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What Happened to Allie on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Allie on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS may be a new character but she’s also steeped in the show’s history. The young woman first appeared in the March 11, 2022, episode of the soap and is played by actress Kelsey Wang, who some fans might recognize from her episodes of the ABC sudser GENERAL HOSPITAL where she played Daisy.

After receiving a series of mysterious text messages and learning that his son, Keemo, had passed away, Jack Abbott traveled to Los Angeles where he found a house full of boxes of memories of his late son. Finding a photo of a young girl with the name Allie and a phone number on the back, Jack called and asked to meet. When Allie Nguyen arrived at the house, she was stunned when Jack introduced himself as Keemo’s father. Allie was skeptical because Keemo was her father and never once mentioned him. Jack showed her a legal document proving it and also a photo of himself and her grandmother, Luan, at their wedding years ago.

Y&R Jack Phyllis Allie
Unfortunately for Jack, Allie wanted nothing to do with her grandfather or his family.Howard Wise/

Allie listened as Jack explained how that when Luan became ill, she asked him to keep it a secret and after she passed away, Keemo was unable to forgive him. Shaken to hear of this other side to her father she never knew, Allie explained that her parents divorced years ago and her mother moved to the East Coast. Phyllis Summers, who had come along with Jack as backup, suggested she might be responsible for the mysterious texts, but Allie didn’t think so, given that her mom knew nothing about any of this.

Jack hoped that they could get to know each other, but Allie rebuffed his overtures, not wanting anything to do with this man claiming to be her grandfather. She told him he could keep whatever he wants from the boxes but when Jack tried to offer her Luan’s necklace, she just walked out. Later, she apologized and offered Jack a figurine that belonged to Keemo so he would have something of his son’s to remember him by.

Allie turned down Jack’s invitation to get together while he was in Los Angeles again, but after meeting Taylor, the buyer of her father’s house who reminded her about the importance of family, ultimately accepted. She got to know Jack a little better over coffee, and was manipulated by Taylor into bringing him over to the house. That’s where she learned that the woman was really Diane Jenkins, Jack’s ex who had orchestrated the whole thing!

Y&R Allie Noah
Allie found more than just family in Genoa City!Howard Wise/

Allie took Jack up on his invitation and visited Genoa City where she was thrilled to explore Jabot Cosmetics and get to know her new relatives. Ashley Abbott and Traci Abbott invited Allie to join them for a special dinner where they filled her in on some family history. Allie accepted Jack’s offer of an internship at Jabot and hit it off with Noah Newman. They began dating and grew closer, sharing their first kiss. She supported his plans to open a nightclub but the couple hit a roadblock when his ex, Audra Charles, arrived in Genoa City. Allie stood up to Audra, but bristled when she later caught them in a close moment. When Noah admitted Audra had told him she’d miscarried their baby after they broke up, Allie comforted him. And while she worried when Noah confessed Audra had kissed him, he also assured Allie that he only had eyes for her now.

In May 2023, it was revealed that Allie had gone to Europe with Noah and while he was looking to open a Glam Club in London, she was learning the ropes at the Jabot lab in Paris.

Keep watching Y&R to see what happens next!

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