams, took her in while her father was in jail and later passed away. After Alyssa left, Adam confided to Chelsea that Alyssa’s father, AJ Montalvo, was a loan shark and that Victor Newman was in town when he died.

Y&R Alyssa Adam
Adam cast his line and reeled Alyssa right in!Howard Wise/

Back in Genoa City, Adam let Victor know he ran into Alyssa, but he claimed the name didn’t ring a bell. Suspicious, Adam and Chelsea wondered if Cliff’s death was really an accident and if Alyssa’s father might have had something to do with it, causing Victor to take care of AJ himself. Adam called Alyssa to town claiming to have a juicy story about white-collar crime but when she arrived, he suggested he could help her with the story that she said got away, that of her father’s past and death. However, she was offended when he suggested AJ was responsible for Cliff’s demise and stormed out, arguing he had no concrete proof of his suspicions. Later, Alyssa ran into Chelsea, who “let slip” her theory that Victor may have been responsible for AJ’s death, planting the seed to keep her on the leash.

Eventually, Alyssa delivered to Adam proof that indicated Victor was involved in AJ’s demise, not realizing that he was simply going to use it to blackmail his way back into power at Newman Enterprises! After learning the truth, Alyssa was disappointed and then approached by Victoria who urged her to not confront Adam herself, promising she’d be in touch. But even as the truth that a young Adam had been the one who killed AJ, Alyssa had had enough of the drama and extricated herself from Genoa City completely.

Y&R Alyssa Chance
Alyssa keeps digging for the truth but might not like what she finds!CBS

But in September, Alyssa showed up at the Grand Phoenix to question Chance Chancellor about a missing person in Vegas. He refused to tell the journalist anything about it or Adam’s whereabouts, but Alyssa later warned Chelsea that Adam would pay for killing her father one way or the other.

And in December 2020, Alyssa resurfaced as the police’s eyewitness claiming Billy Abbott was the one who had shot at Adam and hit Chance. However, Lily Winters was suspicious and her digging uncovered evidence that seemed to indicate Alyssa herself could have been the shooter!

Stay tuned to Y&R to see what happens next!

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