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Kyle on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has had a spotty history on the soap with a few recasts along the way, so it’s understandable if there are some gaps in the memories of some fans. But we’re here to fill them in! After a series of babies and toddlers, Garrett Ryan debuted as a young Kyle in February of 2010. But in March of 2012, the character was struck by a serious case of SORAS, growing into a young man played by Blake Hood. After a year, Y&R replaced him with Hartley Sawyer, who only lasted eight months, exiting in January of 2014. In February of 2015, Lachlan Buchanan took over, but made his last appearance in April of 2016. And in March of 2018, daytime newcomer Michael Mealor became the fourth adult actor to play the Abbott heir.

Kyle was originally named Christian Victor Newman because Diane Jenkins had stolen Victor Newman’s frozen sperm to inseminate herself with his child. But it was later revealed that Nikki had switched samples, and Jack Abbott was actually the baby’s father. Diane renamed the baby Kyle, and Jack sued for custody of his son. He lost, but after Diane burned down the Abbott pool house and framed Jack’s wife, Phyllis, for the crime, the couple successfully gained custody of the boy. But later, Jack returned Kyle to Diane, and they left town together.

The Young and The Restless Jack Diane Kyle

Jack, Kyle, and Diane were never much for playing happy families but they take a good photo! (Photo Credit: sean smith/

Kyle returned to Genoa City with his mom in 2010 for a visit and he was able to get to know his father while Jack and Diane were investigated by the SEC for fraud. Diane sent him to boarding school because she was planning on faking her own death, but then she was actually murdered! Jack tracked down his son and brought him home, but Victor revealed that he’d signed custody papers for Diane giving him rights to the boy. Furious, Jack sent Kyle off to boarding school again.

When Kyle returned, he was an adult, and angry at his father for starting a relationship with Nikki Newman, who was responsible for his mother’s death. He then moved in with Victor and began dating Eden Baldwin. But when Victor went missing and Sharon took over the ranch, Kyle moved back in with his real father. Learning that Jack had been abusing pain medication, Kyle leaked the story to the press in the hopes of getting his father to seek help. When Jack resigned as CEO of Newman, he offered Kyle a job at Jabot where he met Summer Newman. They began a relationship, which concerned Phyllis and Nick, who knew Summer was really Jack’s daughter, making her and Kyle half-siblings!

The Young and The Restless Kyle Jack

Kyle was always loyal to his father. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Phyllis put the moves on Kyle to lure him away from Summer, and the truth about her parentage was finally revealed. (Although in reality, Sharon had switched the test results and Nick was Summer’s real father.) Kyle got involved in some corporate intrigue between Jabot, Newman, and Chancellor, and eventually went to work for Jabot in New York.

Kyle returned to Genoa City in 2015 and found himself immediately mixed up in a murder mystery. Some found it suspicious he came back just as Summer’s husband, Austin Travers, was murdered. Kyle denied killing him, admitting that they’d only come to blows after he learned that Austin had cheated on Summer with Abby. After Courtney was found dead, the teens all came clean to the cops. Eventually, it was revealed that detective Mark Harding was the real killer, and the mystery was finally solved.

During all that drama, Kyle reconnected with Summer and now knowing they were not related, the two were able to have a proper relationship despite being members of rival families. However, they eventually fizzled out as Kyle began working in New York City and the long-distance relationship became to difficult to sustain. When he eventually returned to town, Summer had moved on with Luca. Although he attempted to warn her about the con man, she refused to listen. After he was proven right and Summer was left betrayed and heartbroken, Kyle left town again.

The Young and The Restless Kyle Lola

Kyle and Lola came from different worlds, but the heart wants what the heart wants! (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Kyle came home in 2018 to discover his father in jail for Victor’s attempted murder. Bitter over Jack’s mistreatment, Kyle took over at Jabot and planned to sell the company to Victor. Thankfully, he was thwarted by Jack, and Kyle began the slow road towards regaining the trust and acceptance of his family. Helping Jack discover the identity of his real father helped bring the father and son closer together.

Although Kyle tried to spark things with Summer, she was obsessed with Billy at the time, so he gave up and found himself drawn to newcomer Lola Rosales. Coming from two different worlds, their relationship got off to a rocky start, but once she accepted his wealth and he accepted her pride, they were able to make it work. Unfortunately, Summer returned to Genoa City intent on sinking her claws into Kyle, and offered him the one thing Lola was unwilling to give him — sex. Kyle remained true to Lola, but when she wound up in the hospital and requiring a liver transplant, Summer was the only match and Kyle agreed to marry her for one year if she would be the donor and save Lola’s life.

However, once Lola recovered, Kyle couldn’t stay away and the pair finally made love for the very first time. Summer was furious when Kyle backed out of their deal and ended their marriage. Kyle proposed to Lola, but as they prepared to tie the knot, his old friend, Theo Vanderway, arrived in Genoa City holding onto an explosive secret from their time in NYC that could ruin everything. It turns out that at a big party, a young woman had to be rushed to the hospital and when she turned out to be underage, Kyle paid off her father to keep it under wraps. But then Theo brought that young woman, Zoe, to Kyle and Lola’s wedding!

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