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What Happened to Noah on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


With all the drama going on in the Newman family on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, there’s one very important member fans wish could be around for more of it — Noah Newman! Nick and Sharon’s son hasn’t been seen regularly since 2018, but he does pop back from time to time. For newer viewers who might not be up on Noah’s history in Genoa City, we’re happy to fill you in!

Who plays Noah on Y&R?

After being born on-screen in 1997, Noah was played by a series of child actors before being aged into a teenager in 2008 when Kevin Schmidt took over the role. He took a leave of absence to appear on another series in 2010 and was replaced with Luke Kleintank, but that was a very brief run, and Schmidt reclaimed the role in 2011. In 2012, Y&R recast the part once more, with Robert Adamson assuming the role in October 2012. In 2016, he switched to recurring status with the soap, and announced his departure in February 2018, though he has made the occasional visit back to Genoa City. Then, in August 2021, it was announced that Rory Gibson would be taking over the role beginning in October.

The Young and The Restless Cassie, Nick, Noah, and Sharon
Noah was always fond of his big sister, Cassie.John Paschal/JPI

How was Noah’s childhood?

Noah was born prematurely to Sharon and Nick Newman, and as he fought for his life, Grace Turner tracked down the daughter Sharon gave up for adoption to ease her pain. Thankfully, Noah pulled through, however, in 2005, the boy was devastated when his sister, Cassie, died in a car accident. As his family was falling apart, Noah was acting out, and his parents sent him to therapy. 

As a teenager, Noah continued getting into trouble, attending wild parties and getting into fights. He began secretly dating Eden Gerick, and nearly died when he fell through the ice while skating. Brad Carlton sacrificed his own life to save Noah’s. After Sharon and Nick got back together, Noah wanted to emancipate himself from them believing their reunion would end in disaster. Eventually, Noah and Eden left town to visit her long-lost relatives in Paris.

The Young and The Restless Noah and Eden
“Wouldn’t Paris be more romantic than Genoa City?”sean smith/

Why did Noah return?

Noah came back to Genoa City in 2010 to reveal he and Eden had split up. He tried pursuing Jana Hawkes, but realized she was still hung up on Kevin, and left town again. Noah came home again when Sharon was presumed dead. Luckily, she was really alive, and the murder charges against her were dropped. Noah was stunned when his mother began dating Victor, and briefly moved back in with Eden before leaving for New York.

Noah came home again in 2012, and began dating Courtney Sloane. He was stunned to meet Cassie’s look-alike, Mariah Copeland, and even more shaken to learn that she was his long-lost sister. Along with the rest of Genoa City’s younger set, he found himself caught up in the mystery of Austin’s murder, and things took a tragic turn when shortly before he and Courtney were to get married, she was murdered as well. 

The Young and The Restless Nick and Noah
“Sorry, Dad, I’m kind of over the drama in this town.”Howard Wise/

Billy Abbott was run over and nearly killed in a parking garage, and Noah was horrified to learn that he had been the one who’d done it! Though it was an accident, he was wracked with guilt, even after Billy came out of his coma and pulled through. He also escaped prosecution after Nikki blackmailed his judge. After Noah’s relationship with Marisa Sierras fell apart, he tried dating Tessa Porter, a musician he met while managing The Underground. But that didn’t work out because Tessa was more interested in Mariah.

Why did Noah leave?

Frustrated with his life in Genoa City, Noah took a job working for Newman in Mumbai, India, and went off to seek his fortune. But he made an unexpected return in October of 2018 when Jack flew him into town for Nick and Sharon’s wedding. Unfortunately, Sharon called it off at the altar, so it was a good thing Noah was there to help manage the fallout! He also came home in December of that year to be with the family as Nikki fought for her life after being hit by a car. And in February 2020, Noah rejoined his family to attend Newman Enterprises’ anniversary party. Later that year, he supported his mother as Sharon battled breast cancer.

Why did Noah return?

When Victoria Newman married Ashland Locke in Italy, Noah attended his aunt’s nuptials and reconnected with his family. He also caught up with Tessa and offered her support as she lamented her problems with Mariah. Although he and Nick went to London after the ceremony, both father and son returned to Genoa City. Noah wouldn’t give any specifics but it’s clear something happened in London that made him want to come home again.

Noah helped Tessa create her new album cover and reluctantly agreed to work with Adam at Newman Media, but still seemed out of sorts, so Nick asked his son to come work with him. Noah agreed to work at New Hope with his father, but still wasn’t happy. Especially when he admitted to still having feelings for Tessa, who was preparing to marry Mariah. Sharon was pleased when Noah began dating again but concerned that he was partying heavily and playing the field.

Y&R Allie Noah
Noah found happiness again with Allie.Howard Wise/

But after Mariah and Tessa’s wedding, Noah met Allie Nguyen and they eventually fell for each other. He agreed to take over New Hope for Nick, who was returning to Newman, but later confessed he wanted to quit the job entirely. He was more interested in turning Top of the Tower into a nightclub, and Nick was pleased his son was excited about something again. Victor turned down Noah’s proposal for Top of the Tower, but he found another spot at the Grand Phoenix to open his Glam Club.

What is Noah’s history with Audra?

Noah was taken aback when Audra Charles appeared in Genoa City and it was revealed that she was the ex who had turned his life upside down in Europe. He was further taken aback when she confessed that she had been pregnant when he’d left her and subsequently miscarried their baby. Allie was upset to walk in on Noah comforting Audra, but later comforted Noah when he explained the situation.

Audra put the moves on Noah, but he rebuffed her and quickly confessed everything to Allie, who was naturally concerned. But in May 2023, it was revealed that Noah and Allie were in Europe, with him looking to open a Glam Club in London.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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