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Nick on The Young & The Restless — His Incredible Life Story!


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There’s always some kind of drama going on for Nicholas Newman on The Young & The Restless, but he always comes through the other side stronger than before. The son of Victor Newman and Nikki Newman, Nick was born in 1988 and played by a series of child actors until he was aged into a teenager in 1994 with actor Joshua Morrow stepping into the role. From 1996 until 2000, he received five consecutive Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor for his work on Y&R and continues to play the character to this day.

Nick was born on New Year’s Eve, 1998, though Nikki and Victor were divorced at the time, so he became close to stepfather Jack Abbott. Returning from boarding school as a teenager, Nick briefly dated Amy Wilson before falling for her best friend, Sharon Collins. Victor approved of the match, but Nikki insisted Sharon was a gold digger.

The Young and The Restless Sharon Nick
Sharon and Nick were a supercouple from the start.John Paschal/JPI

Believing Sharon to be a virgin, Nick agreed to wait, but was startled to learn that Sharon actually had a baby she gave up for adoption when she was 16. Their relationship also struggled when Sharon was raped by her ex, Matt Clark, and Nick was suspected of shooting him. But the two eventually married and Sharon gave birth to their son, Noah, prematurely. Worried Noah would die at birth, Sharon’s best friend, Grace Turner, tracked down her long-lost daughter, Cassie. Though Grace tried to keep her for herself, she eventually gave Cassie to Sharon, and Nick bonded with the girl. While their marriage faltered again when Grace manipulated Nick into an affair, they reunited as they fought for custody of Cassie.

Matt returned to Genoa City and raped Sharon again, so when she became pregnant, she wasn’t sure who was the father. Tragically, she gave birth to a stillborn daughter, and it was revealed to have been Nick’s all along. Affairs continued to tear Nick and Sharon apart as he slept with Grace and she took up with Diego Guttierez. Nick tried to forgive her, but seeing Sharon kissing his father, Victor, was too much for him to handle.

Overwhelmed, Sharon left town to get her head together and when she returned, she and Nick were able to reconcile. They were even able to fight off Cameron Kirsten, who followed her to Genoa City wanting her back. Unfortunately, in 2005, Cassie was killed in a car accident and Nick went to a very dark place, even cheating on Sharon with Phyllis Summers. When she got pregnant, Jack could have been the babydaddy, but after the paternity test came back inconclusive, Nick lied and claimed the child as his own. Nick divorced Sharon and married Phyllis shortly before the birth of their daughter, Summer Newman. Sharon retaliated by marrying Jack. In 2007, the Newman jet crashed leaving Nick presumed dead!

The Young and The Restless Sharon Nick
Sharon was just happy Nick was alive, even if he didn’t remember everything.sean smith/

Months later, Nick was revealed to be alive, but suffering from amnesia. He returned to Genoa City believing Cassie to still be alive and that he was married to Sharon. However, when his memory came back, he returned to Phyllis and Summer. While working with Sharon on a new magazine called Restless Style, Nick grew closer to his ex, and they shared a kiss in Paris which Phyllis witnessed. And when they were later snowed in at the Abbott cabin, Nick and Sharon made love, making their reunion inevitable.

Sharon gave birth to Nick’s daughter, Faith, in 2009, though the infant was stolen by Adam Newman at birth and was presumed dead for months. Sharon was seduced by Adam and even married the guy, though she eventually returned to Nick so they could raise Faith together. But Nick was disgusted when Sharon couldn’t resist her feelings and slept with Adam again. When Sharon was accused of murder, she skipped town and let everyone think she was dead, so Nick had short-lived relationships with Diane Jenkins and Avery Clark before returning to Phyllis.

Nick and Phyllis’ marriage was short-lived, and he went back to Avery. He also tried to start fresh with his career, leaving Newman Enterprises and opening up a club he named The Underground. When Summer became smitten with Kyle Abbott, Nick worried they could be siblings and had another paternity test done. This time it showed that Jack was Summer’s father, although it was later revealed that Sharon, who was off her bipolar meds, had altered the results in the hopes of getting Nick back.

The Young and The Restless Dylan Nick Avery
Dylan and Nick’s relationship changed dramatically when they learned they were siblings!sean smith/

Nick got engaged to Avery, but they split up after she missed their wedding to tend to her distraught ex, Dylan McAvoy. Nick hated Dylan until Nikki revealed that he was her son, making them half brothers. Nick once again grew closer to Sharon, who was freaking out because she was seeing visions of Cassie that turned out to actually be her daughter’s long-lost twin, Mariah Copeland, who had been hired by Victor to torment her! Nick and Sharon eventually got engaged, but Phyllis interrupted their wedding, and Sharon’s secret about switching Summer’s paternity test was finally revealed.

Nick turned his back on Sharon and took custody of Faith away from her, starting a romance with Sage Warner. When she got pregnant, there was more babydaddy drama since she’d slept with Adam, but Nick declared the baby his and married Sage. Nick was furious to learn that Gabriel Bingham was really his brother, Adam Newman, but then his son, Christian, was born. Unfortunately, Patty Williams did a baby switch and gave the infant to Sharon, who was led to believe he was the child she and Dylan had been expecting. Nick and Sage tried to adopt a baby, but the birth mother changed her mind and kept the child for herself.

After Sage was killed in a car accident, Nick was devastated, but that was nothing compared to how he felt when he learned that his son Christian was alive, and that Sharon had been raising him as her own for a year! When Adam was killed in an explosion, Nick comforted a grieving Chelsea Lawson, and that soon turned into a romance. But Chelsea eventually reverted to her old scheming ways and skipped town with a bunch of money and her son, Connor. However, she left behind Christian, and Nick then learned that Adam was the boy’s real father.

The Young and The Restless Sharon Nick
Sharon and Nick couldn’t resist a roll in the hay!Howard Wise/

Devastated, Nick accepted Sharon’s offer to move in with her and Mariah at her house to get his head together, and that set the two on the slow path to another reunion. But when Victor pitted Nick and Victoria against each other once more and even threatened to take Christian away from him, Nick considered leaving town for a new job opportunity in San Diego. However, he changed his mind and stuck around, taking revenge against his father by impersonating J.T. and tormenting Victor while also building up a new business he called Dark Horse to compete against Newman Enterprises!

Unfortunately, Dark Horse didn’t last long, as Adam returned from the dead and bought it out from under his sibling. He also fought for custody of Christian, which got even more complicated when Chelsea came back to Genoa City. She and Nick initially teamed up against Adam but Chelsea eventually worried about Connor acting out and decided to reconcile with Adam for their son’s sake. Nick then began growing closer to Phyllis, rekindling old embers. Although they initially tried to resist the growing attraction, the pair finally gave in and made it official.

Nick was upset with Victoria for going after Phyllis, and gave his lady love money to help bail her out. But he was also drawn back into Sharon’s orbit when he found out that Faith was drinking with her older friend and the parents had to work together to keep. the teen from spiraling out of control. When Faith was badly injured in a car accident, Nick was stunned to learn Adam had brought her to the hospital and helped bring his brother back to Genoa City so he could donate his kidney to save Faith’s life.

Y&R Phyllis Nick
Phyllis and Nick decided to give it another shot but it didn’t last long!Howard Wise/

Although Nick was suspicious that Adam could really change and be a better man, he was more concerned about Ashland Locke, the man Victoria was planning to marry. But when he dug up the guy’s real name and revealed he’d stolen the real Ashland’s identity upon his death, Victoria wasn’t grateful — instead, she angrily uninvited Nick from the wedding! When she changed her mind, Nick still didn’t want to go but Phyllis tried to smooth things over. And even given the opportunity to disrupt the wedding ceremony, Nick decided to step back and let Victoria tie the knot.

Nick and Phyllis’ relationship was on a rocky road for a while and then he began to feel jealous of her renewed closeness with Jack. With both of them unsure of what the future held for their relationship, Nick and Phyllis decided to call it quits again. Nick was happy when Noah came home to Genoa City and convinced his son to come work with him at New Hope. He eventually decided to return to the Newman family business, leaving Noah in charge of New Hope. Noah reluctantly declined, wanting to open a nightclub, and Nick was pleased his son was excited about something.

When Nick learned that Ashland had faked his cancer diagnosis, he tried to get Victoria to open her eyes. But after Ashland confessed his deception, Nick was stunned when Victoria forgave him! However, it was all an elaborate deception to steal Locke’s money.  When Nick interrupted Ashland ranting at Victoria, he hit him, causing him to fall and hit his head on the fireplace. Victor helped cover up the accident, making it look like Ashland had died in a car accident, but Nick was overwhelmed with guilt that he’d killed the man. 

Y&R Nick Sally
Nick couldn’t resist Sally’s charms!Howard Wise/

Nick found himself drawn to Sally Spectra, and defended her when Victoria wanted to fire her from Newman Media. They started a casual fling, determined not to put labels on anything but soon found their feelings deepening. They tried to call it off when things got too complicated, but missed each other too much. He was taken aback to see Adam leaving Sally’s room and realized they’d slept together. She admitted they had, but swore they were truly over and left it up to him to decide. Nick believed her and they continued their relationship. However, things got a little complicated when Sally revealed she was pregnant, but didn’t know if Nick or Adam was the father!

Nick and Sally were disappointed when the paternity test revealed Adam was the babydaddy, but promised he wouldn’t come between them. But he grew uncomfortable as Sally continued to include Adam in everything involving the baby. Nick also warned Victoria that Nate Hastings was using her. When Cameron returned to Genoa City, Nick warned him to stay away from Sharon. The psycho abducted Faith, and Nick and Sharon raced to the rescue with Chance. Sharon stabbed Cameron to death and Chance defused the bomb strapped to Faith. After everyone was safe, Nick was horrified to learn that Sally had lost her baby and he wasn’t able to be there for her.

Due to the recent events in his life, Victoria ordered Nick to take a leave of absence from Newman. Nick eventually agreed to work with Adam and Sharon as they merged McCall Unlimited and Kirsten Incorporated, which Cameron had left Sharon in his will. However, when Victor wanted to fold that company into Newman Media, Nick backed out of the deal. While also funding Sally’s new interior design business, Nick was offered the co-CEO job at Newman. And after Victor gave her back Kirsten Incorporated, Sharon invited Nick to work with her there.

Y&R Nick Sally Adam
After dating both brothers, Sally wound up with Adam again in the end.Howard Wise/

Returning from a business trip, Nick was stunned when Sally confessed that Adam had kissed her. She insisted it meant nothing and proclaimed her love for him, but Nick ended up calling it quits. When Victoria expressed her concern about their father’s mental decline, Nick dismissed it until he witnessed it first-hand. However, he soon realized that Victor was faking it and learned it was all a plan to smoke out a traitor in the family. Everyone assumed it would turn out to be Adam, but in the end, it was Nate who Victor angrily fired.

Victor continued asking Nick to return to the family business and when Sharon gave him her okay, he agreed. He also joined the family in traveling to Oregon where they believed Nikki was in the hospital but it was all a trap laid by Jordan Howard to take revenge against the Newmans. Nick was slashed in the chest by the villainess during a struggle, but everyone escaped with their lives.

Nick and Adam were both surprised when Victor named them co-CEOs of Newman Enterprises but agreed to try and work together. It was a rough start, but they soon found common ground and even almost began getting along! In March, Nick teamed up with Victor to trap Jordan and leave her imprisoned. Rejected by Danny, Phyllis tried to kiss Nick, but he gently turned her down. Having agreed to be friends, Nick reassured Sally that she didn’t have to worry about repaying the money he’d put into her failed design business, insisting not all investments pay off. He then found himself once again agreeing with Adam as they pushed back against Victor’s plans to restructure Newman and Newman Media.

Stay tuned to see how Nick’s story continues!

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