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Claire Grace is a new character on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS but it’s understandable if viewers find the young woman somewhat familiar. Hayley Erin debuted in the newly-created role in the Oct. 2, 2023 episode, but the actress previously appeared on Y&R from 2008-10 as Abby Newman. (She later found further soap fame playing Kiki on GENERAL HOSPITAL from 2015-18.) Fans were naturally curious about the mysterious newcomer as soon as she showed up, but things got even more interesting when she turned out to be Baby Eve!

Claire Grace first appeared in Genoa City to sit down at Society with Nikki Newman to interview for a position at Newman Media as her assistant. Although she admitted that she lacks a lot of corporate experience as she’s primarily been bartending to make ends meet, Claire insisted that she wants to work for the best, and that’s Newman. As Audra Charles was sitting in on the interview, Claire also noted her previous involvement with McCall and was curious how that business would fit into Newman Media.

Y&R Claire Audra Nikki
Claire was determined to get a job at Newman Media.Howard Wise/

Having moved from Chicago, Claire explained she was originally from a small town in Oregon and preferred this kind of place to the big city. She knew of Genoa City from her visits to Sophia Carmichael, a college friend who lived there. Claire also revealed that she was raised by her great-aunt after her parents passed away in a car accident.

After giving Nikki and Audra a few minutes alone to talk, Claire was thrilled to accept when she was offered the job. As she began working at Newman Media, Claire was picture-perfect… maybe too perfect? Nikki was impressed with her work and hoped that she would be sticking around for a long time. However, the glare that Claire gave a photo of Nikki and Victoria and the dossiers that she has on the Newman family members would seem to indicate she’s got a sinister agenda!

When Claire informed Nikki that her Aunt Jordan had fallen and broken her arm, Nikki urged her to go and take care of her. She even offered to fly her there on the Newman jet as she was going to Napa to visit her sister. Claire thanked her and invited her to come visit her great aunt, who was Nikki’s biggest fan, while she was dropping her off. However, this was all a trap, and once at Aunt Jordan‘s lake house in Oregon, Claire drugged Nikki and locked her in an upstairs bedroom while she went back to Genoa City to lure the rest of the Newman family there as well!

Y&R Jordan Claire
Claire was ultimately just a pawn in Jordan’s evil scheme.Sonja Flemming/CBS

After bringing Victor Newman, Victoria Newman, and Nick Newman to Jordan’s home, Claire then reunited Victoria with Cole Howard, revealing they are her parents! As the Newmans suffered from Jordan’s poison, Claire blasted Victoria and Cole for abandoning her as an infant. They insisted their baby had died, and Jordan revealed she’d stolen Baby Eve away from the Newmans as revenge for how they treated her sister, Eve Howard. Not knowing what to believe anymore, Claire eventually turned on her aunt and gave everyone the antidote after Victor locked Jordan in the upstairs room where Nikki had been held. The police arrived and took Claire away, though they couldn’t find Jordan.

When Cole and Victoria visited her at the jail in Oregon, Claire agreed to a DNA test if they helped get her a good lawyer. Later, Michael Baldwin visited her to discuss her case and agreed to take it, believing she needed psychiatric help and not a prison sentence. Claire was moved to a hospital for treatment, but Jordan sneaked in and took her away as part of her master plan. Claire regained consciousness in a cabin where she found Jordan and Nikki fighting. Grabbing Jordan’s gun, Claire ordered them to stop and was forced to pick a side. When she aimed at Jordan, Nikki urged her not to throw her life away, and took the villain down herself so she could be arrested.

Claire was returned to the hospital where she had no idea what her future had in store. When Victoria tried to reach out to her, Claire shut her down but later asked her parents to help arrange for her to visit Jordan. Confronting her aunt, Claire declared she was through with the psycho and finally felt free to try and heal from the damage she’d wrought. Victoria promised to stand by her daughter and Claire hugged her mother.

Y&R Claire Victoria
Claire eventually accepted Victoria as her mother.Howard Wise/

Claire was surprised when a call from Victoria turned out to be Jordan and repeated that her aunt was dead to her. She continued making progress in therapy, especially in working with young patients at the hospital, but was shaken when her parents revealed that Jordan was missing after a fire at the prison. Victoria didn’t appreciate Victor asking Claire to help lead her aunt into a trap, but the young woman was happy to do whatever it took to end this.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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