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What Happened to Jana on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

It’s been a while since Jana was on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS so it’s understandable if you don’t remember a lot about her. The character was introduced in May 2006 and Emily O’Brien played her on a recurring basis for a few months until she went on contract until her final exit in May 2011.

Jana Hawkes was a young British woman who came to Genoa City and got a job working at Crimson Lights where she soon began dating its owner, Kevin Fisher. But then she imprisoned Kevin and Colleen in a walk-in fridge and it was revealed she had also murdered Carmen Mesta in her search for the Grugeon Reliquary. They escaped and Jana disappeared but began secretly contacting Kevin so he used her feelings to lure her back to Genoa City to face justice. But when Jana began having seizures, they learned she had a brain tumor that caused her psychotic actions. Kevin’s mother paid for surgery to remove the tumor and he fell back in love with her. Jana went on trial and was ultimately released.

Y&R Kevin Jana
Kevin and Jana’s relationship got off to an unusual start!Brian Lowe/

Kevin and Jana were eventually married and she got a job working at Sabrina’s art gallery. In 2010, Jana was abducted along with Lauren by Daisy Carter, Ryder Callahan, and Sara Smythe. She got sick, and though Ryder tried to help her, after being rescued, she suffered an aneurysm. After surgery, the damage to her brain caused her to lose her sense of emotion. Jana helped get Ryder out of jail and slept with him, which Kevin walked in on. Jana tried to apologize, but he didn’t want to hear it. She also became jealous of Kevin’s growing friendship with Chloe Mitchell and schemed to keep an eye on them.

Stinging from Chloe’s rejection, Kevin slept with Jana but soon returned to Chloe. Jealous, Jana vowed to do whatever it took to get him back and even faked suffering brain damage that made her think they were still married. But Kevin remained committed to Chloe and Jana was forced to walk away. She got a job working as a nanny for Billy and Victoria and was visited by Ryder, who was looking for his niece, not realizing that the baby Jana was caring for was Daisy’s daughter. Jana went undercover as a pregnant woman to get information about Daisy’s baby, and eventually found documents proving Billy and Victoria had adopted her. 

Y&R Kevin Chloe dead Jana
Jana’s plot to kill Kevin and Chloe ended with her own death!sean smith/

Jana kidnapped Lucy and Delia and although Kevin convinced her to safely return the children, she locked him in a closet in an abandoned school hoping he would fall in love with her again. Jana called Chloe to meet them at the preschool and intended to shoot both of them. But as Chloe fought back, Jana had another aneurysm and died. Kevin and Chloe were initially suspected of murdering her but were cleared when the autopsy revealed Jana had died of natural causes.

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