Everything You Need to Know About Mariah Copeland on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


The character of Mariah Copeland on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has quite an unusual history, so it’s no wonder that some fans might find themselves wondering exactly who this young woman is. Part of the confusion stems from who plays her; Camryn Grimes introduced the character in January of 2014, but from 1997-2005 on Y&R, she previously played Cassie Newman. Read on, because we promise it will all make sense… eventually!

Sharon Newman was rattled when she began hallucinating visions of her dead daughter, Cassie, who urged her to confess to the secret she was keeping (Sharon had switched DNA test results to make Nick believe Summer wasn’t his daughter). She went back on her medication and was horrified to still see Cassie, but even more so when she found she could touch her! It was then revealed that the young woman was not actually Nick and Sharon’s late daughter, but a look-alike named Mariah Copeland who Victor had hired to gaslight Sharon to keep Nick away from her.

The Young and The Restless Nick Sharon Mariah

Sharon was stunned to learn that she had a daughter she never knew about. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

After the truth about her identity came out, it was also revealed that Mariah was the ex-fiancée of Tyler Michaelson and had outstanding warrants for a robbery in Portland. Sharon was drawn to her daughter’s doppelganger and helped her settle her past to start a new future. Nick hired Mariah to work at his club, The Underground, and she grew closer to the entire family, including his daughter, Faith. But when Sharon thought Mariah was attempting to seduce Nick, she threw her out of the house!

It was the devious Ian Ward who had pushed Mariah to get close to the Newmans and move in with Nick and Sharon. In fact, Nick then discovered that Sharon was Mariah’s mother, and Helen Copeland had stolen Cassie’s twin sister to give to Ian! The villain abducted Mariah and drugged her into marrying him before Nick and Sharon were able to rescue her from Ian. She moved back in with them, but Mariah struggled to accept Sharon as her mother.

The Young and The Restless Kevin Mariah

Their shared sarcasm made Kevin and Mariah great friends, but not-so-great lovers. (Photo Credit: sean smith/

Mariah struck up a friendship with Kevin that turned into a romance but it never really went anywhere. She also kissed Austin, but he ended up dead and Mariah found herself caught up in a murder mystery as she and her friends attempted to uncover his killer. She also got mixed up with Kevin and Natalie in a business venture called PassKey, but the less said about that, the better!

Although Mariah had accepted Sharon as her mother, she was appalled to learn that she had been raising Christian Newman as Sully and letting Dylan think he was his son. She agreed to keep the secret, but continued to urge Sharon to come clean. Hilary Curtis hired Mariah as a gofer for GC BUZZ, and despite their contentious working relationship, they eventually became co-hosts. She briefly dated Devon Hamilton, which made Hilary super jealous, but Mariah eventually befriended musician Tessa Porter and an attraction grew.

The Young and The Restless Mariah Tessa

Neither Mariah nor Tessa were ready for this moment. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

After they shared a kiss, Mariah and Tessa were both afraid of their feelings and stepped back, but Mariah was later furious when Tessa stole her journal and used her private thoughts to write a new song. They eventually reconciled and continued working together as friends at GC BUZZ. Upon his return to town, Kyle Abbott picked up on the attraction and  urged Mariah to give it another go with Tessa. She finally gave in and entered into a real relationship with the musician, but they hit further roadblocks when Mariah discovered that her girlfriend had been blackmailing Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki to raise the cash to give her former prostitute sister, Crystal, a new life!

Mariah agreed to stick close to Tessa in order to figure out just how much she knew, but in the end actually reconciled with her girlfriend. After Hilary’s death, Mariah took over at GC BUZZ, but has recently discovered that she has a stalker! Stay tuned to see what happens to her next, and for more Y&R news, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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